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Stalker-proof security for social networks

Stalker Social Media

Stalker-proof security for social networks.

When it comes to women’s self-defense in 2022 we must take into account the new means of communication that can be an incredible source of information for malicious people and people who want to steal habits, images, etc. and use them to

Unfortunately, despite the possibilities related to privacy precisely to prevent strangers or unsyed people from being able to steal information many people and girls neglect this aspect that in the wrong hands can increase the danger conditions.

The social network has proved extraordinary in recent years to be the most suitable and convenient platform to make new friends, meetings and even relate to old friends and acquaintances, so much information changes or use this tool using even more than one and also spreading a lot of information about themselves and their habits.

In an attempt to connect with people on social networking sites or look for love or sex, a lot of people expose themselves to danger; some people not only end up exposing themselves to manic means but also to scammers and scammerswho are ready to rip off the savings of their lives, but also expose themselves to sexual and psychological violence.

I’m sorry to tell you, but the most frequent users of social media are maniacs and psychopaths, skilled manipulators who have an ever-new audience and dozens of identities at their disposal.

That’s why it’s important to be security-conscious when you sign up on any social media platform, especially dating sites.

Stalker-proof security for social networks Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Rules on social media are easily circumvented

Although running various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,WhatsApp, Twitter,MySpace, and others, ensures that it protects users from online criminal elements, this is not enough if you don’t use precautions on how you use social media.

In the world of dating there are dozens of dating sites that do not always guarantee appropriate controls and where inside hides mentally ill, psychopaths, maniacs, scammers, blackmailers, etc. hidden under false guises.

You have to be careful about security if you don’t want to fall victim to fraudsters and “cybercriminals” becausethey always look forgullible people to defraud and today they have the advantage of being able to do it from home.

By “informatics” I mean not only those who use scams to steal your credit card information or personal logins but people who use the internet to know what you are doing, if you are at home, your habits, what you like, etc. and use this information for their purpose.

stalker for social networks

There is not a solution that is fine for all cases but to start staying safe when you are on the net on the various social media platforms, I advise you to follow these security tips that will already be of great help.

Here are a series of security tips for social networks:

  1. Always read the terms and conditions before subscribing to any social networking platform: the first step to take if you are security conscious is to make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any social networking platform before registering. A lot of people can’t do that.
  2. Sign whenever you notice a consistent breach of your privacy on any social networking platform: it makes no sense to stay on a social networking platform with a weak security check. Be sure to delete yourself from these platforms every time you notice a violation of your privacy. Many use this method primarily to take data (mail/phone/region) and personal contacts.
  3. Minimize information (personal information) posted on social networking sites: It’s important to minimize the personal information you post online. A complete stranger should not read your profile and know almost everything about you.
  4. Minimize images posted on social networking sites: it is also very important to minimize images posted on social networking sites; it could be used against you, used to see the premises where you like to go, the people you frequent, your habits, etc.
  5. Do not post your home address on social networking sites: honestly, it makes no sense to post your home address on social networking sites. It will make it easier for people to track you down and it could be dangerous.
  6. Don’t post your phone number on social networking sites: honestly, although many social networking sites tell you to do it to better use instant chats, putting your number online makes it easier for people to track you down but it’s also something that could be dangerous. Andlife to leave your personal written public number on any social media platform unless you’re doing it for business or if you’re sure it’s only open to your friends and not to the general public.
  7. Review all friend requests on social media before accepting them: Be sure to carefully review all friend requests received on the social media platform before accepting them.
  8. Block people you don’t want: If there are people you don’t like to have as friends or who can see what you do on social media or who can contact them, block these contacts without any guilt.Stalker-proof security for social networks Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
  9. Don’t give information about your friends: If someone unknown writes to you asking for information of your friends or friends do not give them, you are vague and misguided the topic, tell them that you have to go out, even if they will tell you that they know him, that they have seen each other in certain premises, or on vacation, etc., maybe it is information that has “stolen” from images posted, etc.
  10. Deleted from sites and social networks you don’t use. If you no longer use a platform, deleted by deleting all data, do not leave online “your things” unused. Don’t leave anything of yourself on the net.
  11. Do not always give your facebook / instagram profile: If you frequent dating sites do not immediately give your facebook / instagram / etc. profile because there a person with strange intentions can find a lot of information about you.
  12. Pay close attention when going on an appointment with someone you meet on a social media platform or dating: if you frequent dating sites, be sure to take precautions before going on a date with any person you meet there. You decide the place and the time, do not follow it in strange places, if you feel uncomfortable go away, warn someone of the place where you go, etc. This is useful to avoid being damaged or robbed if not worse.
  13. HOT photos and videos: If you take spicy photos or videos and send them to someone be careful never to resume your face or elements that can make you trace back to you such as tattoos, objects, etc. And do not trust even if it gives you the guarantee that deletes the photo or video immediately. NEVER take back your face.Stalker-proof security for social networks Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
  14. Don’t expose your “resources” on social media platforms: it’s risky to expose your economic resources or social positions on social media platforms. Some people think it’s a way to attract partners. However, in the truest sense of work, it is pure and simple arrogance that can be harmful, attract scammers or crooks, thieves, etc.
  15. Attention to blackmail/extortion: If in life you are not a nadone full of women it is strange that suddenly someone or someone is behind you as if you are the only man or woman on earth, and if you are married and want to meet you it is likely that it does so to take without your knowledge some compromising together photos to use to blackmail you for not saying anything to your husband and wife.
  16. If you need to use your credit card on any social networking site, make sure the platform is secure: use your credit card only on a secure platform to prevent scammers from stealing you.
  17. Or if you’re using a public computer, be sure to log out before you log out: Be sure to disconnect from public computers every time you use it. If you don’t someone can access information and maybe change your password.
  18. Minimize location update at a time on social media platforms: Some people delight in updating their location on social media platforms. A criminal who is watching you can easily track you down if you do it on social media. stalker for social networks
  19. Do not accept business proposals from strangers on the social media platform: social media platforms sincerely are not a suitable platform to receive commercial proposals, you can be deceived in the process, it is often a platform very used in network marketing activities, those who sell usually use professional sales systems with websites and funnels to find the specific target for its sector, hardly contact you directly but use marketing systems. It also considers that they can also be excused to meet you and have information about you.
    Remember that scammers are skilled manipulators.
  20. Be sure to change your password at regular intervals: it’s also important to change your password at regular intervals to prevent hackers from breaking into your profile. Try to generate passwords that have adequate security levels.
  21. Do not open any attached files sent to your mailbox if you are not sure of the sender: Hackers use the attached file to access people’s profile; When you open an attached file from an unknown source, your system may be hacked. They can also request passwords under the strip of fake web pages to update the very security of the site you frequent.
  22. Be careful who manages your smartphone and other Internet-enabled devices: it is important to be careful when leaving your smartphone unattended or in the hands of others; your social media platforms and other important personal information are accessible.
  23. Notify your administrator whenever you receive threats from any user on social networking sites: Be sure to report to your administrator whenever you receive a threat from someone on the social networking site you belong to or odd requests.
  24. Reports to law enforcement: If what happens or is witnessed is serious, also report to the social network administrator what happened, possibly bringing with you the documentation of what happened.
  25. Customize your page to avoid Internet attackers: On social media platforms, there are ways you can customize your page so that only those you want to access can. This is one way to prevent criminals from accessing your page to get information.
  26. Study security features on social networking platforms and make sure you use them: it’s also very important to study security features on social networking platforms and activate the right security buttons. Putting the right security buttons on your page can help you stay safe online.
  27. Don’t give anyone your password online– No matter who asks, make sure you never release your password online to anyone. Scammers who work online sometimes clone noteworthy websites and therefore require that details be sent, including the password to update their profile; never release such vital information to third parties.
stalker for social networks


These tips do not include all the specific cases of the case and is aimed at people already adults but these tips will help you to combat any safety hazard that might loom on social networking sites but always try to pay the right attention and not underestimate the situations.

Remember that today the smartphone is the connection with social is continuous leading to an often continuous and abused use even in situations where in addition to the attention on how you use social would also need an attention in the street while you are using your smartphone.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality


Stalker-proof security for social networks Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. This post article is not about what happens on social media when they are used by minors who should be constantly viewed by parents/guardians.

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