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The personal defense bedside table

the bedside table for self-defense

The personal defense bedside table.

Do you sleep peacefully with your own personal defense bedside table?

No, it’s not what it looks like at all.

Today I want you to see this item sold for personal defense to put in place of your bedside table.

Now unless your home décor is thrilling, I don’t think it fits your room, the personal defense bedside table.

When I see these objects for self-defense I laugh, not so much for the idea that it is also funny but for its functionality.

The idea that you’re locked in your bedroom at night or daytime and that you’re arming yourself like a medieval shield and sledgehammer knight I find it absurd, today we have the chilli spray,the telescopic stick,etc. without getting to have firearms or a knife under the pillow that I find it in some cases even excessive.

Attention! Wielding two objects of that weight in your hand and using them together is not something simple and would require specific training and training to use them in combination.

The example of the home personal defense coffee table

I’ve shown you these self-defense bedside table things to make you understand how appearances in personal defense often deceive,often you’ll see videos with techniques that are implausible in real contexts or that expose you to too high a risk and that’s something you can’t afford.

You can’t risk doing things that put you at too much of a disadvantage in case of a mistake or risky for your life, you have to preserve yourself.

An object like the“home defense table”that I showed you is absolutely not useful,except for the admirable ingenuity in hiding and disguising its offensive potential.

In addition to the prevention aspect that is critical for both your home and for you when you’re out and about, the personal defense tools you need to use are the most modern ones that are available today and available at very low prices.

Don’t look for things that are too complicated or too theoretical in personal defense, things that work are the things that are tested in real-world conditions.

Do you think of the police/carabinieri what they use?

Telescopic stick,
Spray chilli,
Taser (electric discharge), a torch to illuminate/dazzle that you can also use to hit and in addition the various protections for the body (we exclude in this example firearms and cutting weapons that are still present).

You need that in the house, especially if you can’t defend yourself, you have to use something as simple as pepper spray, which does not require “a lot of experience and skill”, the telescopic stick already requires training, the torch can be very useful.

Don’t forget also the smartphone to ask for help, the “comfortable” keys to be able to escape from a second exit and the flashlight that I already mentioned before you need it even if you have to escape in the dark.

A detail on the flashlight is also to have more functions, in the sense that it must be a torch than those used for safety that you can also use to strike effectively.

Ideally when you have an object that can perform multiple tasks it is ideal because too many objects to handle and take with you under stress is not something simple to put in place.

Here, too, you need to do tests (self-training) and be used to leaving them in exactly the same place and order, ideally you have to be able to find them even in the dark.

Social media and YouTube

Now you realize how many absurd techniques and approaches to self-defense you see around?.

YouTube is an incredible tool and that I love but it’s full of these things though.

“Appearances often also deceive in self-defense.”

Now when you see things like this that I mentioned to you today, be very careful.

The same applies to the many videos circulating on the net, do not think that it is all functional in reality, indeed some approaches to personal defense are too theoretical and this is a damage that can put you at risk if you think that then to a certain aggression that technique works.

Personal defense is a training process not an event

That’s not how self-defense works, because it’s not as schematic as they want to sellit, but it requires the development of technical and functional attributes and qualities that only through training methods studied and tested as we do in Expert Fighting, following specific protocols to test the techniques, which must exceed certain requirements to be considered and taught.

This is our approach, no fiction, no discount, conditions need to be taken to extremes to make sure that if they work in those working areas under normal conditions they are “safe”.

“You can’t leave anything to chance in self-defense!!! Don’t ever do that!”

Consider the variables that are in a street (climate, terrain, light, objects, space, noise, number of people, etc.) Self-defense is something beyond the most comprehensive sport ever today like MMA.


Self Defence


Don’t believe everything you see and tell about self-defense.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality!


personal defense bedside tablepersonal defense bedside table

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