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How to store the mouthguard correctly

store the mouthguards
How to store mouthguards , the hygiene of your mouthguard is essential if you do not want to eat a lot of bacteria.
The mouthguard as you know is a very important protection but that you can not neglect during your training sessions but it is also something that can often be the carrier of many bacteria if you do not keep it and keep it carefully.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen mouthguards fall into the gym without even flushing them (ps. I don’t exclude myself from those who did these things).

Regardless of the type and quality of the mouthguards all should be cleaned, stored, carefully disinfected if you do not want to have irritations, blisters, and eat free bacteria in your mouth.

So you need to keep your mouthguards clean to eliminate the bacteria, yeasts and molds that can be created on your mouthguards and that when they come into contact with your mouth can cause:

  • Cavity
  • gum disease
  • bad breath
  • bacterial infection (which can cause drowsiness, nausea, fever or diarrhea)
  • oral injuries
  • stal-1 infections that can spread to the lungs or heart.

store the mouthguards

Cleaning under the water of the mouthguard is not enough to make it really clean, you have to use a toothbrush with soft bristles with toothpaste and rinse with fresh water after each use.

I know no one does, but who told you you have to do like the others?.

So wake up and make your way.

store the mouthguards

Another important thing, you need to store it in the provided box after cleaning (not thrown inside the gym bag).
Possibly a box with holes in a way that can breathe (not like the one in the photo below).
Ps. If you have a closed box apply you some hole is not complicated.
store the mouthguards

If you can take your mouthguard to your next appointment with the dentist to get it through the sonic cleaner with a specially designed solution to clean the appliances that go into the mouth. Also ask for advice on products and how to store your mouthguard.

Now but what are the operations for a CORRECT CLEAN AND MAINTENANCE OF your PARADENTS?

Appliances (mouthguards) manufactured from thermoforming materials as you understand should be cleaned each time after being used and maintained as follows:

Post-use and how to store the mouthguard:

  • Wash well with water, completely clean the inside and outside of the mouthguard with a toothbrush and neutral soap or toothpaste.
  • Shake out the water or dry with a napkin.
  • Never dry with hair dryer or hot air danger of deformation.
  • Very important once clean and dry store in the appropriate well-ventilated plastic case or container, at discretion before storing it, immerse it in a mouthwash.
  • Wash it with water all the time before wearing it again.


Degreasing agents:

  • Soap, hard soap, liquid soap. Do not use scented soaps.
  • Not suitable: toothpaste in dough (contains abrasive particles),
  • And do not immerse it in water that is warmer than °C 50 (deformation).
  • Degreasing agents for dentures can be used but have no advantage.


Odour generation:

If after a certain time the mouthguard has odor, put the mouthguard further in a non-scented and concentrated soap solution.

Then wash thoroughly in water to remove most of the smell that is generated by bacteria.



Soft thermoforming materials have a tendency to discolor.

This loss of color can be reduced or avoided by careful maintenance but cannot be reversed.

The materials of the amalgam fillings can also cause discoloration.



The mouthguard can be disinfected with disinfection alcohol and other commercial liquids, after having been having contact with alcohol to make sure that alcohol can fully evaporate should be left for a period of 5 hours in a dry place without any pressure.

Otherwise the bond between the layers is no longer guaranteed.



Sterilization with gas and plasma ( < the °C 50) is possible.

The mouthguard is not autoclavable



The mouthguards are made of plastic material that has the potential to twist or deform when exposed to high temperatures.

The heat spoils the mouthguard, so do not leave it in the car or exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

If problems arise, contact the dentist who modeled it.


Chemical characteristics:

EVA ethylylylacetate, bio-certified bio-compatible thermoplastic resin CE 93/42/EWG – DIN EN ISO 13485:2003



Usually it takes about a week to get used to carrying the devices; It is also possible to feel a slight discomfort in the front teeth; soreness to the muscles of the jaw, can also happen an involuntary removal of the device from the mouth

Ps. Importantly, try more than one mouthguard to find the one that is most comfortable for you,although it is true that today they fit, that you can form them on your teeth actually there always exists a brand or version of mouthguards that is more suitable for you.

Pss. The mouthguard is like the toothbrush, you can also change it several times a year, quiet, no one is scandalized, it is not something that is too expensive and it is important to protect you, quini do not do the notch.

How to store the mouthguard correctly Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Take care of yourself! Don’t save on your mouthguards and learn how to store your mouthguard.
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