Heavy sack workout! 10 Round

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boxing Heavy sack workout! 10 RoundHeavy sack workout is a great striking workout.

Heavy Bag Workout is a 10-round heavy bag workout that improves your power, speed, stamina and your hitting skills!

Run now to try it! All you need is a heavy bag and packed gloves.

The time of each round is the standard 3-minute one with 1 minute rest between rounds!

This heavy bag training is designed for less “aggressive” days where you dedicate 10 rounds to heavy sack but for example on the days when you do sparring,use this workout not in full to complete the 10 rounds with your sparring session so you do 10 rounds of hard work.

Example: If you’ve done 6 rounds of sparring, you have 4 rounds in the bag.

boxing-3 Heavy sack workout! 10 Round