Firearm identification stickers

Firearm identification stickersIdentification stickers on firearms.

During the assault on Capitol Hill, the many videos and photographs showed several frames of the plainclothes armed guards holding the Capitol barricades, which have on their weapons what look like short pieces of tape with red and white diagonal stripes on the front of the guns.

What are identification stickers on firearms for?

Not everyone has it but they serve to avoid friendly fire.

Security does not work in uniform, and therefore in the most chaotic situations distinguishing a friend from an enemy could become very difficult.

Often not to say always the team uses a dress code, brooches, other that helps them to identify with each other, but in a situation of high stress it is necessary to use a method that does not require a precise focus.

The response time must be fast, immediate, with an effective choice processing.

Since the police generally shoot armed people, even if you have toy or soft air weapons, because the weapon must always be considered true until proven otherwise.

Putting a signal tape on your weapons is a great way to prevent friendly fire that can be warned of this form of signaling beforehand while operating in the area or on your way.Firearm identification stickers Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Even the choice of tape has essentially characteristics:

  • visibility
  • little availability on the market of the tape design to prevent it from being easily copied
  • must not hinder the operation of the weapon


Contrary to the clichés of the movies, 99% of police and military fortunately shoot only at the shooting range for life.

Policemen who have participated in a firefight can be counted on the fingers of one hand and at most make one in a lifetime.

So the tape does not need to be changed often but it can be a way for the same team to have an effective recognition in a chaotic situation to quickly identify the part where the armed person is.

Just change it after that time you had to pull out the weapon, in many cases fortunately a few times.

Home Security Check List

A link to housing defense

I also get to the point of this post by linking it for those who are a civilian to housing defense where if more people are in possession of a weapon it is important in case of home invasion.

The fact of going out of your house and scouring the courtyard, etc. have this type of trick on the weapon and I would add if possible where the weapons are also hold colored tape to put around your arms, or showy cuffs to wear, hats without visor, a bandana, identical sweatshirts that help to identify each other as well as considering other aspects such as the type of weapon, type of ammunition, lighting, etc.

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