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How to wash boxing gloves

How to wash boxing gloves

How to wash boxing gloves.

What smell like it?! Surely you have noticed how the gloves after a bit of training session begin to smell unpleasant and surely some of your training partners have really smelly gloves.

Ok, it is combat sport but there is a limit to everything, the same thing applies to the Gi for those who practice wrestling, it’s okay you sweat but still personal hygiene is still a good way not to be avoided during training, even if it is a sport where you sweat and smell but hygiene is still another thing.

Now it’s okay that they are nice gloves and that fortunately you do not know how to pull and they never land on anyone’s face but every time you feel them close they smell like they suck.

Those who practice combat sports know that gloves are the faithful companions of every training and every meeting for this reason it is essential to take the utmost care both as INTEGRITY OF THE PADDING and with regard to hygiene.

This is important to you but also to the people you work with who I don’t think like to get in touch with your smelly gloves.

Why is glove hygiene important?

Keeping your gloves clean and tidy is important for several reasons.

First of all to avoid the formation of germs and bacteria, which in addition to causing bad odors, on the other cause irritation and mycosis to the hands and arms.

Combat sport teaches respect for the opponent and one’s training partners, it also learns to respect their sense of smell.

Finally, a very important aspect to take into account is that a pair of properly preserved gloves will last longer.

How to wash boxing gloves

There are some habits you need to follow to keep your gloves clean “without cleaning” and avoid washing your boxing gloves often.

Wash your hands before wearing gloves.

Do you arrive at the gym after work?

Avoid tucking into gloves with dirty hands. Use soap and water.

How to wash boxing gloves

Use headbands or under gloves.

These accessories prevent your hand from coming into direct contact with the padding of the glove and the bands absorb some sweat as well as protect your hand.

How to wash boxing gloves Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Don’t lend your gloves to others!

Think of them as your underwear, don’t do this.


Do not leave your gloves in your bag.

Once you’ve finished your workout, open them as much as you can and put them to dry in a warm, dry place until they are completely dry.

Put borotalco to facilitate drying.

An alternative to the duffel bag can be the breathable protection bag.


Use specific gloves for each type of training.

There are different types of gloves depending on the type of training you have to perform, if you do sparring, if you do heavy bag, mma, etc.

In combat, 10 oz gloves are used, while in training, especially in sparring, gloves of higher sizes (12, 14, 16 oz) can be used, while for the bag it is advisable to use specific sack gloves.

This not only allows you to optimize your workout (for example, a heavier glove is perfect for strengthening your arm muscles), but helps you better preserve your 10 oz ring gloves.


Use sanitizing sprays

How to wash boxing gloves Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

If you sweat that you suck and your gloves are smelly, try doing this to solve the problem.

If with the precautions you have just read you have not been able to spare your gloves from germs, bacteria and bad smells, open the gloves as much as possible and let them dry you can wash them with a cloth or towel dipped in water and ammonia, or water and baking soda or water and vinegar and pass the inside of the gloves.

Once removed, insert absorbent paper to dry.

I do not advise you to immerse the gloves completely in water and even less to put them in the washing machine to prevent the external surface from being ruined, be it leather or synthetic material, never do it.

Once you have washed them put them in a warm and dry place to dry.


The extreme technique

I suggest an “extrema” technique, bag your gloves and put them in the freezer for 24 hours.

Once the gloves are removed from the freezer, sprinkle with baking soda and leave them in an envelope for another 24 hours.

So you eliminate the bacteria that generate bad smells.


Use moisture-absorbing deodorants or gloves disinfectants.



Now that you know how to prevent and how to wash boxing gloves you no longer have many excuses to show up at the gym with badly smelling gloves!

Now go smell your gloves and if they stink wash them.

Stay Tuned!

Now you know how to wash boxing gloves!

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