Floyd Mayweather Vs John Gotti ends in brawl

Floyd Mayweather Vs John Gotti ends in brawl

Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti ends in a mega brawl

Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather stepped into the ring again for yet another performance, this time against John Gotti, a mixed martial arts fighter.

However, the event took a negative turn towards the end.

The bout took place at the FLA Arena in Florida and saw Money face the nephew of famous gangster John Gotti, who amassed a decent 5-1 record in MMAs.

During the match, Gotti undertook several grappling phases, refusing to let go of his opponent.

This led to the interruption of the match and the disqualification of Gotti by the referee.

However, the wrestler refused the decision and sparked a brawl.

After the referee’s intervention, Gotti pushed the referee away in anger and tried to hit Floyd Mayweather in every way.

At that point, both teams stepped into the ring along with security personnel, sparking a mega brawl whose consequences are still unclear.

Some celebrities and sportsmen, such as the multiple world boxing champion Claressa Shields, were on board the ring and filmed the scenes, showing amazement at what happened.

Floyd Mayweather Vs John Gotti ends in brawl

Mayweather continues to organize these performances that seem to be an end in themselves.

Although they allow him to earn well, they seem to arouse less and less interest and do not add anything positive to his legacy and to the sport in general.

The last performance in London against Aaron Chalmers took place practically in front of empty stands.



Floyd Mayweather’s recent performances raise concerns about their impact on the sport of boxing.

While these challenges might be lucrative for Mayweather, they appear to be self-congratulatory events that do not contribute positively to the sport’s reputation and integrity.

Their spectacular nature, often without a real sense of competition, could lead to a degradation of boxing’s credibility as a legitimate sport.

These events might make boxing look like a sensationalist spectacle rather than a sport based on competition and athletic ability.

It is important to consider how such performances affect the perception of the sport by the public and fans, and to assess whether they can have a negative impact on the integrity and reputation of boxing as a discipline.

Ultimately, it may be desirable for Mayweather to consider focusing on more significant and legitimate challenges to preserve the integrity and value of the sport of boxing.

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