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Filipino Self Defence , the Ancient Martial Arts

Filipino Self Defence , the Ancient Martial Arts
Filipino Self Defence, the Ancient Martial Arts.
Fighting in the street with kali in 2020 can only result from the constant habit of sparring a stick and barehand with the due implications and adjustments of approach that derive from an unreserved fight such as street fighting.
The Kali and Filipino Martial Arts Self Defence in 2020 is one of the discoveries that every fighter should try.
Kali is one of the most modern martial arts out there today and many consider it second-rate but when you go to see classes of self-defense courses they take 90 of the techniques from the heritage of Filipino and Southeast Asian martial arts.
So why this prejudice?.
On the one hand there is the marketing of schools that want to remain dominant and on the other the poor quality of the instructors in this Filipino art that make us think of kali as “ah you fight with the stick”.
It’s not just that!
The stick is an area of the 1 Kali area, missing another 11 for a total of 12 areas and their specializations.
Filipino Martial Arts Self Defence

Sparring in kali in 2020 Filipino Self Defence, the Ancient Martial Arts

Like any martial art or combat sport, it is the habit of sparring that creates the skills necessary to make effective and functional the technical baggage that you study and makes you able to apply it in a non-cooperative context.
The same rule applies to the Filipino Kali, if you want to learn how to use a stick you have to do sparring, there is no other solution, but if we want to bring it in the context of self-defense?.
Here you find so much material to study for so long indeed, you will never stop, just look at an example on everyone, Dan Inosanto who apparently has nothing to learn has never stopped studying, going to explore many arts including the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.erik-paulson-dan-in-a-nt
Other examples such as Erik Paulson, creator of the CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) system an athlete, trainer and trainer of many UFC champions who is also a black belt of Filipino Kali under the guidance of Dan Inosanto.
Filipino Self Defence , the Ancient Martial Arts Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
But I’m telling you, the biggest names in the world of martial arts and combat sports have integrated Kali’s studio with Dan Inosanto.

Do you think his interest in this art is a coincidence?

No, it’s no coincidence!
Kali is an accelerator for martial arts, whatever it is.
The speed with which it moves the stick, the evasive approach with cutting weapons, the vastness of the sectors, the combined use of weapons together at times of different lengths involving a particular use of distance, the approach to bare hand mixed with dumog,etc. etc. become brought into your martial art a real turbo.
It is also a martial art that can be practiced at all ages and it is no small thing for both those who already practice martial arts and for those who plan to start practicing one.
Ps. Today it is curious to see how someone “invents” a martial art and people like Dan Inosanto do not, calling by a different name the same existing martial art and putting a clutch of techniques is not inventing a martial art.

I’m a supporter of specializations!

Filipino Martial Arts Self Defence
One of kali’s advantages in personal defense is the habit of using improvised weapons and weapons that is important in a context of personal defense.
One of the technical characteristics of kali is to use “common” movements (with variants related mainly to weapon lengths and sharp wire) whether it is a stick,knife, notebook, pen,etc.
Another advantage of kali in self-defense is the bare-hand sector where panantukan and sikaran represent dirty boxing and kali kick fighting.
  • The Panantukan you can see as a Western boxing but with dirty boxing inserted as elbows, heads, hammer blows, check, fingers in the eyes, low kicks.
  • The Sikaran is an extremely effective approach to kicking and easily transportable in personal defense.
  • The
    the use of levers and imbalances, a kind of fight standing and on the ground.
  • Weapons,always present and at the center in this art
But regardless of the names, you need to practice sparring if you want to bring out the raw reality of combat.
Filipino Martial Arts Self Defence

Personal defense and kali in 2020

The approach to self-defence cannot and should not be the same as sport, but the difference for those who study Filipino kali seriously is that the technical baggage it offers is so wide and already has intrinsically a foundation oriented to personal defense but with psychological limitations because it is difficult to explain to you how to avoid a confrontation, or how to approach a situation at risk, to analyze the context, etc.
But if you want to use kali to defend yourself you have at your disposal one of the most versatile systems that man has ever created because he has an open mind to ancient combat where he does not exclude the use of percussion and cutting weapons, bare hands standing and on the ground, the dumog (fight), not to go even further.
Filipino Self Defence , the Ancient Martial Arts Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Very few schools teach kaliwith a correct approach to this art , most distort it making it in the eyes of a layman an unfunctional martial art in a real context instead it is not so, you’re just not seeing kali but a misinterpretation of this art.

My invitation is to deepen and understand what the Filipino Kali really is because it is something to which I owe a lot in my martial path and I want this art to be known for what it is and not for the heard of pseudo experts of nothingness.

Kali in 2020 awaits you and you don’t need to bring the stick, there’s not just the one to learn!

Stay Tuned! Filipino Martial Arts Self Defence!

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