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9 exercises to increase the speed of your hands

increase the speed of your hands

9 exercises to increase the speed of your hands

Do you want fast hands?

The development of fast hands is an essential part in the formation of most martial arts and combat sports.

Your hands must be able to quickly block incoming attacks and quickly unleash their offensive shots.

Now fast hands are not enough to become a strong fighter but it is definitely a necessary requirement to become very explosive when you see that there is a free space in the guard of your opponent / aggressor or to blow up combinations of multiple shots and surprise your opponent’s guard by annihilating his defense.

Making your hands faster can help you:

  • Winning sports competitions

  • Saving your life on the street (more importantly)

There are several exercises you need to do to increase this skill.

These exercises can make you fighter more skilled and effective.

Never stop working on speed because it is a neuromuscular response that requires specific work that you can do as you will see in many ways but surely these 8 that I will explain to you today.

So now after you have read this article do these 8 exercises that I recommend without asking yourself too many questions that you definitely do well to increase the speed of your hands.

quick hands

1 – Counting the number of strokes

The key to developing speed with your hands or feet is to often practice shots at maximum speed.

A very useful exercise to improve and objectively is to count the number of strokes in a given time.

Do this exercise on the fundamental shots, but over time don’t limit yourself to that.

To drill the count the time is only 30 seconds and counts how many punches you can make in the alloy time.

You can hit a boxing bag repeatedly or just hit it in the air if you don’t have a lot when practicing this exercise but I recommend the sack.

Eventually you can do this type of exercise to Pao but the person who holds them must be an expert to make you do this type of work well on speed.

Speaking of fist shots, reaching more than 150 shots in 30 seconds is considered something very fast.

Try to improve your score in each practice session, get help from a training partner to count the shots perhaps using boxing tracking.

fast hand

You can do this exercise with any shot but at the beginning focus on the basic shots such as Jab Cross, Hook Hook, etc. and then focus on the most used shots in your specialty such as low kick or middle kick of Muay Thai.

Ps. A very useful variant is to do this type of exercise also on combinations, or on more complex movements such as switches or displacements but these are more advanced variants that you need to create a focus on your combinations that you intend to use in competitions maybe related to a type of opponent or strategy that you intend to use.

quick hands

2 – Plyometric flexions

Plyometric push-ups are great for building explosive speed and power in hand techniques.

To practice this exercise, start in the lowered position of a push-up.

With power, push up with your hands until you pull them off the ground to try to push your body into the air.

Hands must leave space from the ground, then return to contact for the next repetition.

To make this exercise even more effective try clapping your hands while you’re in the air.

9 exercises to increase the speed of your hands Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

3 – Fast pear speed training, speedball

Fast-paced pere is something that is usually associated with boxing, but it can also work wonders for martial arts practitioners.

The fast hole is a small bag full of air hanging under a base.

This “pear” (named for its shape, bounces quickly when hit.

It takes a boxer or martial artist with fast hands and good timing to keep up with this tool.

Start slowly when you hit the pera and gradually increase the speed.

Once you are able to develop a rhythm with your fists, then you can hit it with more and more speed and make the exercise more difficult.

Fast-paced pere is also a good exercise in the combined use of your hands.

quick hands

4 – Double End Bag

The double end bag is a ball that can have different shapes suspended between two rubber bands, this exercise is very useful to improve your speed and your reflexes.


Ps. Soon I’ll write you an article about what kind of double end bag to choose and how to best use it in your workout.

This tool is used by all the pros of world boxing and you have to learn how to use it too and in series in your training this tool.


5 – Training with Nunchaku

Nunchaku,commonly known as Nunchuk, is a traditional weapon of Chinese martial arts but also of Southeast Asia.

The nunchaku is basically two short sticks connected by a chain or a rope.

This weapon can do a lot of damage to an attacker, but it is also useful for building hand speed.

Martial artists who are well trained at nunchaku move this weapon around their bodies at incredible speeds.

Beginners should start slowly with the nunchaku and learn the basic routines.

In the end you can greatly increase the speed of the hand and coordination by working with the nunchaku.


6 – The coin

A fun way to build and increase the speed of your hands is to have a workout buddy with a coin in the palm of his hand.

He tries to grab the coin by his hand before he has a chance to close his hand.

It takes a lot of practice to succeed, but this speed exercise gives you incredible results when you manage to snatch the coin from his hand.

This was a drill on the preferred speed of one of the fastest martial artists in history, I’m talking about Bruce Lee.


7 – Simple ball

You have to do this exercise with a training partner holding two hard rubber balls in your hand in front of you and moving with a footwork and you have to follow it, at some point let one of the two hands open and you have to grab the ball before it touches the ground, then you give it back the ball and it starts again.

This exercise also makes your reflexes work.

9 exercises to increase the speed of your hands Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

8 – Ball for reflexes

This ball called the speed ball is not round but has ledges to make him make irregular bounces.

Grab it during bounces in random directions.

This exercise also works on both speed and reflexes that are very useful to you.

9 exercises to increase the speed of your hands Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

9 – Focus mitt

This focus mitt training I want to tell you but consider it not a simple bonus but something that you need to insert in your workouts when working with the focus.

Your training partner keeps the focus in the chest (so closed, facing to himself), at some point opens it in a random position in space or with the right hand or with the left hand, in even random positions (right, diagonal, vertical, horizontal) you in an instant you have to read the position and hit with the nearest limb of hand or foot or even as you please , but it must be an instant because if too much time passes your partner must immediately call the hitr.

One variant you can make is not just the single shot but the single shot followed by a predetermined combination after the first shot.

This is very useful for developing lightning combinations after a stroke of hands or foot.


Now you have many types of training to work on, just read, train fast!!!

expert fighting

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!


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