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Drills with the medical ball for combat sports

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statue-536706_1280 Drills with the medical ball for combat sports

The medical ball goes beyond fashion.

Often today we always go in search of sophisticated equipment and tools that are often only passing fashions but instead there are tools like today’s post that are timeless, maybe change for materials, color, but retain their essence.

I’m talking about the medical ball which is a simple and timeless tool that allows you to do a series of preparatory exercises for combat sports with minimal or even less expense if you read the post I made about how to make yourself a medical ball with a few euros.

The medical ball is a tool made of vinyl or leather and filled with sand, much used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation and in various sports(volleyball, football and rugby,for example) that you need for:

  • strengthen the muscles,
  • improve movements,
  • Resistance
  • strength and
  • Speed.

The medical ball is built so as not to deflate and not to damage its launch;

The medical ball usually has a diameter of 35 cm or higher depends on the weight ranging from a weight greater than or equal to 1 kg to 15 kg.

fitness-1038438_1280 Drills with the medical ball for combat sports

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