Fear is not so hard to understand

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Fear is not so hard to understand but you feel it more when you have something to lose!

I understand that many have always played to deceive people with compelling tales of imaginary battles between good and bad.

After all, weren’t we all scared of kids?

We always like to hear a compelling story with a happy ending.

Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the bad wolf.

What scares us today is exactly the same thing that scared us yesterday.

Fear and uncertainty are always present because they are part of the history of humanity.

It is just a different wolf that hides under different appearances and often more than a wolf is a sheep that acts pettyly or in a self-referential group.

In recent months we have known many sheep disguised as a wolf 🐺!

This complex of fear is rooted in every individual even in you but I believe that the best choice is to understand the philosophy of the Expert Fighting project!

This is much more useful than trying at all costs to go against an idea that is now like a wave of the sea that by its nature continues to move.

I say this because we will drag you in even if you don’t want to because it’s nature itself, it’s a form, it’s fighting!

Expert Fighting is a journey that tells you what no master or instructor ever really wanted to tell you and also what you never wanted to hear!

That leads you to discover what you never wanted to do about how to get your true martial art out and make your approach to combat efficient and effective!

The real story is that little Red Riding Hood didn’t win, so if you really want to survive in the woods and the wolf pack, you have to change your approach.

We did “just” this in Expert Fighting, we went beyond the fictional rhetoric of combat to leave only the raw and harsh reality!

We changed our approach, we changed the paradigm, we looked through the eyes of the predator, of the wolf.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

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We are going through a very special historical period, where almost always the urgency turns into an “emergency”.

Where prevention is not a word used but only spoken but not followed by concrete actions!

Economic crises, political crises, crises of values have changed the way of life of many Italians, who have a perception of security that is from the psychological point of view is negative and that has changed habits going to avoid actions out of fear.

Those who are unable to manage these social changes find themselves living in uncertainty by locking themselves in the house or giving up evening outings to go to the cinema or theatre, etc.

Personal defense can be a path and a way to adapt to new contexts to know what mechanisms to adopt to move safely without changing your habits.

It is clear that personal defense to be effective and a mix of skills of prevention, behavior, combat psychology,and finally personal defense techniques adapted to the urban context;

For this reason, on the blog you will find many ideas of personal defense oriented to the urban context and continuously updated and adapted to the time and context of the moment because social changes also lead to a change in the way of doing violence and the types of crime that you may face.

Consider that patterns are often repetitive but must always be put within a context and that those who commit crime always look for novelties in order to be able to implement the criminal actions that you seek with the prevention of avoiding.

Knowledge through reading the blog and putting it into practice in your context and through training courses allow you to move from a state of insecurity and uncertainty to a state of awareness and adaptation that allows you to resume your security and freedom.

Stay Tuned!

Self Defence is not a game.

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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Written by Andrea

Instructor and enthusiast of Martial Arts and Fight Sport.

- Boxing / Muay Thai / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Grappling / CSW / MMA.
- Self Defence / FMA / Dirty Boxing / Silat / Jeet Kune Do & Kali / Fencing Knife / Stick Fighting / Weapons / Firearms.

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport! State Of Love And Trust!

Other: Engineer / Professional Blogger / Bass Player / Knifemaker

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