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How to wrap your hands in combat sports

boxing hand wraps hand wraps

How to wrap your hands in combat sports is one of the first things you need to learn to do properly to preserve your hands during workouts.

Whether it’s doing workouts in the gym with paos, focus pads, heavy sack, sparring,etc. it is essential to always put the bands under the gloves or gloves from MMA.

Hand wrap hand wrap is something very important in English and you have to learn to do very well because their function is meant to preserve your hands from injuries and inflammations.

The hand and wrist are very complex structures formed by many small bones that if repeatedly subjected to the impact loads of the blows of a trained fighter I can go against wear and damage.

The bandages serve to keep these “structures” in place and to keep them compact and always in axis with the forearm, so that the force of the impact is discharged from the knuckles on the arm/forearm and not on the weaker parts of the wrist and hand.

So wrapping your hands is something very important!

Hitting a target by hand bare is not like hitting it with a bandaged hand and a glove.

How to wrap your hands in combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The bands under the gloves are therefore a fundamental element for your packed training sessions, focus pads,heavy bag, etc.

In addition, the bandage also helps to make the glove fit better in the hand by creating a unique block and filling the blanks.

There are different types and methods of hand-wrapping in combat sports

The bandages that are often seen in the videos are mainly training bandages, there are (at least in boxing) more complex and rigid for fights, up to the point of real bandages from pros made by well-paid and specialized professionals.

The bandage should be comfortable and allow the mobility of the hand, support and limit the bone structures without blocking the circulation.

Blindfolding your hands allows you to safely carry out your heavy bag workouts,focus, during sparring, etc. while safeguarding your hands from injury or inflammation.

Remember that in addition to “sharpening your weapons” you have to learn to guard them and being able to protect them is something you absolutely need to learn.

Before wearing boxing gloves and getting into the ring boxers /Thai boxers/ etc. wrap their hands with a thick band that protects the tendons and muscles and provides additional support to wrist movements.

Boxing bands / Thai boxing bands have a ring where you can slip your thumb from which to start bandaging your hand and a strip of Velcro at one end to make the bandage stick on itself.

So it’s important that you choose the right bandage.

There are different types of bands and it is important to choose the ones that are best suited to the size of your hand and the type of boxing you are going to express.

How to wrap your hands in combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Consider the following aspects when choosing the bands to buy to wrap your hands:

  • The length, a good length for the bandage is usually 180 cm, but for small hands can fit a 120 cm.
  • The material, cotton, rubber band, etc. although I recommend cotton because synthetic faces are less stable.
  • The color,this is uninfluential but many also choose this feature more of national character, scrabble, personal taste, psychological, belonging.

How to wrap your hands in combat sports

The materials of the bandage bands:

Cotton bands

They are a good choice for the most frequent workouts.

There are lengths suitable for both adults and young people and they can be fixed with Velcro placed at one end.

The Mexican bands

They are similar to cotton, but are woven with elastic fibers, so they adhere more easily to the hand.

They have a shorter lifespan than the cotton bands because the elastic after a while wears out, but they are still good for training.

The semi-elastic, the “Mexican band” is very practical and comfortable to use compared to the non-elastic but on the other hand these do not offer the same level of support as the non-elastic band band band.

I under gloves in GEL

they don’t really wrap their hands, but they slip like fingerless gloves.

They’re more expensive than cotton bands and Mexican bands.

They are practical to tuck in but do not provide the wrist with the support that guarantee traditional bandages; That’s why the most experienced boxers don’t use it.

They are bandages suitable for fitness enthusiasts by pulling blows to the bags with floor plan.

How to wrap your hands in combat sports

The competition bands

They are composed of gauze and ribbon.

Boxing regulations specify the exact amount that can be used to ensure that each boxer has the same padding.

Since bands of this type cannot be reused, they are not practices for everyday training.

The bandage technique is also different and the procedure should be performed together with a teammate or his coach.

See this professional banding method for more information.

How to wrap your hands in combat sports

Bandage methods:

Okay, but how to protect your hands?.

What is the best way to blindfold them?.

There are different types of bandage that depending on use is better to adopt because they have a different function depending on the type of activity we need to do.


1 – Rapidor one band

This type is fine to do packed exercises based on speed not on power or for very light sparring, the bandaging around the knuckles is done without passing between the fingers and around the knuckles, as a result it is a quick hand bandage to do in the gym when switching from one exercise to another.How to wrap your hands in combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
2 – Standard

To a band (the most common and used)

How to wrap your hands in combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
3 – Double Bandage

This is a bandage that the most experienced use as over time when learning to use your body well to carry shots it is advisable to use this type of bandage to protect your hands when you train.


4 – PRO Boxing bandage

This is a bandage that needs to be done by your partner or better yet by your coach even if the pros have people who specialize in bandaging.

It is almost a pinstripe of your hand and wrist where in addition to the bands on the knuckles are inserted thickening with gauze or rubber elements made specifically to protect even more the knuckles and the structure of the wrist.


5 – Technical glove in GEL

This type of bandage to put under the glove I do not recommend it not because it is a traditionalist but because they do not offer effective protection such as bandage.

They are bandages suitable for fitness enthusiasts by pulling blows to the bags with floor plan.


6 – Dubbed bandage

I also wanted to add this bandage that I occasionally use as a double bandage that consists of creating three overlaps of bandage over the knuckles and wrapping my hands in the classic method.

This allows you to have a thicker thickness above your knuckles.

Important! It takes very long bandages to make even a good bandage of the hand and wrist


IMPORTANT!. Do not tighten your hand too much while doing the bandage, you risk not providing adequate blood circulation to your hand.


Ps. There are different types of bandages on the market, some of cotton and others with synthetic materials.

Always choose cotton ones.

How to keep bands after use

It is a good habit once you have finished your training, keep your bandages in an orderly and correct manner.

The best method is to roll them up and store them in a cloth bag or in a pocket of your bag.

There are several methods to roll them up, the most common being the manual one but there are also some variants as you can see from the images below that allow you to do this much faster.

When you get home you have to dry them well! and periodically wash the bandages.
How to wrap your hands in combat sports



Buy at least three bandages to have the chance to wash them (I recommend!!)

Having a few extra straps allows you to do a double bandage because over time learning to move your body better the shots become stronger and it is important that you protect your hands.

Now that you’ve seen something more about training bands I think you have a different view on the importance of bandaging your hands.

Exercise at home maybe while you’re watching television or listening to music on how to put bands or get to the gym first and get a good bandage of your hands, you’ll see that your workout also benefits!.

Good bandage in the hands.

Save Your Hand in the Fight”

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!


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