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Floyd Mayweather Basic Training

Floyd Mayweather Basic Training

What I want to propose today is the basic training that makes the super boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

Although he has officially retired, he continues to train at the highest level and doing some boxing matches like the one with UFC champion Conor McGregor, or lately some matches in the East.

Perhaps there are rumors of a meeting with Khabib Nurmagomedov and a re-match with Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Try this boxing training regardless of the martial art or combat sport you practice.

It is an interesting track to compare yourself with or to do a different workout than usual.

Ps. You need a training partner and a certain set of equipment but this is something you can also do in some well-equipped gym!

In general, Mayweather’s technical training includes sparring, pad work, footwork exercises and timing exercises.

After working on his technical skills, he focuses with strength training and bodyweight exercises such as basic work for the legs, for the trunk and specific exercises for the neck to keep it strong.

Like all the greatest boxers of all time he incorporates push-ups into their workouts, including Floyd Mayweather, who is said to do about 1,300 push-ups a day at some point in his career.

The way he works is different.

He put the work ethic above talent. I had the chance to work with him for pacquiao’s fight and got to see how he trained. We did four or five hour athletic training sessions, straight from the gym session, we started from there and then went running for ten miles.

Within Floyd Mayweather’s unique training regimen, including returning from nightclubs in jeans and workouts at 4 a.m.

Floyd Mayweather has and will always play by his own rules.

Throughout his career the icon has adopted a unique style of training in the early hours of the morning.

Clearly there is a great talent but what I have made him incredible as an athlete and undefeated throughout his career has been a great and constant dedication to technical training and athletic training without ever giving up a single day.

Floyd is one of those boxers who when you see him away from the match or just before the match is always ready.

Boxers train on average about 5 hours a day when preparing for a fight.

There are many ways you can train, but you need to incorporate different exercises and methods to get into the best shape.

Floyd’s routine leading to an important meeting typically consists of 5 days of training per week of which two are active rest days and a real rest day.

Floyd is one of those boxers who in his career has applied total dedication to training and caring for himself.



Floyd Mayweather Basic Training:

  • Start with timeless free Shadow Boxing until you feel you’ve warmed up well
  • 12 Rounds of Sparring
  • 20 or 30 minutes of heavy bag
  • Ground exercises and AB Roller
  • Double Hand Ball
  • Exercises to strengthen the neck with weight
  • 200 Abs – 200 Push Ups – 200 Alternate Lunges or Squats
  • Rope jumping
  • Fast Pear
  • Run 5 to 8 km after training

Floyd Mayweather Basic Training


Try this rountine and tell me your impressions, it is a track used by one of the greatest boxers of all time who boasts 50 career wins and 0 defeats..

Write me how you found yourself performing this rountine!

Try this basic boxing workout as well.

Have a good workout at Floyd Mayweather!

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