Train with different people

Train with different people Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportTrain with different people!

Do not always train with the same person because if you train with different people you improve the ability to adapt.

Each person has his own characteristics that concern not only combat sports or martial art practiced but also physical characteristics related to weight and height, speed, power, etc.

Training with different people is the right way to evolve!

I know that going to the gym is normal to have one or two people with whom you feel more in tune and it is a beautiful thing, but you have to try to constantly change the partner with whom you train.

Quiet is not a betrayal!

One of the big advantages of going to the gym is the ability to train with people with different physical characteristics:

  • taller person,
  • or lower,
  • stronger people,
  • or weaker,
  • more technical,
  • less technical,
  • Fat
  • Skinny
  • slower people,
  • or faster,
  • or more elastic and flexible,
  • or stiffer,
  • et cetera.

While working with different people you will feel times of reactions, elasticity, timing of shots and trajectories of different shots.

This aspect is even more evident if you perform joint levers or fighting techniques where you will find that people have different joint excursions and to make the levers “enter” you have to increase the excursion that with others are shorter or slightly change the corners without counting the different stiffness.

This allows you to understand how the same technique needs to be adapted according to the opponent,so working with different people makes you develop that sensitivity that allows you to perfect the technique making it functional to all physicalities.

Train with different people Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Train with athletes from other disciplines

Training with athletes who practice other disciplines and measure yourself intelligently is something very useful and allows you to discover the characteristics and qualities of other disciplines and also to enhance yours.

It is a very “open” way of living disciplines and that allows you to discover strengths and vulnerabilities.

This approach makes people much more aware and focuses them on working and training rather than making assumptions and spending evenings on social media arguing about Which martial art is most effective for self-defense and if self-defense is not combat sports, or other nonsense that now the fake of social networks and “sellers” of YouTube try to tell often deceiving people and making a fool of themselves in front of real experts.

Train with different people Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Open Mat in the BJJ

Another way to get out of the usual approach and to train with different training partners is to go to open mats.

This approach is very useful because in addition to training with strangers you can also find approaches and methods that are not usually used in your gym.

Consider that there is always an influence and imprinting of your master.

Even training with the gi or without gi can give you interesting incentives!

Train with different people


In the case of combat sports in the field of striking it can be useful to establish good relationships with different gyms to do sparring outside the gym.

If you practice Muay Thai, going for sparring sessions in a boxing gym can give you some excellent technical tips.

Clearly it must be stated because you want to do sparring sessions, it must always be done with the super vision of coaches, it must have a goal, it must not become a fight to show who is stronger.

It is also very interesting to work with different sports or arts because you can discover how some arts emphasize more some shots and strategies as well as having different distances, attack timing.

Don’t be surprised!

Train with different people! and if you have the chance and practice self-defense trained with those who have suffered a real aggression.

Stay Tuned! Train with different people!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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