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How to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary

The holidays and the desire to leave is always great for those who have a vehicle that moves on wheels not only in summer but also on weekends.

In order to fully enjoy your travels with the camper or caravan before setting off on the road as well as the control of the vehicle from a mechanical point of view, it is advisable to reflect on how to protect yourself from theft and break-ins.


Countries most at risk!

How to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary

The shadow of the possibility of a break-in in your camper, especially when you are immersed in sleep on board, evokes a feeling of terror and discomfort.

According to statistics, the frequency of these episodes is quite low in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries.

Even in campsites and pitches or in guarded parking lots it is a fairly rare eventuality.

In and around urban agglomerations in southern Europe (Italy, Spain and southern France), break-ins or attempted theft occur most often. In these countries, the frequency of incidents is also higher at motorway service stations.

When it comes to protecting your motorhome from theft and burglary, it’s important to take special care in certain regions and countries.

Areas that require increased caution include:

  1. Southern Europe: Countries such as Italy, Spain and southern France may present a higher risk of theft and burglary, especially in the vicinity of urban agglomerations. Break-ins are more frequent in these regions, including at motorway service stations.
  2. Crowded Urban Areas: In general, urban areas with high population density may be more susceptible to theft and burglary. Parking in busy cities or tourist resorts may require extra precautions.
  3. Remote or Isolated Zones: Remote or isolated areas can also pose risks, as they may have less surveillance and vigilance. In such places, thieves may have more time to operate without being noticed.
  4. Unguarded parking lots: Parking lots located out of sight or unguarded may be more vulnerable to theft. Opt for well-lit and safe parking spaces whenever possible.
  5. Areas with High Crime History: Research crime trends in the areas you plan to visit. If an area has a high crime history, it’s important to take extra precautions.
  6. Crowded Tourist Areas: While tourist areas can offer beautiful experiences, they could also attract the attention of potential thieves. In these areas, vigilance and security measures are particularly important.
  7. Border areas: Areas close to borders may have higher traffic flows and, consequently, potential additional risks of theft or intrusion.

Remember that although these areas may require more attention, safety should be a concern wherever you travel.

By following the advice and safety measures suggested, you can protect your motorhome wherever you go and enjoy serene and carefree journeys.

Additional security locks and alarm systems

How to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The vulnerability of fast access by malicious actors is an aspect to consider in many vehicles.

However, it is regrettable that the option of equipping security locks or special alarm systems as standard remains limited.

Multiple motorhome and caravan manufacturers delegate the issue of burglary security to the aftermarket market, which in turn offers a wide and varied assortment of opportunities to ensure an optimal level of protection.

Reality underscores that the responsibility for defending against potential intrusions often falls on the shoulders of the owners themselves.

The after-sales ecosystem, however, responds to this need with a rich and diverse range of advanced solutions.

The aftermarket offers a wide spectrum of options, allowing owners to customize the safety of their vehicle according to their preferences and needs.

Ultimately, while the standard provision of advanced safety measures remains a challenge in the industry, the aftermarket is an indispensable resource for those who want comprehensive, tailored protection.

Your safety and peace of mind while travelling can be ensured through access to a wide range of protection options available within the aftermarket, helping to preserve your private space and deter potential intruders.

Measures that can help prevent a break-in

Anti-theft device for caravans - Rudder lock
Anti-theft device for caravans – Rudder lock
Thieves are always looking for opportunities to steal vehicles quickly.
They often manage to break into in less than a minute, through doors, windows, skylights or garage doors.
To improve security, you can add special locks to the original doors or use steel cables around the interior handles, securing them with sturdy padlocks.
Motorhome and caravan manufacturers offer built-in locks or security handles on entrance doors.
Garage doors can also be made more secure with additional locks, but it is important that all locks can be opened with the same key.
By taking the measures outlined in this post, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft.

How do thieves gain access to the vehicle?

Burglars are always looking for a chance to sneak in and steal very quickly.

Often the entire break-in takes place in less than a minute because the models of campers are few and thieves study the locks of the doors used on commercial vehicles.

The original cab doors supplied by the chassis manufacturer can be opened relatively quickly and easily.

To make them safer, special additional locks can be inserted or alternatively, a cable can be stretched around the inner handles of the driver and passenger doors until it is tensioned to prevent the doors from opening from the outside.

As with the private home, 100% protection does not exist.

Most of the time they try to access the vehicle through the doors, but sometimes they also try from the windows, the skylight or the large external doors of the rear garages.

For entrance doors made by motorhome and caravan manufacturers, additional security locks are available that are integrated into the doors themselves or even locks or security handles applied outside.

The same applies to garage doors that can be made more secure by using several additional locks.

If you use different devices, it is recommended to take care that all security locks can be closed with the exact same key.


Protect motorhome and caravan windows

Protecting the windows of your campervan or caravan is a crucial step to ensure your peace of mind and safety while traveling.

The windows, while offering breathtaking views of the outside world, can also represent a weak point that intruders could exploit.

That is why it is essential to take smart measures to prevent any attempt at unauthorized access.

While universal windows are a common feature in many caravans and RVs, it’s important to recognize that they can be more vulnerable than framed windows.

The windows themselves, made of acrylic glass, have considerable resistance against breakthrough.

However, the weakness often lies in plastic locking mechanisms, which could be vulnerable to experienced burglars.

But fear not, for innovation is at your service.

A revolutionary safety system comes in the form of a specially designed stainless steel profile.

This ingenious device attaches precisely to the acrylic glass of the window, creating an unassailable barrier from the outside.

A specially designed shaped rail is gently glued or screwed from the bottom of the window, making sure that every inch is a fortification against intruders.

The magic of this system lies in its simplicity.

With the use of two knurled head screws, the rail can be firmly anchored to the inner window frame. The result?

A security mechanism that resists burglary stresses, keeping your windows impenetrable.

And the beauty of this system lies in the fact that it does not sacrifice functionality.

You can continue to enjoy the view, open and close windows as always, without restrictions.

Your windows thus become an insurmountable wall between you and any external threat.

Whether you’re in a remote mountain location or along a bustling coastal road, you can rest assured that your mobile sanctuary is protected from every corner.

You will no longer have to worry about hidden vulnerabilities, as you will have adopted a state-of-the-art security solution that puts your peace of mind and your freedom to explore without borders first.

How to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Alarm systems for motorhomes

Protecting your valuable camping vehicle becomes a fascinating challenge with the help of special alarm systems, designed to guarantee an uncompromising level of security. Imagine being able to sleep soundly, knowing that your camper or caravan is constantly under the protection of an invisible shield, ready to repel any break-in attempt.

This is where advanced security technologies come into play, a reliable and ever-vigilant ally.

Motorhome alarm systems have reached a new level of sophistication, integrating chassis manufacturer electronics for flawless defense.

This intelligent fusion allows the system to be activated by simply touching the ignition key remote control.

What’s more, thanks to the powerful safe.lock module, you can also upgrade your vehicle’s key, eliminating any uncertainty about its safety.

The installation of these systems is an easy process, particularly suitable for post-equipment.

Radio contact switches for doors are the key to total protection without the clutter of annoying cables in the vehicle.

But versatility is the real protagonist: you can extend this defense to doors, windows and even skylights, making every possible access point virtually impenetrable.

And don’t stop there: these state-of-the-art solutions can offer additional layers of protection on demand.

You can add radio gas detectors, additional sirens and LED flashing lights, creating a system tailored to your needs.

What’s more, thanks to GSM/GPS modules, you can keep a constant eye on your vehicle.

A simple SMS will notify you if the alarm system is activated, and in case of theft, you can immediately locate your precious camper.

Your adventure should never be overshadowed by safety concerns.

With advanced warning systems, you can approach every journey with the certainty that your vehicle is protected by an impenetrable barrier of technology and intelligence.

The freedom to explore the world is now coupled with uncompromising security, making every leg of your journey a moment of pure serenity.

Be the true guardian of your own path, with the uninterrupted protection of modern alarm systems to guide you to limitless adventures.

Install a safe for valuables on the camper

How to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

In the context of caravans and motorhomes, advanced security solutions can be accessed through the installation of specialized safes, designed to ensure optimal protection of valuable assets.

These devices, available in various sizes, are carefully attached to the vehicle structure, ensuring a secure anchorage that defies any attempt at unauthorized removal.

A particularly advantageous aspect of advanced safes is their numeric code access functionality.

This system eliminates the need to use physical keys, thus eliminating the risk of loss or unauthorized access.

Through the use of a personalized numeric code, users can easily access the contents of the safe, contributing to a hassle-free experience.

The installation of these safes is characterized by careful integration with the vehicle structure, ensuring a level of robustness that effectively deters any attempt at subtraction.

The fastening process ensures that the safe becomes an integral part of the vehicle’s design, providing a safety mechanism that adapts harmoniously to its surroundings.

In essence, this advanced security solution for caravans and RVs offers reliable and customizable protection for travelers’ valuables.

The balance between accessibility and security is achieved through the use of numerical code, an innovation that simplifies authorized access.

No matter what destinations or challenges travelers might face, the specialized safe provides a safe haven for their most valuable possessions, giving them peace of mind to explore the world worry-free.


Protection against theft of the entire camping vehicle

Ensuring the integrity of the camping vehicle is of paramount importance, requiring a methodical approach using mechanical devices as a highly effective safety strategy.

The wheel and steering wheel immobilization systems are configured as reliable guardians, allowing you to defend your camping vehicle from possible theft attempts and unauthorized intrusions.

The implementation of such devices is characterized by a solid construction and advanced locking mechanisms, which contribute to creating a physical barrier inhibiting unauthorized access to the vehicle.

For example, the wheel restraint system hinders the movement of the vehicle, making it extremely difficult to move. At the same time, the steering wheel lock device prevents the engine from starting, constituting a robust defense against any attackers who intend to start the vehicle.

A wide range of safety devices are available at Swiss caravan and motorhome dealers, highlighting a varied offer that can meet specific customer needs.

These professionals in the sector are able to provide competent and expert advice, oriented to identify the most suitable solution for the characteristics of the vehicle and personal preferences.

In summary, the adoption of mechanical protection devices is a fundamental pillar in the fight against theft of the entire vehicle.

With the assistance of specialist caravan and motorhome salespeople in Switzerland, you can find and adopt the optimal option, ensuring a higher level of peace of mind and safety during every motorhome adventure.


How to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Here are some valuable tips to protect your motorhome from theft and burglary:

In addition to what has been described so far, however, it is also important to prevent crime by following the following tips and tricks.

  1. Locks and Alarm Systems: If your motorhome does not already have security locks or factory alarm systems, consider installing them as an after-equipment. These devices can provide greater protection against intruders. Make sure that the locks are visible from the outside, as the presence of protection mechanisms can deter thieves.
  2. Protect Doors: Doors can be a weak point. Consider adding special additional locks or steel cables around the interior door handles of the driver and passenger. This will make unauthorized access more difficult.
  3. Protect Windows: Windows can be an entry point for thieves. You can install stainless steel security profiles on the windows to make them safer. These profiles can be locked by the frame from the inside, preventing windows from opening without permission. Install the various protection mechanisms so that it is visible from the outside, this way can be useful to discourage the burglar by making him opt for a nearby vehicle that appears less safe.
  4. Alarm Systems: Consider installing an alarm system for your motorhome. There are systems with radio contact switches for doors, windows and other sensitive areas. These systems can be activated via the ignition key remote control and can include features such as radio gas detectors, additional sirens and GSM/GPS modules for location in case of theft.
  5. Safes: To protect valuables, you can install special safes inside the motorhome. Opt for safes with numeric code to avoid the need to carry the key with you.
  6. Locking Devices: There are mechanical devices to protect the vehicle as a whole, such as wheel and steering wheel locking systems. These devices can make it more difficult to steal your vehicle.
  7. Secure Parking: Park your motorhome in well-lit and supervised locations whenever possible. Avoid parking in isolated or inconspicuous areas. Also avoid leaving valuables in plain sight inside the camper.
  8. Beware of breaks: If you take a break during your trip, never leave your motorhome unattended. Leave someone on board or look for well-frequented and guarded parking lots.
  9. At night, keep your wallets, documents, keys and valuables “under your pillow” or in other places that are very difficult to access, even better a safe.
  10. Spare Keys: Avoid hiding spare keys inside the RV, as thieves could easily find them. Keep the keys with you or in a safe place. Do not hide the keys in the vehicle because now the most common hiding places are known to thieves and breaking the vehicle is child’s play. Avoid popular hiding places, such as the document drawer or the sun visor because they are the first to be scanned by criminals. When you leave the camper, leave the document drawer empty because this signals to the burglar that you have been cautious and have not left valuables in the vehicle.
  11. Awareness: Find out about risk areas during your trip and follow the precautions recommended by local authorities and experienced campers.
  12. Park “well” because it eliminates most of the risks. We frequently hear cases of break-ins in petrol stations and motorway car parks, they are cases that can occur throughout Europe, especially in high season. In case of stop, never abandon your vehicle to itself and to protect yourself at best, the ideal is to leave a person on guard on board. Staying overnight in isolated motorway service areas or car parks, especially in southern European countries, is not recommended unless the car park is well lit and supervised and very busy.
  13. Do not park behind hedges or bushes: this would give less visibility to the action of thieves.
  14. Never leave valuables in plain sight because a quick glance from the window is enough to catch a glimpse of your tablet or laptop, photographic equipment or a full handbag.
  15. In case of absence, always close all doors, windows, doors and skylights, front and side blinds because in this way thieves can not immediately understand if there is someone on board the vehicle or not. The portholes, on the other hand, should be only partially obscured, so that the vehicle does not appear “uninhabited”.
  16. At night you need to make sure that all doors, windows and doors are closed while the skylights can leave open a window for ventilation.
  17. During the journey: There have been reports of fraudsters simulating roadside breakdowns in places with little traffic to get designated victims off from their vehicle. Always stay on board, offer to notify the police or roadside assistance by phone.

Remember that no security measure can guarantee 100% protection, but following these tips can significantly reduce the risk of theft and burglary to your motorhome.

Female Self-Defense


Preparing for the motorhome adventure is exciting, but safety should never be overlooked.

With the valuable tips you have read you can implement a foolproof strategy to protect your precious camper from theft and burglary.

From security locks to safes, through sophisticated alarm systems, every detail has been studied to ensure the tranquility of your travels.

There is nothing more important than preserving your serenity and fully enjoying every moment of adventure.

With these safety measures in place, you can say goodbye to worries and embrace the road with confidence.

Your dreams as a camper are now protected, allowing you to create unforgettable memories without any fear.

The road awaits you, ready to live experiences without boundaries and to capture moments without limits. Green light to adventure, with your safety always in first place.

Stay Tuned!

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