Grappz: No more ribbons to your fingers when you fight

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Grappz: No more ribbons to your fingers when you fight

The best alternative to tape, this is what promises the company Grappz that proposes this product for wrestling enthusiasts who use the tape to support their battered fingers from hours and hours of struggle.

Grappz is a support compression glove of your fingers designed to help protect during workouts and is maximized to maintain full mobility, the best alternative to tape.

Grappz was designed by Jiu Jitsu’s Brazilian black belt and collegiate wrestler, Jonathan Kowalsky.

Training over the years in a number of sports, inevitably led to numerous injuries of his hands. He realized that he wasn’t the only one who had this kind of problem.

From professional athletes to the average person who trains for passion, people commonly injure their weaker but most used extremities, The Fingers, fingers.

You have two options after having hand injuries: weld and support the part or not train.

For Jonathan, sitting outside the tatami was not an option, but the ligaments of his fingers were very worn, inefficient and painful.

The producers of Grappz say that the tape almost always slips, leaves a sticky residue and compromises your mobility.

So he worked on this aspect to achieve a better solution.

Its goal is to protect all fingers before or after sustaining an injury without inhibiting performance or slipping, losing grip.

With the help of several elite athletes in different sports, Jonathan managed to perfect the project and found Grappz also helped improve strength.

Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle loved Grappz so much that he joined the development team to protect and strengthen hands around the world.

So they decided to do syn-er’gy /sin-rj/noun:

the interaction of elements that when combined produce an overall effect greater than the sum of the individual elements.

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Why is Grappz the best alternative to tape?

  • It helps to increase strength thanks to the synergistic force of two fingers working together.
  • It can be used in any sport or activity to help as a preventative measure against injuries.
  • Helps support joints after suffering an injury.
  • Double compression fabric for your fingers and wrists for maximum support and full mobility.
  • Hypertext compression technology provides targeted support, helping to reduce muscle vibration during high-intensity training.
  • It exerts gentle compression on both joints and soft tissues, which can help counteract pain, swelling and arthritis.
  • Compression causes tension to decrease in the soft tissue, adding circulation and mobility in all hands.
  • It promotes microcirculation within small vessels by increasing metabolic activity in warmer areas, supporting the healing process.
  • Open your hand for ventilation and socket.
  • Printed silicone grip for more traction.
  • Safe hand wash and does not give up the elastic.

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GRAPPZ function

  • Price: .29.95 the pair (left and right glove)
  • Fiber content: 80 Nylon, 20 Spandex.
  • Miscellaneous sizes
  • Website:

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For those who are curious or have this type of problems with the fingers of the hands can be something to try but in some things I am a traditionalist and honestly putting taping also means learning to know each other, I remain of the idea that while appreciating the research some things are always too “cumbersome” and the idea of fighting with a glove personally I do not like.

Stay Tuned!

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