Firearm security first!

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4-Safety-Rules Firearm security first!Firearm security first!

I want to start this series of posts with this must!

Firearms are dangerous things.

It is precisely because of the danger they pose that they make good tools to prevent bad people from doing bad things to good people.

That’s why they are useful to protect you and your loved ones, but they are only useful if they are used correctly.

Misused is a danger to you or innocent people.

Jeff Cooper

, an influential figure in modern firearms training, has formalized and popularized the “Four Rules” for safe handling of firearms.

Previous lists of gun safety rules included a minimum of three basic security rules or up to ten rules, including gun safety and sports etiquette rules.

In addition to Cooper, other influential gun safety teachers include Massad Ayoob,Clint Smith, Chuck Taylor, Jim Crews, Bob Munden, and Ignatius Square..

Jeff Cooper’s has devised 4 gun safety rules:

  1. Treat each weapon as if it were loaded (even if it isn’t).
  2. Check the target and what’s behind it.
  3. Never point the weapon at something you’re not willing to destroy.
  4. Keep your finger away from the trigger until the weapon is aligned with the target.

Now these are basic safety rules with fuco weapons are fundamental and on which many argue – many none without titles but today it goes out offashion– they say that they are outdated but if you analyze what they say they go far beyond their meaning if you combine them together.

On these basic rules you must never compromise, NEVER.

HandGun-Anatomy-Glock- Firearm security first!

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