Heavy bag workout! 10 Round

Heavy bag workoutHeavy sack workout is a great striking workout.

Heavy Bag Workout is a 10-round heavy bag workout that improves your power, speed, stamina and your hitting skills!

Run now to try it! All you need is a heavy bag and packed gloves.

The time of each round is the standard 3-minute one with 1 minute rest between rounds!

This heavy bag training is designed for less “aggressive” days where you dedicate 10 rounds to heavy sack but for example on the days when you do sparring,use this workout not in full to complete the 10 rounds with your sparring session so you do 10 rounds of hard work.

Example: If you’ve done 6 rounds of sparring, you have 4 rounds in the bag.

Heavy bag workout

Stay focused and in the minute of break displays what you need to do in the round, don’t get distracted, stay focused.

An important thing, always put on the bands and use bag gloves with the padding still intact.

Remember to keep your hands.

Follow this track round by round to help you do a useful job!

Watch out for these 8 mistakes while you’re trained with the heavy bag!


Start of the Heavy Sack Workout:

Heavy bag workout! 10 Round Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
ROUND 1 – Warm Up, warm up

Start with the jab, bend your legs well and warm your hands and feet well.

Start measuring the timing and distance, move your head before hitting with the Jab, move your head after you’ve thrown the jab, work on your corners, don’t always pull the jab from the same position and prepare a good jab and then follow with the other shots in the next rounds.

Use this round to warm you up well.

If you also use your legs pull simple shots, like, low kick, perform the movements well and immediately recover your leg after the hit and move.

Listen to the fluidity of the shot.


ROUND 2 – Southpaw, turned into a left-hander

Hit the bag from a left-handed (or orthodox) position if you’re already left-handed to balance your body.

You will work different shots and angles.

This is an important round because you never know when and how much you’ll need this strategy in a fight.

Get used to hitting by the guard for you less usual.

Get your hands and feet used to pulling from a position that’s less orthodox for you.


ROUND 3 – Head movement

Emphasis on head movement for this round.

He works by sliding, ducking, snap backs, moving his head before and after the shot.

Move your head and snap your fists, dodge and move again.

Keep moving your head.

You have to imagine dodging.

Fluidity and continuous movement.

You never have to be stationary, hitting a moving target is more complicated and you also get used to managing your energies as you move.


ROUNDS 4, 5, 6 – Fight with pace and intensity

He works at the full pace of fighting at 100.

Pull fast combinations, bursts of combinations, keep moving your head, keep creating angles, keep your movement active, move exactly how you move during a fight.

Keep your pace up and pressure.

Emphasizes footwork.

These three rounds are very intense, you have to maintain a fast pace, few breaks between the various combinations.


ROUND 7 – Tricky, fake and move cautiously

He begins to become cautious, cautious and cunning.

Stay outside, in the sense away from the sack, make a lot of fets and then hit. Start holding back your shots, don’t be in a hurry to hit.

Lots of movement in and out.

Come in with a few shots and go back again.

Be cautious and cautious.

You have to imagine as if your opponent is very difficult, complicated, powerful and you have to do things carefully.


ROUND 8 – Speed and high number of strokes

A lot of speed and a high volume of shots.

Focus on short, fast punches, dubbed kicks.

Speed combinations with a high number of strokes.

Work to get speed and fluidity in your hands and in your kicks.

Don’t worry about any technique in particular but let go of the mind free and let go of the blows.

This round is used to express the maximum speed of your combinations rather than the power.


ROUND 9 – Power Strokes

Power strokes, few hits but maximum power.

Fold your knees and rotate your hips and shoulders on each fist, each kick pulled with maximum power.

Put everything in these blows, all the anger and bad intentions on these blows.

Every shot you throw in this round is to get a knockout.


ROUND 10 – Inside fight

Now after 9 rounds so you should be tired and with heavier legs.

Get inside attached to the bag and destroy it.

Approach the sack, slipping and attacking you, move your head, work the body, work your head from close range.

Keep turning your opponent, creating angles and staying busy.

If your sport includes it (Muay Thai) use elbow and knee techniques from the clinch.

FINISH! of the Heavy Sack Workout

Ok now do some stretching exercise and go shower!

Heavy bag workout! 10 Round Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Now get to work following this track round by round!

With this 10-round heavy bag workout you have a guide track that you need and you can use as a cue to build on each round a specific workout as a work area.

They are simple tips to do a complete job over a distance of 10 rounds.

Every round has its own meaning.

Have a good workout!


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