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Hawaiin Koa the “Knuckle Duster” with shark teeth

Hawaiin Koa the "Knuckle Duster" with shark teeth Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Bella Hawaiin Koa is the “brass knuckles” with eight tiger shark teeth.

It is one of the weapons that were used in ancient times in the areas of the Hawaiian Islands, these pieces are exhibited in museums around the world and made by local artisans as reproductions.

It is an authentic Hawaiian Knuckle Duster with intimidating shark teeth inserted.

It is also known as “Lei-O-Hand“.

This beautiful piece of ancient combat art measures about 20 cm in length with a total of 8 real teeth of tiger shark.

It is hand-carved with rare Curly Koa wood and is laced with fabrics of fiber rings also called “olonai”, a Hawaiian shrub, the bark of which is made for its strong and durable fiber.

This distinctive piece of Hawaiian art.

Today many people have it in the house as an ornamental object, perfect also as a tropical decoration for a Hawaiian-style house.

A great gift with a lot of ALOHA!

It is an ancient Hawaiian Weapon Knuckle Duster, and is a weapon used by early Hawaiians for hand-to-hand close combat.

The bow is integrated with tiger shark teeth sharp as razors to make them even sharper.

Each shark tooth is laced with a double wire at the Koa base.

The version of the photo below is with 10 teeth, each craftsman expresses his art in the construction of this object.

Hawaiin Koa the "Knuckle Duster" with shark teeth Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

As you can also see in the past in every part of the world you tried to find an amplifier of pain for naked hand combat for hand-to-hand situations.

Today, in addition to the Knuckle Duster, which are instruments considered illegal for their dangerousness, there are gloves with plastic inserts on the knuckles and the back of the hand that become something very similar to a Knucke Duster even if disguised as a glove.

The search for tools to amplify the effect of a bare hand punch has always been sought by man.


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