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Guide on how to choose the punching bag

boxing bag

Guide on how to choose the punching bag

Boxing bags are available in several types.

Choosing the right one depends on several factors, such as the type of boxing you do, your training goals, and how often you train.

Below are the things you need to consider when buying a boxing bag

Regardless of the art or sport that you practice boxing bag is an important element among your training tools.

Guide on how to choose the punching bag: things to consider


Your starting point for finding the right boxing bag is to determine the size of the bag that is ideal for you.

To do this, all you have to do is divide your weight by two. This means that if you weigh 81 kg/180 pounds, you need a 40 kg/90-pound boxing bag.

However, note that this is only a general guide if you are training for boxing.

If you’re simply working on the heavy bag to lose weight or get stronger, it can be enough even with a much lighter bag.

For novice and younger boxers, bags weighing between 40 and 70 pounds (20/35 kg) are the most recommended.

Your training needs

  • Will you focus on hand strokes or will your training include kicks and knees?
  • Do you want to improve your strength and potency?
  • Or, do you want to focus on your accuracy and speed of shots?

The training sessions of professional boxers are very different from those who love fitness boxing.

Consider the workouts you’re doing regularly.

Boxing bags are available in several types.

What you choose depends on your boxing goals and your training needs but I assure you that when you try a lot of quality you immediately realize the big difference, the quality of your training will improve and your hands will thank you.

Guide on how to choose the punching bag

Types of bags to train your shots

Heavy bag

The heavy bag or heavy bag is designed for exercises or drills that improve your strength, power and cardio.

It is a very versatile tool.

A heavy bag can weigh up to 100 kg/ 200 pounds, so it requires immense strength and power to move it even a little.

It is also the most common training bag used in boxing.

Independent sack

If you are training boxing for fitness and live in a cramped apartment, this bag is ideal for you.

Do not worry about drilling holes in the ceiling and hanging the bag.

However, most free-standing bags aren’t designed to take on that many shots, so it’s not ideal for intense training.

Speed Bag

As the name suggests, a speed bag is used to improve the speed and accuracy of shots.

It is also intended to improve eye-hand coordination and foot movement.

If you put it in the house your neighbors will not appreciate it!

Grappling bag

If you are training for mixed martial arts, or doing grappling you should look at this type of sack.

This sac has a shape similar to a human body and is widely used for training and grappling the body.

You can perform thousands of techniques on the ground in training only such as blows, levers, chokes, etc. without stressing your companions and performing them alone as many times as you want, certainly it is not like a training partner who does the tap out but you can drill into the middle of the night without ever hearing a complaint.

Your skill level

Are you a beginner or an expert?

Your current skills and fitness level are also important considerations when choosing a boxing bag.

If you have limited experience in boxing, it’s best to start with lighter bags.

However, if you are learning the fundamentals of the sport, consider a heavier speed bag.

The material of your bag is also important.

If you are a beginner and train from time to time, look for a bag with a fabric cover that will be elastic when hit.

If you are an amateur fighter but who trains a lot, opt for a rigid and resistant synthetic exterior.

If you are training to become an experienced boxer, choose a sturdy genuine leather bag.

Best heavy bags to hit and hit!

If you are looking to incorporate boxing into your training or training routine to become a professional boxer, you need a good quality punching bag.

Here are some of the best brands that are great for your home boxing setup.

Everlast 70 pound heavy bag in MMA poly canvas

Great for starters, this bag is filled with a mix of natural and synthetic fibers that provide resilient shock absorption. The bag has heavy nylon straps so you can hang it safely.

135-pound Nazo Floyd Mayweather boxing bag

You can train like a real boxer with this heavy bag. This bag is quite heavy, so it is perfect for intermediate and advanced levels.

The Nazo Boxing heavy bag is equipped with double-stitching for greater strength and resilience.

You can also customize the design to your liking.

Guide on how to choose the punching bag

Heavy Bag Muay Thai Outslayer

This 130-pound bag is long enough to meet various training needs, from kickboxing to Muay Thai,MMA, Martial Arts, and Karate.

It is filled with tissue, so it remains elastic when hit.

This bag also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Everlast Everhide Speedbag

This speed bag is suitable for beginners.

It is durable and comes in a form that provides accurate bounces when hit.

This speed bag comes with reinforced lacing and quilt stitching for added strength and resilience.


A boxing bag is one of the most important tools for boxers of all levels.

And even if you’re just incorporating boxing drills into your workout, you’ll need them too.

Choosing the right boxing bag for your training needs depends on several factors, such as your training goal, fitness level, and boxing experience.

Always consider the size and type of the boxing bag and decide whether they fit your training or training goals.

This way, you can collect the most out of your heavy bag.

Stay Tuned!

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