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How to hang heavy boxing bag or Muay Thai

How to hang heavy boxing bag or Muay Thai

How to hang heavy boxing bag or Muay Thai.

In this post I want to give you some tips on how to properly hang a boxing bag or from Muay Thai in order to work well and safely.

Hanging the bag is a simple operation but sometimes you see bags hanging badly or held by supports that I absolutely do not want you to take into account.

The heavy sack from boxing or Thai it is a fundamental tool if you really want to do martial arts and combat sports because it allows you to work on different aspects such as power, rhythm and also do a great exercise in athletic preparation with the advantage of being able to work alone.

You don’t need to sign up for the gym to use it.

In fact today the prices are low thanks to the different qualities and market offers and you can mount it to the ceiling, on a wall, on a stand, and then use it in your home.

Now, however, you have to find a suitable space to place the bag, because in addition to its placement you have to have the space to be able to work properly.

Do you have a garage,a basement or a study area or a laboratory?

For optimal training, you need to install it where you have the ability to move 360 degrees around the bag.

In this way, you can also work with your legs and make movements/movements working well with the footwork and on the entrances and exits, etc.

If you can’t hang it in the middle of the room, an important aspect is the distance from the wall because the bag doesn’t have to bounce off the wall in your direction and it has to have the space to be held by a person when needed.


When you hang a heavy bag you have to evaluate several aspects such as:

  • Type of support based on the space you have available (wall, ceiling, other)
  • The weight of the bag that affects the choice of quality and robustness of the support
  • The height of the sack from the ground that is not to be underestimated to work properly and pre-20s proper swings of the sack.
  • The distance from the wall when it is not hanging in the center of the room/garage/ecc.
  • A proper attention to where you install it because it must always be a structural part or reinforced concrete.


Hang the boxing bag on the wall with the wall stand:

If you can’t fix it to the ceiling you have to attach it to the wall.

Most sports shops sell wall-mounted media, which include everything you need to assemble.

This method is recommended only for reinforced concrete walls,not just masonry.

Never fix such a structure on perforated bricks.

The wall support bracket is screwed into the part of the wall near the ceiling.

The arms are usually designed to have a proper distance from the wall and allow you to work properly.

Below are some examples, but there are various types and prices on the market.

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Hang the boxing bag from the ceiling with the hooks

The ceiling hook is the solution to hang the sack to the ceiling.

Most of the media on the market come with all the nuts and bolts you need for installation but I recommend using quality tiles bought in hardware even if they are provided to you, or possibly if they are not included you have to buy the tiles.

You can find these media at sporting goods stores or directly on the internet.

Beware that you need to locate the beams to fix these supports!

Support beams are usually narrow beams that run along the ceiling, usually spaced between them of 40/60 cm.

You have to be sure to connect it to a strong support beam, able to support not only the weight of the sack, but also the impact of the blows and oscillations.

One way to find a support beam is to try to give some shot with your hand.

Knocks along the ceiling:

If you feel the emptiness, it means that there is no support beam at that point NOT APPENDERLO HERE!!!

If you hit a beam, however, the sound changes and will no longer be empty, but full since you will have hit a piece of beam that can be of various materials.


Wall hook for sack from boxing or muay thai

An important thing about these supports is that they do not have to be stiff but the hook must rotate because if it is not so better to insert a climbing hook in the mountains!

The disadvantage of this solution is that if the ceiling is too high or too low you risk having an incorrect fitting of the bag.

Wall hook for sack from boxing or muay thai Wall hook for sack from boxing or muay thai


Multifunctional media

These supports you have to avoid them, you understand well, you have to avoid absolutely multifunctional supports, because they do not allow you to have adequate attack angles as the bases often go to occupy the space where you should put your feet while you take steps.

Don’t buy media like this, they’re super amateur things and I don’t think you want to be part of this category.

If you want to use a ground-independent support, use it, you need to connect the bag chain to the S hook of the stand.

No installation is required.

But this kind of support is not good if you want to do combat sports or martial arts.


support-energetics-x-sack-and-pear-167074-005-001_1195997 image


Fitness bag.


If you don’t have the option to hang the bag on the ceiling or wall, fitness bags exist on the market.

Ground supports must be fitted with a weight to prevent the bag from moving during training.

Usually heavier boxing bags require a weight of about 136 kg to remain stable, while lighter ones can withstand shocks with a minimum of 45 kg.


If you do martial arts don’t use a fitness bag as much as they are, beautiful, comfortable, colorful, etc. they’re not good for the kind of work you have to do.


The fasteners for the supports and hooks

WARNING!!! If you are practical diY then you can make an installation yourself but otherwise get help from a professional or your friend.

If the sack falls on you you get hurt and also if you don’t do a good job you damage your home unnecessarily.

Always use quality and steel M8 tiles and you only have to fix them on reinforced concrete, if you fix it on empty bricks it’s not good.

Add larger diameter washers to the one you find in the tiles you buy to increase the area around the hole in the tightening area.


Anti-vibration springs

To reduce vibrations they sell springs to be inserted between the support and the bag chains, consider whether it is necessary to install it to reduce stress on the mechanical parts.

This element is not necessary but it is something increases the duration of the structure’s sealing.

Consider that the bag is not only hung but repeatedly receives blows, stresses, it is not just a painting hanging in your room.

Imagine that “you have to hang yourself too!””

Sack springs

Now good work and I recommend hanging a heavy sack from boxing to the ceiling is a delicate operation that you have to do safely, get help!.

Stay Tuned!


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