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Dirty boxing techniques

dirty boxing

Dirty boxing techniques.

Eye tears, bites, spits and hair are part of dirty boxing techniques.

Dirty or dirty boxing combat is part of street combat which is also made up of mischief and actions that are clearly illegal in sport and are penalized.

I already made you the list of illegal actions that can’t be done during MMA matches in UFC.

There are 4 dirty boxing actions used in street fights:

  • Eye tears and scratches(fingers in the eyes),
  • Bites (read the post about Kino Mutai)and
  • Spit (I don’t think I have to explain to you what it is)
  • Tear your hair (pull and pull)

Already in itself there are no clean things in a street fight, it is dirty by definition because actions are never done with a sporting ethic but always with deception and precisely the use of illegal actions and tools.

The very fact that another known or even even unknown individual forces you to a physical and violent confrontation to defend yourself from an aggression is already in itself a dirty condition that authorizes you to do everything possible and by any means to ensure your survival.

You can hit each target to do damage and stop the attacker and attackers.

So you can and must hit even more sensitive parts such as eyes, throat, groin, hair, etc. and with every improvised instrument or weapon they are acceptable.

Whether it’s the glass bottle you picked up from the ground or the teeth in your mouth to bite used to free yourself from a socket, or whatever.

The more determined, aggressive, destructive the better!

4 shares of dirty boxing in the face area

I purposely concentrated these 4 actions in the face area and left out other actions often thrown and to which you often give too much hope like football in the genitals.

Often the self-defense community, though often sold as reality-based, is full of instructors and students who believe that groin attacks are the ace up their sleeve, the resolution certain.

You hear even more often these statements in women-only courses!

Shots in the groin are generally effective, but it depends on the context and there are times when these shots are not.

Ps. On the theme “kicks in the balls” I will make a specific post.

The only solution is not a solution

Now if your only solution to get out of a socket or to the control of an attacker it’s based on pain then you’re fucked because technical knowledge is fundamental and pain is a support to the technique that can go to amplify its effectiveness because it creates at the same time a double effect that the body does not correctly identify and this causes you to lose control of the force or position allowing you to free yourself or find space to strike.

If you already have an effective technical solution in your background and add pain too, then you are amplifying your action.

Your goal is to bring home your skin (and that of your loved ones) not to win the match and if you can convince your attacker that he has chosen the wrong person the fight may even stop earlier.

If he understands that the person you’re “dealing” with is difficult and that he can’t do anything he had in mind to do, whether it’s a robbery, bullying, rape of a stranger, sexual assault of a spatster/ex-boyfriend or a punch to show that he’s stronger, that parking or the place of the queue is his and it’s likely that he’s going to desist maybe by saying bullshit like next time. don’t ever do it again.. etc. but it’s his way of getting out of it with the ego intact but “he’s already lost.”

You have a bottle nearby take it and smash it (without cutting yourself) and let them know you cut it!

Dirty boxing techniques Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

How to train dirty boxing with these 4 elements:

This is an interesting stage and it is one of the questions that is rightly asked.

How do I design these modules to integrate?

I want to give you some ideas but there are several methods but to start you have to do this!

For example, when you put your thumbs in another person’s eyes how much you push to induce them to let go or move by opening?.

Attention! this has to be a smart job done with people with heads working.

To work safely and to understand the potential and danger of these elements it is essential to perform these actions progressively and slowly to give the person time to get to the pain threshold before physical damage.

The tap out

A bit like for the fight by entering the technique “slowly” to leave time to beat, to do tapout.

In a clash in real life, doing this would be wrong and it makes no sense in that context to judge what is enough or enough to free from a grip or to create an opening, is not feasible.

You have to apply the action with maximum explosiveness and power and in a small space of time.

Many people hearing this start talking about these actions and the legal problems that ensue but at the end of the day I already tell you:

“that what happens in reality is very different from what is discussed at will in a court of law”

so stay calm and get to the process, continue your day of violence because you have to work at the limit / extreme: hit, break, choke, spit, no scruples and even in extreme cases bite.

These are all efficient and effective tools to use but to have them in your technical arsenal beyond sports techniques they have to train and develop.

So to understand some of these actions avoiding spitting that might be a little excessive among friends but some examples:

From a position of grip

  • Push your fingers into your eyes slowly until the workout companion lets off the grip
  • From above the shirt try to bite in different parts of the body
  • Take some food Cellophane and put it on your face or other parts of your body and try to bite
  • Make the clinch by grabbing body parts like hair, ears, cheeks, etc.
  • etc.

The partner has to let go if he feels really bad, it’s like the tap out signal of the fight, so as soon as you feel that you give up you have to stop.

You always start from some critical situation that blocks you, standing or on the ground, do it with different companions, of different weight, even the giant ones because you have to understand that certain parts of the body hurt extreme regardless of muscles and strength.

Imagine if they block you in a way that you can’t hit your genitals, use your hands to grab your eyes, etc. here your only attack option might be to bite;

What if there are two of them?

For example imagine that there are two of you to block you!

Quiet or quiet as soon as your teeth close on his nose or chest, his grip magically eased.

Remember that it is not always possible to reach the groin, eyes or other vulnerable spots etc. with shots (even if the horse of jeans is as low as your tamarri friends, hitting the groin is not always easy or so effective) or to grab them.

The default response of most people to being bitten is to try to get away.

This is good for you! because it means that it gives up the pressure and creates the space to go out, run away, hit, but that depends on the opportunities and the context.

In terms of creating space, biting is one of the fastest ways to achieve this.

Another more primal aspect is that biting sends your attackers a clear message of extreme survival and where your mindset is at that time and what you are willing to do to survive.

Maybe you’re more “dirty” and down than they were prepared to do, or they didn’t imagine that the fight would take this primal turn, you just scored a big psychological “hit.”

The reaction after the 4 actions is crucial

Now what is crucial is the second part, once freed or that you have created space you have to train to hit and escape or strike to hurt and annihilate your attacker, if there are two escapes.

I tell you this because biting someone, or scratching them, spitting at them, etc. definitely does it either desist or.

If you bite it and you free yourself but you do nothing you would be immediately blocked/blocked and/or hit.

So immediate attack or escape action is always essential


Dirty boxing techniques Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Martial ethics is good but it doesn’t work out of the dojo

I understand that in your traditional martial arts dojo or in the sports training environment, often and I also say fortunately we also train ourselves not to be “that dirty street boy” but if you want to survive that mentality on the street does not work because my friend, no rules, so maximize the effect, The violence switch must be from 0 to 300 and full of dirty play!

The traditional sports and martial goal is not to cause pain with every grip and touch that we do with for example the 4 example sockets that I made you today addressed to the area of the face of dirty boxing.

If we are training in fight drills we do a lot of repetitions of the technique and we don’t want to hurt our training partner and that’s a good thing.

This is a normal thing because if every time we practice a technique your partner gets hurt you would see him attack you timidly so as not to feel pain and would start to change the way he attacks you with the purpose of protecting himself.


His attack will become unrealistic and already this for me is a way to study the technique with many limitations, let alone if the attack or combination is done “timidly”.

Dirty boxing techniques Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe concept of dirty boxing

Clearly today I made the example of the face but every part of the body has its painful parts but I deliberately chose the face to start because it is easier to understand.

What I want you to understand is the concept of dirty boxing!

In the reality of the road, every time we touch someone we should cause them pain, not just when we hit them with blows.

When you’re training techniques, at a certain stage of training one of the things you need to analyze is how you can make the same study techniques dirtier and rougher.

Let me explain.

When you clinch in sport you can’t grab your hair to make the clinch, or the ears, beard, put your nails in your eyes, spit in his eyes or throw a headboard or kneele where you can’t.

Pain amplification

That’s the way that extra part that creates pain and panic before the illegal hit like a headbutt or a knee to the groin.

Or you can’t grab and practice the levers on your fingers when someone leans on you by twisting them on the wrong side while with your other hand you hit them, grab your genitals, etc.

Or while you’re on the ground swiping your elbow on your face when we’re on the ground while you spit on him or rip his cheeks with his fingers or you grab him not for the Gi to flip it but his flesh, his hair, etc. you don’t have to use the regulation, no one will squalis you

In addition to hitting in the primary targets you have to when you are in contact grab and tear flesh and scratch your eyes at every opportunity.

Self-defense is a concept, which is why I’m talking about Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport, they are two complementary elements.

You’re not playing sports, so when you come out of a socket, or you’re doing a reverse while you’re fighting, getting out of that disadvantage position is not only an exit but it’s also an opportunity to cause pain.

Be careful though that for example bite the I consider an extreme situation and I explain in the post on Kino Mutai that I invite you to read because you have to consider that you are exposing yourself to the risk of certain diseases, for this must be an extreme solution.


Pain perception and management

When you train in dirty boxing you have to try to train in some stages even when someone causes you pain and discomfort (not all sessions, but should be part of your training).

You have to learn to feel the pain and manage it, know it so as not to be surprised and surprised, scared or psychologically demotivated.

Pain is part of the fight!

Just as you should think and integrate your “dirty” combat options to complement the “standard” techniques, you also need to be prepared to face an attacker who does the same thing and who creates pain and studies the defenses from these dirty actions and deal with the situation in the same way.

Typical example of knife or gun disarmaments that you try in many self-defense courses, is it the same if you do it when someone hits you with the iron of the gun and while making his threat to get his wallet and ATM codes, while hitting your forehead or with the barrel the chest?

Reacting through pain

While you feel this pain you are sure that you are able to disarm or find yourself unable to perform your standard disarmaments because this is what happens in a real situation.

Or would you disarm a knife after he “slapped” your face with the blade and cut your chest and arms to get you to hurry?.

While you are exercising these dirty boxing techniques you should always have the awareness that you do not rely solely on this approach to solve a physical conflict because under the influence of adrenaline, drugs or that there are always attackers who have a higher pain resistant threshold or who simply do not care to feel pain (psychology).

You still need to develop striking and grappling techniques, etc., and develop skills and attributes that allow you to strike or subdue by levers, projections or suffocation when dealing with attackers who don’t respond to your thumbs in their eyes, etc. because they’re drugged or full of hate.

dirty boxing


I repeat that often in the community of instructors and practitioners of “reality-based” self-defense is full of beliefs about solvent shots such as attacks on the groin as if it were a gunshot.

Although generally these shots are effective but sometimes they are not as if one is very fat, he has pants with very low horse, he is not a man, etc.

These 4 dirty boxing actions facing the face should also be contextualized because in some cases they are not applicable.

The concept you need to understand is to get out of the traditional technical flow by going to insert in the technical transitions elements that create disturbance and pain because it allows you to create openings to free yourself, place shots, increase the effect and create a psychological impact.

But I repeat are elements to be included in the concept of “traditional” fighting, they are not the solution but an integration.

Street Fight Mentality


Dirty boxing techniques Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

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