Free yourself from what you don’t need in combat


Free yourself from what you don’t need!

You don’t have to keep everything you’ve learned in martial arts,you want to start this chat like that, some things you have to throw if you really want to be light and express your martial art effectively.

“Don’t become a collector of techniques!. What you learn must be functional to your combat strategy and as a fighter.”

Over time it happens to everyone to learn things that are not useful to combat, they are “mistakes” that are made during the course although some are still preparatory and are still served to understand other techniques and enhance them or to better understand how to use them effectively.

The time spent finding the right direction is never wasted but freed from what you don’t need in combat

Even if you’ve spent time and sacrifice you have to be willing to abandon those studies, it was a path for you to get to a crossroads that takes you in the direction you’ve always wanted and sought.

Life works the same way.

  • There is a saying that, to use little you have to know a lot!!
  • There is a quote from Jean Jaques Machado that says the same thing:“The more things you learn, the less things you use… But for yourself, to do less, you have to learn a lot.”
  • Lee himself has addressed this speech several times.

This approach is something that repeats itself and also happens in life, because there is a law of 80/20, pareto’s law that always applies.

law of pareto

I’m going to try to explain it to you in context at martial arts?.

Ok.. Here’s a practical example:

  • 1000 techniques in combat you will use 100 and effectively 20
  • 100 techniques in combat you will use 20 and effectively 4
  • 10 techniques in combat you will use 2 and with effectiveness NO

Yes, because the techniques in addition to knowing them you have to know how to apply them and in this too the law of Pareto applies.

Combat is chaos but you in the midst of that chaos you have to be something simple, but to fight simple it is not enough to say it, it is a process that comes from eliminating what is not needed for you, it is something tailor-made and to do this you have to know a lot.

Often people rely czechly on masters or pseudo-masters who put on them “a dress” that does not belong to her, it is useless, it is out of context, it is not necessary, and when maybe after years you open your eyes the first thing you want is to immediately change dress to feel comfortable.

The same thing about martial arts, the dress must be tailored for you, but to do this you need to know what is available and build your look.

If you don’t like what you see changes, you have to be like water and adapt to every form of combat.

It doesn’t mean reflecting your opponent:

  • Striking – Striking
  • Fight – Fight
  • Teakdown – Teakdown
  • Etc.

But to implement a winning strategy theoretically you have to work out of the area where your opponent feels safer, for example your opponent/attacker wants:

  • fight, then you fight.
  • fight, then you throw punches
  • project yourself, keep it away with kicks
  • Etc.

Ps. These are just a few examples, but in order to do this you have to evolve your martial art going to complement those weak areas that you have, erase your ego and look honestly at yourself.

Free yourself from what you don't need in combat Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

You do this even when you go out and depending on the situation you change clothes, but in martial arts no, you don’t, why??

Each situation has its own suitable dress:

  • Wedding — > An Elegant Dress — > Martial Arts
  • Beach — > Shorts and T-shirt — > Lotta
  • Pub Night — > Jeans and a Shirt — > Striking
  • Tourist Trip — > Casual — > Personal Defense
  • Etc.

Obviously now this is a “game” although I’m sure in everyday life you do so,but this is an example to try to express a concept that helps me to communicate that to find “your ideal look” that adapts to all situations you have to know a lot but to do this you have to study different disciplines and in depth.

No prejudices!! If you want to dress always the same do it, but this is a limit if you have the opportunity to change and experiment and above all you are not suitable for all situations.

Ps. Doing all your life the same thing is not very smart because the learning curve stops and you no longer progress, what you need to improve even in what you like and do something new possibly inherent but different, with a different approach, a new perspective.



Remember, what you eliminate over time is not knowledge but you eliminate it from your options, your fighting strategies, your mental map,are the old clothes at the bottom of the closet, you keep them knowing that you will never wear it.

It is a dualism typical of tao because, it is in you the knowledge of that particular technique but it is no longer part of you.

Build your own “martial look” but to make it special that“hits”you have to try to wear many dresses to choose the one that most reflects yourself.

Put at the bottom of the closet what you do not need but with the respect and gratitude to know that what you are today is also thanks to that old dress you wore to get here before you change.

Free yourself from what you don’t need! Stay light and functional to express the effectiveness and essence of your art and the way you fight.

It’s a language, even if you know thousands of words when you want to express an important concept in a short time you only use the clearest, most effective and incisive words to target and express your concept.


Ps. I’m sure some “old clothes” at the bottom of the closet will pick him up and rediscover.


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