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All Strike focus mitt

All Strike focus mitt

All Strike focus mitt.

You want to punch someone in the face?

With this tool, All Strike Focus Mitt you can do it every day without hurting anyone.

This tool allows you to do a job similar to that of the focus mitt but with differences due to its three-dimensionality and can improve your ability to hit especially if you have a good trainer who knows what he does, it allows you to expand the range of exercises you can do.

Attention! This does not mean eliminating the use of focus mitts and replacing them with this, but it is a tool to integrate.

With this tool I do some special jobs that I do not want to explain here because I am an exclusive of the people with whom I have engaged in real world and with whom we train together, but the possibilities that this tool offers are very interesting.

Whether you practice combat sports or self-defense this tool is a tool that can give you a new chance.

Ps. In combat sports I have developed workouts that allow you to improve your 300 moving target point.

All Strike focus mitt Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The All Strike Focus Mitt offers a progression for those who train on traditional focus and is an opportunity if you want to improve in the accuracy of the shots.

It is a durable head that has a comfortable handle inside for the workout partner who trains with you.

I’ve used this tool a lot to explain how to punch girls in women’s personal defense classes or to adult people who have never thrown a punch.

The basic instructions are simple:

  • Explain how to keep the focus, how to be on guard, how to throw a punch.
  • Ask a student to keep the focus to the girl/lady, even for those who keep the focus this becomes an important job.
  • Protect the student’s hands and have him hit with the boxing bands and have him put on his gloves (preferably 12 ounces or larger).
  • Give the shot a person name (this part is funny!!) – the name is the key, it must be someone you want a punch in the face, of course, someone you just can’t stand!.
  • The person who has to strike has to be on guard ready for combat as you explained them (at this stage) then there will be other types of exercises.
  • Ask the person holding the “head” to hold it roughly at the level of his head with the same leg forward of the side of the arm holding the focus and must say “I name myself XXXXXX and as soon as he hears the name the person has to hit.
  • Concentrate both – and as soon as you hear your chosen name pull a punch straight to your face with your fist completely closed and your wrist straight.
  • Now breathe good and strike again when you hear the name.
  • Repeat several times before making the change.
  • Once they start playing with this tool (it takes a bit of practice) I noticed that you have a noticeableimprovement.

Ps. This is just one type of exercise to start with.

He reacts like a head!!.

As soon as you try it find out that it is not as difficult to hold as you think when looking at the design and position of the handle

All Strike focus mitt Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

  • It is not necessary for those who keep the focus orient it for combinations of shots.
  • The combinations will be pulled with a more realistic timing.
  • There is no reason to pull pre-determined combinations if not deliberately as a workout.
  • It offers that anatomical accuracy, which improves the transition to reality (on this I will do a specific article).
  • It forces you to recover your position and distance when you move as a result of the hit you receive, which is a great resource. The mitts focus give you little experience in this if there isn’t a person really capable of keeping them, because most people don’t know how to keep the focus to actually get people to train.
  • It gives you the ability to pull all the shots in specific areas of the head, especially for the elbows and knees when you are grabbing/controlling the head you will have a better sense of proper application of the hand.
  • It forces you to use more leg play.

It’s a lot of fun!All Strike focus mitt Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Its realistic features also make it ideal for doing some work for MMA, Muay Thai,Boxing, Dirty Boxing,etc.

In general where there is striking it becomes a very practical and fun tool to use.

SomeUFC champions are already experimenting with this tool in their workouts.

All Strike focus mitt Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport All Strike focus mitt Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport All Strike focus mitt

Now surely this tool has important merits although I personally believe that it is something to integrate and that does not replace traditional focus pads.

  • Get better and faster ability to strike with the only existing multi-angle focus that reproduces a human head.
  • Use All Strike as a traditional focus.
  • Very useful to mimic the movement and oscillations of the head and the style of combat with random and improvised movements
  • Unlock realistic combat scenarios: Improve accuracy, distance and timing
  • No need to turn the All Strike like mitt focus for angled shots. You grab it and go.
  • Tough surface and surprisingly realistic, it simulates the human head.
  • It allows athletes to develop a shot with amazing precision.
  • Soft material, but with a sturdy surface that does not damage the hands or feet.
  • You can use it with or without gloves.
  • The ergonomic bar handle on the inside of the head gives the coach maximum control and maneuverability.
  • Size: 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 23cm
  • The price is around 100 euros but in Italy it is not yet marketed except at three times the price, I am trying to find a good agreement to be able to propose it here even at an affordable price, I update you as soon as I have concrete answersI update .

All Strike focus mitt Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Advantages of training with the Mitt All Strike Focus tool:

  • Realistic Impact Surface – Boxing striking or M.M.A. training has a new dimension with correct accuracy and aim, a three-dimensional target.
  • HookUppercut. Now there’s a cOr the execution of an Uppercut with a precise target and that was previously imaginary and impossible or the hook that was problematic on the focus in some sequences of combinations but through All Strike you can synchronize the shots sequentially in their execution on the same target as if it is a moving head.
  • Eye Jabs –Eye shots, perhaps the most important tool a JKD fighter, can now be practicing reality approaches aim.
  • Elbows – Devastatingcolpi with elbows to the head to hit the precision and mechanical efficiency of the body (biomechanical body).
  • KneesExplosive knees with absolute safety, avoiding possible injuries and inflammation in the knees.

The ability to perform exercises and types of training is remarkable.

Have fun with this new tool!!

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Ps. I use it with a glove in combination!! But I’ll show this in a video!!

From a personal defense perspective I found it very useful to build certain exercises that allowed me to expand some typical applications taking the simulations to the next level because they mainly allow beginners to work safely, which is very important when it comes to training lessons on short-term courses and not in standard classes.

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