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Halloween Self Defence

Halloween Self Defence Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Halloween Self Defence is just one more day than martial horror but beware martial marketers, wekeep an eye on you! and not just on Halloween.

Every day with the team and with all the athletes and enthusiasts who participate in the Fighting Tips community we observe the martial landscape and work in some way with the work we do with the students but also through the blog to put an end to the fake martial promises and illusions that are sold more and more in the network.

Unfortunately, as is the case in many other sectors, even in the field of self-defense courses for civilians, there are scams and dishonest companies that offer ineffective and expensive courses.

It is important to beware of these scams and only look for accredited and trusted professionals.

Before you enroll in a self-defense course, be sure to check the organization’s reputation and read reviews from former students.

Also, beware of those who try to sell you self-defense techniques that seem too simple or even too complicated to perform, as they may not be effective in a real danger situation.

Remember that self-defense is not only about physical techniques, but also about preventing and avoiding dangerous situations.

If you are interested in taking a self-defense course, choose a qualified instructor who can teach you not only self-defense techniques, but also how to avoid dangerous situations and how to manage fear and stress.

In general, if something seems too good to be true, it could be so, so always try to evaluate with a critical eye what is offered to you and choose only reliable and experienced self-defense courses.

In this sense, it is also important to verify the certification of the instructor and the organization that offers the self-defense course.

Try to choose teachers who have been trained and certified in credible schools and who have obtained recognition and certifications from industry organizations. This way you can rest assured that you are working with qualified professionals.

Finally, if you have any doubts or opinions about the validity of the self-defense course you have chosen, do not hesitate to seek the opinion of the competent authorities, such as the local police or self-defense professionals, who can help you evaluate the quality of the course and the instructor. Ultimately, the important thing is always to be alert and know how to protect yourself and the people you love from the possible dangers of everyday life, but only by choosing the right self-defense courses can you achieve this.

Also be sure to pay attention to the self-defense techniques you are taught. Some self-defense techniques can be ineffective or even dangerous if not performed correctly. Also, keep in mind that self-defense is not only a matter of attack and defense techniques, but also of mentality and making quick decisions in dangerous situations.

Finally, remember that the best self-defense is always the one that should not be used. This means that it is important to always maintain a careful and conscious attitude towards the environment around us, avoid risky situations and try to resolve conflicts through peaceful communication. Only in case of real danger, knowledge of self-defense techniques can be useful, but it is always better to avoid dangerous situations if possible.

Don’t worry, I accept your challenge and my advice is:

Don’t play with self-defense!” It’s not a game!

Halloween Self Defence Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Clashes on the street are always a risk to one’s life and the variables involved are many, cutting weapons, improvised weapons, man vs woman, multiple opponents, weight differences, intentions, levels of violence to which you are not always ready, clothing, etc.

Social media and marketing in self-defense and martial arts

If there is something that outrages me and hates to see is the marketing penniless without a martial ethics on the internet (Facebook/Instagram/blog /etc.) and on YouTube with an exasperated search of targets made of guys and inexperienced who when they understand they will get crushed by what you do.

Martial arts, combat sports and personal defence are a culture that must contain an even greater ethos than other sports.

To downplay the dangerousness of some issues and to deal with them superficially so much to make grip on the masses of young and inexperienced is something lousy.

Halloween Self Defence!

Knife defense 01


Personal defense for operators and trainers in the industry is first and foremost the responsibility,because you play with people’s lives.

The good thing is that pupils will most likely never have to face a critical situation, but there must also be a very strong ethic when teaching and dealing with such complex issues.

I am sorry to see how many professionals in the sector who are not familiar with new forms of social communications are outclassed by incompetent YouTubers or by social comments made by people who do not even have 5% of the skills and technical knowledge of some trainers who do not use social media.

It’s sad but real to see how fake marketers are being followed by hordes of kids attracted by social communication but lacking real content that over time will understand the time they have lost but who are likely to travel for years on a dead track.

I’m sorry to see ridiculous sponsored products, unethical characters who use marketer communications to make money with gadgets or views.

How sorry I am to see that people tell about sports that you need to defend yourself on the street by mixing in an erroneous and dangerous way topics that have different complexities and dynamics.

The use of fear is not used to teach you how to use it to survive

The classic technique of fear, does not last only on halloween day Self Defence, repeating that without them there is no you will do it, or the lever of time how to get much in a short time, or the reference as the most used system in special bodies, etc.

The false certainty that if you listen to them you can deal with bullies, a serial thug, a street beater, etc. and they fill people’s heads with stupidity.

I understand that you have to make ends meet, but it’s not on the skin of the people you have to do it.

The era of “diplomas” (giving attested for compensation) must end up giving space to content and competence.

This phenomenon of diplomas not only linked to the current period but also to the demand where more and more people want to invent a job or a second entry but without really struggling but looking for shortcuts, and this meets the classic cunning who invent systems and federations that give “diplomas” as if it were a qualification by doing internships and paid courses for instructors.

This approach is the opposite of our training method and this blog.

If you are one who likes to look instead of being leave this blog immediately, I do not care who reads without giving, and to be you must be willing to give a lot.

Halloween Self Defence

There’s nothing free in life and I’m not just talking about money!

Halloween Self Defence!

Nothing personal! but in my way I keep an eye on you.

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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