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More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defenseMore and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

Your girlfriend practices martial arts? How lucky!

Girls who practice martial arts and combat sports are constantly growing and this is a beautiful thing because it’s like seeing the world from a different perspective.

For a long time they were considered sports and activities for men only but it was a very strong cultural limitation.

Today more and more women are approaching this type of activity, making this environment that was purely male-driven and going to enhance the feminine characteristics with approaches based more on athletic gesture and technique rather than with brute force alone.

Martial arts and combat sports have evolved extremely in recent years becoming, not only a sport or a method of self-defense, but a practice aimed at improving one’s form and physical and mental health by becoming something more playful and fun.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

Let’s find out the main reasons why if you are a girl/woman you have to practice martial arts and combat sports:

Ps. I don’t want to talk now about the aspect of women’s self-defense that if you follow the blog I’m a great promoter of it and I think for the responsibility you have it should be something that is done for free.

Only those who want to continue and deepen a martial art or combat sports attending classes together with the boys must pay the course as anyone who attends a gym or sports practice.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

1 – Martial arts and combat sports make you a stronger and more beautiful woman, practice!

Like all sports or exercises that use your physique and that push you to improve your limits, martial arts and combat sports make you a stronger woman but with an even stronger interiority and awareness.

Perceiving your improved strength, your athletic ability, your ability to act against an opponent gives you a new awareness that it is to be able to defend yourself (in case it is indispensable and inevitable) and harm an attacker.

This awareness allows you to work on a basic aspect of human nature that is present even if today many want to hide and repress it but that makes you stronger in character.

Even if we are a civilized society that aspect of dominance and submission is always present in society because it is inherent in human nature and you can choose which side to stand on.

Ps. Beware, however, of the Dunning Krugereffect, it is always essential to acquire awareness of strength and its limits to act in the most appropriate way. Even the lion or the tiger at certain times knows that he has to escape!


2 – Teaches you to have a healthy relationship with the body

Physical activity makes women fit but martial art makes you understand even more the functional aspect, about how to use the body to make it more balanced, more explosive, going to better understand its biomechanics of movement.

In addition to making you clearly fitter, with a sporty, beautiful look.

Often women and girls are very strict in making judgments to their body but you have to be careful to love or hate your body just because of the external appearance that over time is normal that will change but it is important to learn to love the body also for what it is able to do, for its ability and the satisfactions it is able to give you.

Martial arts and combat sports are excellent in this and balance the excesses of hate and love that women sometimes have towards their bodies.

Ps. Although I understand and it is also beautiful the aesthetic attention that the woman has of herself.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

3 – The right weight and nutrition

The practice of martial arts and combat sports will lead you to excellent fitness, including the attention to your weight that will be the most suitable for your structure, your body, your metabolism, and your genetics

You will be proportionate to your very nature because it is a type of movement that works in balance with your body.

You will consume a lot of calories in each training session and put the mass in the right places, your body will become toned and round in the right places.

Also consider that you will have many experienced people to deal with and be able to ask for advice, you will often find that there are common aspects and that many of your training partners have already gone the same way that you are facing /walking you now.

This is a turbo for you! You’re not alone but in a team! Maybe it starts with something as simple as these “clean 7 days.”

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

4 – You’ll find many friends

In the martial arts and combat sports environment it is easy to find friends and friends with whom you have to work together for many hours and who will appreciate and help you regardless of your level and abilities, are the people with whom you will improve together.

Training partners are critical to your martial growth.

Often when you enter a gym you enter hesitant and worried about finding brutes and rude and instead it turns out that it is an environment of respect, solidarity, a healthy exchange aimed at growth, where the chatter is zero!

It’s no small thing if you think about what today’s society is like!

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

5 – You will learn to defend yourself if necessary

This is a theme that is widely explored on the blog in the numerous posts that talk about self-defense.

Although it is clear that it is always good to try to avoid physical confrontations, asking for help, shouting and fleeing, this does not detract from the fact that knowing how to defend on your own in extreme cases is more than useful, it is about survival.

Martial arts and combat sports do not deal with themes and strategies of self-defense but offer in return dedication and hours of work to defend yourself or your children and perform effective techniques even under pressure.

Now this speech put this way is simplistic and I invite you to read the numerous articles about it, even those specific to women’s personal defense.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense

6. Knowing how to use and learn to rely on your own characteristics

No woman is too low, too tall, too heavy or too thin to practice martial arts and combat sports because each feature has advantages and disadvantages.

Every body has its advantages!

Just remember that Bruce Lee,he had a strong myopia, he had one leg shorter than the other, etc.! Yet these flaws did not limit it.

With the correct practice of martial art and sport more suitable for you it is easy to really test that often size and weight have a value that varies according to how you learn to use it, and that those who are tall can take advantage of the long levers and those who are low make better use of the center of gravity, going to better understand the distances in the striking and the advantages in fighting on the ground , also for this reason depending on your characteristics there will be sectors where you feel more comfortable and others where you simply have to work harder and adapt to use the right strategy according to your opponent.


7 – Disincentive to sexism

Nothing is better than martial arts and combat sports to explain to men that even a woman can beat them.

This is the most obvious way to disincentivize sexism because nothing convinces men that an example and that there is no weak sex.

When a woman competes with them and maybe beats them in an activity that has been held for decades if not centuries strictly masculine and in an instant many beliefs are knocked down.

Competing in this type of activity but keeping themselves feminine and elegant, is a wonderful example for girls, often more than women forced to exasperate their femininity to attract attention.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

8. Forge and temper your character

Facing a long path with slow progress, continuous educational defeats, will guarantee you a character of steel but at the same time flexible, adaptable, which few will be intimidated.

It is good to remember that “predators” seek prey that can easily intimidate, and a strong character, such as that forged with years of practice, is exactly what the bad guys do not want to be in front of.


9. Develop an assertive, humble but unseeded character

To practice martial arts and combat sports it is essential to get involved, you will have no justification, it is you and your opponent and this forces you to abandon the common attitude of finding excuses outside you or related to others.

You have to accept reality for what it is and adapt and find ways to improve by following the instructions of the master, listening to the criticism, learning from defeats in front of all your training partners while you feel about yourself the gaze of the whole gym.

Learning to manage the stress of someone who attacks you not only verbally, indeed with time the verbal part will make you smile.

Managing the different types of pressure that this society gives and feel that you manage and deal with them with strength and energy is indispensable to live a healthy and happy life and this is another important gift that martial arts can give to a woman.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

10. Your character will become “If you want something, go get it!”

Martial arts and combat sports are one of the best tools to learn that commitment pays off, it’s something preparatory.

It is much better to work, sweat, earn and conquer things than to give up and complain but to do this you have to be willing to work and have the patience to “wait” for results that are never immediate when they are important.

In this way you will really feel within the result and the value of your achievements small and large that are because every step you took was thanks to yourself.

You will really learn the awareness that you can count on your strength for your personal growth and happiness in any area of life because you will look at everything with a different perspective focused more on yourself and adapting to what is happening around you to succeed and not use it as an excuse not to act or to justify failures.

More and more women are practicing combat sports and personal defense Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportConclusions

I advise every woman and girl to get closer to the practice of martial arts and combat sports trying to choose the one that suits you, your person.

I warn you that the landscape is very vast and that you need to be guided in the choice by those who really have experience because this is a fundamental phase to avoid doing something that is far from your expectations and goals.

Another aspect is to recognize and find a good gym to have a proper teaching and professionalism that allows you to pull out the best part and develop attributes that you did not think you had.

The martial art is a discovery that goes further, that makes you better, even more beautiful!.

Everyone will notice your change because your way of being will be totally new.

Write to me if you like.

Have a good trip!

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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