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plank-2054729 Home Gym for fighterHome Gyms for fighters or home gyms are becoming increasingly popular with fitness enthusiasts and exercise enthusiasts.

The reasons are different, such as the way you train, the time, the convenience of being able to do it at home and at the times you prefer.

Here is a powerful list of essential equipment to make your home gym and improve your overall athletic preparation, whether you practice martial arts, combat sports or personal defense this can be a great solution.

With a minimum spend and in a “restricted” space you can build everything you need to do a great functional workout

Now I don’t want to dwell on the benefits of having a gym at home because it’s very intuitive to understand even if you clearly need to know what to do or follow the workouts I propose.

Having a dedicated fitness training schedule has a huge positive effect on mental and physical health, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are building a home gym for their daily workouts or as a complement to their standard subscription workout in a gym or martial arts course, combat sports or personal defense.

If you’re thinking of making the leap and creating a super home gym these are some tips to create a really basic but functional space you’ll need to bring your athletic preparation to the top!.

Here are 9 essential tools for your Home Gym


1 – The Kettlebells

woman-3768762_1920 Home Gym for fighter

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The kettlebell is a unique training tool that allows you to develop incredible cardiovascular strength and endurance.

The kettlebell can’t miss in your workout in a Home Gym!

If you follow the blog I made more posts about kettlebell, its benefits and some useful workouts.

You can do any exercise that requires a dumbbell with a kettlebell and more effectively develop the stabilizing muscles and core strength.

In addition, there are many dynamic, total body exercises perfectly designed for kettlebell that are not suitable for a single tool with which you can train explosive strength, strength, stretching and balance.

Kettlebell’s training strengthens tendons and ligaments, which in turn makes you less susceptible to injury.

If you’re looking to improve your conditioning and body composition, kettlebells affect your whole body with explosive exercises that build lean muscle mass.

If you have little time you have found the right tool, you can train with kettlebells in just 20-30 minutes.

2 – Plyometric Box

PlyoBox Home Gym for fighterPlyometric boxes orplyometric boxes are used for exercises to improve conditioning, develop power and improve reflexes.

There are different types but what matters are the heights.

If you want, you can also build it!

The jumps on the box require explosive thrusts of energy from the muscles, which increases power and joint efficiency.

The jumps on the box require a high level of cardiovascular capacity, which improves the body’s ability to process oxygen and develop endurance.

Performing jumps on the box and other explosive exercises with plyometric boxes perfectly complement the force built by lifting weights or with kettlebell.

Consider it in your Home Gym to avoid jumping on the bench and to vary the height of the jump.