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Gun disarms

firearms disarmaments

Gun disarmaments and how to increase realism.

Today I want to talk to you about a very complicated aspect that probably does not have an answer on how to be able to train with maximum realism, I am talking about gun disarmaments.

Now the issue of gun disarmament but of weapons in general is something that usually immediately ignites the debate that asks basic questions as if it is possible to do so and therefore if it is necessary or not to study disarmaments.

Is it actually possible to disarm under stress safely or at least with a large percentage of success?

Now consider that who wants to kill you spares you from afar and does not do it from such a distance that you can touch him or the weapon he holds, so disarm and the concept of disarmament does not make much sense, so the case when someone is so close with a firearm is for the purpose of robbery or to threaten you or because you are a hostage.

So do you really need to look for disarmament?


The myth to be debunked about gun disarmaments

No one puts himself in the ideal condition for which you can do any action.

Quiet YouTube is full of videos of disarmaments that also see the attackers so they expect the reaction but even if they do not watch them anyway it is never with that clean form, precise as if they had a sign they are here to make me disarm.

So the positions and aggressions are extreme, asymmetrical, with the other hand touching you, etc.

Could you disarm on a real weapon with a guy who just slammed the gun in your head several times and threatened you with a very convincing voice and manner?

If he threatens you maybe it’s because he just wants your wallet.

Is it worth trying to disarm?

Or the only condition that must lead you to such an extreme gesture as attempting disarmament is that he wants to rape your wife or daughter or you realize that the threat is not enough for her, but wants something more like in the rare case fortunately to be a hostage and the kidnapper has decided to sacrifice you to make it clear that he is not joking.

Again rest assured that it would not take you to the gallows knowing that you can react, but would use methods that make it safe, tying you, bandaging you, etc.

This is to make you understand that the ideal conditions you study are not realistic and are not enough.

What they make you see on YouTube as gun disarmaments, or break the bands on your wrists is cinema, it is not reality and this must make you think about what level of educational training are the people who show this nonsense.

Gun disarms

Realism in gun disarmament

Using a real weapon would require an unnecessary level of risk because training with real firearms in the face is stupid, it means invalidating yourself or even dying.

There’s no point in training to be ready to fight and get hurt at the battle.

Many tests have been done with the phased method of which I am “talking” to you to verify the optimal conditions but I repeat it must be your curiosity, a game to better understand some dynamics but disarming a firearm is something extremely complex and that exposes you to risks that cannot be underestimated such as:

  • Getting hit
  • Being untagged but blinded by the blaze coming out of the weapon.
  • Creating an escalation where you missed the first shot but not the second (the weapon jams is a hope)
  • Etc.

Ps. Now from a psychological point of view there is no training that can bring you to the level of stress that a real weapon creates when it is pointed at you.

As a result, the physiological appearance on the body with a high level of stress is also not reproducible in training.

This is a very controversial subject where endless debates are often sparked among supporters of the Krav Maga and other personal defense systems on the right methods, but the gun is always the one with a hand that holds it so for me what works is what makes me take the weapon without being hit both me and possibly the neighbors excluding the C-heads that have carried out the aggression.

The problem I repeat is that it is a game because the real dynamics are not as ideal as those that are shown that are good for film shooting but that in reality lead people to believe that they can do things that expose you to risks that perhaps did not exist before your attempt to react.

Now, since self-defense must be “simple” and since there is no need for a treaty, it sometimes seems to me that debates are done more than anything to claim the paternity of disarmament and I honestly do not care much, I’m much more interested in real dynamics and methodologies.

I am interested in these two aspects:

  • the technique that works and
  • the most effective way to train it.

I have seen that many self-defense trainers avoid spending a lot of time during classes on topics such as gun disarmaments, also because fortunately it does not often happen to be robbed with firearms while it is easier for it to happen with a knife.

Here we would have to open a parenthesis on the issue of disarmament from cutting weapons which is one of the debates par excellence in the world of self-defense but fortunately the possibility today of being able to view many videos and videos is making some clarity!

This also depends a lot on the geographical areas but being that we do not like to neglect any aspect in Expert Fighting Tips we have created a standard that is used that is divided into 3 phases.

Gun disarms Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The three phases of disarmament study:

Phase one

This is used to learn the techniques in the various conditions and positions of the weapon and study the movements.

You use a hard plastic gun similar to a real weapon.

This is the phase with which disarmament drills are studied to make them precise, fast, safe, automatic as a response to a stimulus.

But at this stage it is actually not easy to check if you are actually out of the trajectory of the blow and that the people / friends near you were too, this is an important aspect that you must never neglect.

I will not explain and I show you in phase 1 how the movements are tested and technically tested because for now I want the method to be something of reserved for those who are “inside” Expert Fighting Tips but it is a very but very articulated phase because the level of risk is TOP.

Phase two

This second phase serves to increase realism and is made by advanced students where instead of using the classic plastic weapon a gun with a real CO2 weight loaded with felts is used to clean the barrel.

(Eye protection with mask!!)

Gun disarms

What does this mean?.

  • The weapon has a real weight, the mechanics of operation is similar so the driving force on the trigger.
  • The felt that comes out does no damage but you feel it so you understand if you were in the trajectory of the shot.
  • You can perform multiple shots then simulate the re-sharpening or re-alignment of the aggressor’s shot in case of failure to disarm or lack control of the weapon.
  • The compressed air coming out of the gun if I feel it on my face means you made a mistake because the hot flash of the weapon would burn or blind you.

This way of training leads to a greater realism that can be questionable in some aspects but allows you to have the timing is an objective feedback in the case of error.

Some use guns with paints, very scenic to make some videos but if we don’t give a damn about making videos you just need to know when you are “touched”.

firearms disarmaments

Phase three


In phase three of the gun disarmaments you have to enter all the dynamics of violence.

Pushing, tugging, blocking of the arms, grips to the lapel, percussion blows with the weapon, asymmetry of positions, etc.

It totally changes when your balance and movement is compromised.

You have to study all the possible critical positions, they are not very many but you can not make discounts plus the “variants” used by crime professionals to avoid even more your potential reaction.


The grappling phase

This is also a phase that cannot be overlooked.

There are dozens of videos showing people who during the scuffle to raise the weapon to an aggressor both end up on the ground.

If you are at the disarmament distance it is basically because “he does not want to kill you” otherwise he would shoot you from afar!

Consider that if you are at a distance of disarmament it is for several reasons such as:

  • The weapon is used as intimidation to threaten you, rob you,
  • He is chasing you or walking around the house and you see it coming out from around the corner,
  • He had not pulled out the weapon and as he is about to pull out the weapon you come into contact with the weapon to prevent him from pulling it out or pointing it at you (this is probably the most likely case),
  • You point it inside the car,
  • Etc.

Always consider that we are talking about a situation that if you can solve by delivering the wallet or the bag that is the choice to make, I know that it is always the usual thing you hear but it is important that you do not risk for something that basically has no value.

One of the most common cases seen by surveillance cameras is the disarmament or disarmament attempt of an armed person who is pointing the gun at the cashier / clerk and a person grabs the weapon (if he is armed it is usually clear that he shoots differently if he does not intend to extract the weapon and shoot witnesses the event without intervening even if armed, it’s not an easy choice).

So it is a disarmament not as it is made to believe with the weapon pointed at the potential victim but carried out from a different angle, imagine a person advancing with the weapon pointed at someone passing you by and you try to grab the weapon to protect people.


You took the weapon and now?

Once you take the weapon the scenarios are many but I try to give you some possible scenarios.

  • The person who was armed runs away
  • The armed person has an armed robbery partner and shoots you
  • The person who was armed jumps on you
  • You have the weapon but you don’t know how to use it
  • You have the weapon and use it like a hammer
  • You have the weapon and you throw it away
  • You have the weapon you know how to use but you are not psychologically ready to pull the trigger to kill
  • You have the weapon but behind the robber is full of people you can not shoot except with the risk of hitting innocents
  • You have the weapon, you know how to use it, you can fire but you download it to make it not ready to fire because you already know that you are not ready to use it
  • You have the weapon and kill
  • Etc.

Beyond the possible scenarios, the meaning of this speech is that after you get hold of the weapon a crucial phase takes over that you absolutely must know, train to respond correctly, because the risk is to find yourself in a condition of extreme danger if you do not know how to use it and if you are not willing to pull the trigger.

So it is crucial:

  • Having the weapon or taking the weapon by disarming
  • Knowing how to use it
  • Be willing to kill to protect yourself and good people


A further fundamental premise is that:

You have to consider that every time you touch the armed hand of your aggressor will start a shot, this must be taken for granted by default.

The reason why I say this and that as soon as you touch your hand the reaction on the trigger of the weapon linked to this change of tension certainly accelerates it by operating the trigger, then if this does not happen is another matter.

But what you have to consider is that this always happens and consequently you must always find yourself outside the shooting line you and the people close to you.

Now I told you about the aspect of disarmament as a method to train it and not about the techniques because in this article this was the focus and I don’t want you to be distracted.

The disarmament technique must be studied in the most probable solutions up to the impossible positions but unfortunately today no longer so rare of frontal and rear execution.

Now you don’t have to do what I do but if you do it’s better.

Train safely but realistically!!! The violence and combat are real and those who attack you do not discount you.


Stay Tuned! Self Defence is not a game!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. Always train with protective goggles.

Pss. Consider that a real weapon creates a hot flash that has a certain size of food that you need to consider in addition to the trajectory of the bullet because a flash in the face would burn your face or blind you by preventing a reaction even if the shot did not reach the target.


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