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How to bring Karambit

How to bring Karambit

How to bring the Karambit.

The transport and extraction of karambit is an integral part of the study itself of the use of the weapon.

Knife extraction ability is a fundamental and very important phase, in self-defense because it can make a difference.

Ps. how you know how to transport karambit to Italy is prohibited by law, so if you have your karambit with you you are passable of complaint.

The Karambit can be transported to numerous locations and the “best” is the one that best suits your needs and intended use.

It can be transported:

  • around the neck,
  • hidden or unso hidden,
  • across the board,
  • in front of or behind the belt,
  • inside or outside the belt,
  • at the front or back of the trunk, the
  • standard carrier side (upward ring),
  • (downward ring),
  • in a stiff thigh
  • or in many other ways.

So there is no limits to imagination and there are other methods of course, but for all practical purposes these are the most common.

Now your choice depends a lot on the purpose you need karambit and your technical ability and above all what comes to you most instinctive and natural.

How to bring Karambit

A very important thing, consider that the karambit transported must be secured because in rapid movement, in case of a fall, in case of bare-hand scuffle, etc. it must not injure you.

The “case” or rather the scabbard is a very important aspect and applies to any cutting weapon you carry.

There are eight common transport locations near the hands:

  1. Left side pocket
  2. Right side pocket
  3. Left back pocket
  4. Right back pocket
  5. Front belt
  6. Back strap
  7. Fiano near the left hip bone
  8. Side near the right hip bone

In addition, for the transport of the belt, and according to the access preference, the knife can be positioned to perform extraction by hand or in half in either the front or rear positions.

It sounds pretty obvious,but logically if you’re right, then you should bring your own positioned blade to facilitate access with your right hand.

Conversely, if you are left-handed, you should bring your positioned blade to optimize access with your left hand.

Some people are really ambidextrous and can use both hands as effectively as the other.

If you are able to be one of these gifted of course then you don’t need to worry about such an important choice especially when it comes to self-defense.

The karambit folder clip is usually made to be disassembled and screwed into the position that is suitable for the user.

If you want it can also be placed to have the ring down, in this way it remains more hidden in the pocket because you do not see the ring, but it does not make sense because it does not allow you to take advantage of the ring to be able to extract it already with the standard grip typical of karambit.

How to bring Karambit

The position of the karambit fonder in the front pocket positioned towards the side does not allow to take advantage of the engagement of the hook obtained in the form of the blade with the seam of the trouser pocket and that allows to extract the karambit already open and ready to use.

This position is not recommended for self-defense!!.

You have to place it in your pocket in the forward position.

In the image below it is located in the back pocket for a right.

How to bring Karambit

You always have to bring your karambit to the same place.

If you need it quickly and under stress, you can’t think, “Where did I put my karambit?

Imagine driving and every time you suddenly need to brake you change the position of the pedal?.

You’d panic and it would be a big waste of time and you can’t afford it.

Same thing with your knife,once you decide on a transport position that suits your personal profile and usage needs, do not change it!!

Train in the quick extraction of your knife.

The safest and most efficient extraction of any instrument is one that allows you a direct, short transition and that starts with a safe grip, continues through the guard position and ends with the tool ready for operation.

Bringing your karambit is not enough you also have to practice mining.

How to bring KarambitClick on the link to see the video – Alessandro Karambit

When it comes to a fixed-blade version of Karambit, the draw is easier: grab the handle and pull the karambit from the holster.

For karambit folders (folding) require a little more practice and testing to be able to find the correct position to be able to extract it from the pocket for when necessary and above all that it comes out open.

Spend time testing extractions with a folding karambit with a clip to ensure your blade is always ready for quick and secure implementation.

Ps. I a couple of karambit folders I “modified” them because they did not have the support area of the thumb (look here) which is the area that must have a correct shape to allow engagement with the fabric of the pocket during extraction to allow the blade to open that was not suitable to do that function.

Such a karambit is useful as an everyday tool but is not suitable for self-defense.

In recent years there have also been Karambit butterfly, even this type of karambit need a very extensive additional study, I would say that it is something to explore if you are a butterfly knife user.

Stay Tuned!

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(One day I’ll show you a modified sweatshirt!!)

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