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Heavy bag workout for Jab Cross

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Heavy bag workout for jab cross.

A few days ago I wrote a post about the winning combination par excellence, the Jab Cross.

Now I want you to do a lot of training to train on this combination that will allow you to pull 670 shots to the sack!!


This workout allows you to experience the movement of Jab Cross and work on the footwork of the single shot and combination, the fluidity of the movements and the power of your shots.

Hitting the heavy bag helps you hit faster and harder, especially if you focus on footwork and the drive of the entire chain to use the weight and thrust of the whole body transferred to the shot.

Tips for training for heavy bag:

  • Train focused and giving the maximum
  • Warm up well
  • Use core muscles (abdomen and backs) to keep you stable.
  • Keep your heels up and your knees bent as you move your feet around the bag.
  • Use all corners of the bag and mix combinations (You’re not on a track).
  • Slowly start practicing techniques and combinations.
  • Always stay composed and aligned when you shoot combinations.
  • Watch out for the guard
  • Don’t stick to the sack
  • Always get in and out of the distance
  • Let go of the blow stretch your arm but not completely.
  • Target to hit the bag for a turn of 2-3 minutes and your stamina and strength will pass through the roof.
  • Always wear the bands under your gloves!
  • And if your wrists or knuckles get hurt at any time stop and see what happens.
  • Etc.

Ps. Be careful not to make these 8 heavy bag mistakes!!Heavy bag workout for Jab Cross Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Advantages of this packed workout:

  • It allows you to hit the sack 670 times.
  • Burn many calories more than any other sport
  • Develop strength
  • Develop resistance
  • You never have to pause but if there’s no stop for thirty seconds
  • Reducing blood pressure,
  • Weight loss,
  • Increase in VO2 max.
  • Reduce daily tensions while “hitting” your worries in the bag.
  • Tones your body
  • Improves vascular cardio capacity

Repetition is the key to success because repetition makes a complex gesture simple and natural. Keep training and you will notice the difference.

Your shots will be more powerful and lightning fast and you will get tired less.

Get in front of the sack and start doing this pyramid exercise!

Heavy bag workout for Jab Cross Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportRemember to just do the Jab or The Cross this is a workout to work on this simple but basic combination

The numbers in the box indicate how many times you need to hit the sack.


  • 1 row – Take a step and shoot once (jab) and turn back on guard
  • 2 row – Take a step and shoot once (jab) twice (jab, cross) once (Jab) go back
  • 3 row – Take a step and shoot once (jab) twice (jab, cross) three times (jab, cross, jab) twice (jab, cross) once (jab).
  • Etc.

Complete all rows up to 10 rounds and then again but this time to go down.

Have a good workout!! Read the instructions of this workout well and especially the post on the combination of 1-2.

Stay Tuned!

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