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How to build yourself a medical ball with 15 Euros

How to build yourself a medicine ball

How to build yourself a medical ball with 15 Euros

Medical balls or medical balls are made of thick rubber or leather and if you use them during your workouts they help you improve strength and coordination.

There are plenty of exercises you can do with the medicine ball and useful in martial arts and combat sports as well as in fitness.

Buying a medical ball is an investment that can be expensive especially if you don’t make an intensive use of it in your workouts or you only want to use it at certain stages of your workout.

Instead of buying this type of equipment, you can reuse salvaging items with which you can make your own medical ball.

Now surely you have some friends who play basketball and have a punctured ball or very old that does nothing, or give him a new one for the birthday and get his old one.

Possibly there are cheap ones for less than 7 euros.

Consider that if the medical ball is to be used by more people it is better to buy an “original” medical ball because being built of leather or skin-like is more robust for intensive use.

How to build yourself a medicine ball

Here’s what you need to build one:

  • A basketball size 7 (can vary depending on the weight you want to get). Consider that with the number 7 basketball you make a 10 kg medical ball, with a basketball number 4 make a 5 kg medical ball.
  • A cutter
  • A medium-sized funnel.
  • River sand.
  • A repair kit for bike tires to use to close the cut.
  • Of the
    American tape
  • A scale to certify the weight you want to get.
  • An indelible marker to mark the weight on the medical ball.

Ps. You can also cover the basketball with American fabric and tape.

I advise you to do this if you want to do many slam exercises or that still involve throwing the medical ball.

Consider that if you use the medical ball for this type of exercise it is better to coat it, or as I do to perform slams I put on the ground an old duvet bent on itself because I prefer to have the medical ball without nastrarla.

You’ll see that it’s not complicated to build it!!

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