Athletic preparation in combat

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12week Athletic preparation in combat

Athletic preparation in combat.

How to measure your athletic preparation in combat sports.

The results of your training in combat sports need to be measured to understand that you are doing the job properly.

With this post I do not want to provide you with training cards divided over 12 weeks (3 months of standard training) but have an informal chat(this is a simple pill of the day) about what are the basics of preparations for a specific training for martial arts.

Unfortunately and I say unfortunately there has been a great invasion of fitness in the world of martial arts and combat sports bringing in a lot of confusion typical of this environment made a lot of passing fashions with infinite protocols not adaptable to those preparing for a match, plus with standard methods with exercises that little fit the needs of a fighter.

Forget all this!!

What you need to do is study the typical movements in your art (the ones used the most) and associate them with the physiology of exercise, the only fitness you need to introduce is this,exasperate your features.

Exercising in general is good, it’s always training and movement but how much do they affect your sport?.

Always ask this question when it comes to athletic preparation in combat sports.

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