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Hykso Punch Trackers

Hykso-Punch-Trackers-1-scaled Hykso Punch Trackers

Hykso Punch Trackers

Train smartly, it’s not just about putting in hours of training but it’s about making the most of them.

The Hykso app allows you to view your punch production in real time and measure your daily, weekly and monthly progression, and Hykso’s punch trackers track the movement of your hands 1000 times per second to detect the number, type and speed of all your punches.

As you know I always like to offer you interesting news in the world of martial arts and today I want to introduce you to this very innovative product that is added to the series of Boxing Trackers that have come out in recent years, their name is Hykso PunchTrackers.

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Useful especially if you are a trainer and want to go deeper on the real performance at this time of your athletes or if you are an athlete who trains alone and wants to know more about himself, this tool can be very useful.

Over the next few years we will see more and more of these tools entering a lot of sports including martial arts and combat sports.

Train Smart. Win Easy.

“Set clear goals during each workout and improve faster than everyone else.”

Hykso-Punch-Trackers-2-scaled Hykso Punch Trackers

This is the motto of this company that proposes a technological training in sports where sweat and fatigue have always been in the yardstick.

The Hykso Punch Trackers is a tracking technology of your fists.

The Hykso app allows you to view the output of your punches in real time and measure the daily, weekly and monthly progression.

Hykso’s punch trackers track the movement of your hands 1000 times per second to detect the number, type, and speed of all punches.

Hykso-Punch-Trackers-5-1 Hykso Punch Trackers

The benefits of tracking your shots and getting feedback:

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img_2604 Hykso Punch Trackers

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Hykso Punch Trackers experience:

“The most interesting thing already after a few training sections with the tracker is that in sparring I increased the cadence of the number of shots given per round.

Now I shoot shots every three or four seconds compared to 5-6 seconds before.

This is something I never thought of. You don’t just feel like improving.

Statistically it means you’re improving!” .

e4bfb010-f713-4c17-a501-2f3e940033ee-original Hykso Punch Trackers

The science behind Hykso

We deeply believe that knowledge is the best way to unlock your full potential.

It is also clear to us that the best way to acquire this knowledge is through innovative science. We have created this page so that you can learn more about the science behind your Hykso Trackers.

What is the intensity score?

The intensity score is a proprietary metric that will be critical to your Experience with Hykso. Let’s see what it is:

  • Created to measure the outgoing effort of the movement (this is not the same as the energy transferred to the bag/object that is drilled)
  • It’s a number that starts at 0 at the beginning of each round, and every punch you make increases the value until the end of the round, where you see the intensity score of that round.
  • The amount of which it increases depends on many factors, such as the speed of the fist, the type of punch and how well the speed behind the fist is generated (optimally a short duration with a very high acceleration)
  • We have created a 3-level system to further reward punches with large amounts of effort and energy behind them.

Check out this graph of the 3-level system:

1_large Hykso Punch Trackers

Each level drastically increases the intensity score, so for the highest score you should always throw the largest volume of level 3 punches, so it is a compromise between volume and intensity.

Basically, you should push yourself to hit as hard and as much as possible during a workout and you will get an increasingly better intensity score!

Use it to compare your efforts during a workout.

For example, you can perform the same exercise twice and aim to improve your intensity score.

You can also monitor your intensity score between exercises to see which ones push you to the maximum.

What is the average speed?

Let’s make things a little clearer. Let’s talk about the average speed and what it is exactly.

What is our punch recognition system for?

Every time you punch we record the maximum speed reached during the movement.

Not necessarily the speed at which you hit the sack.

So, let’s average for each round, so you can see at what speed most of your punches traveled.

2_medium Hykso Punch Trackers

What does our fist recognition system do?

Distinguish between 4 types of shots:

  • Left straight (includes jab/cross)
  • Straight right (includes jab/cross)
  • Left Power (includes hooks/struts)
  • Right Power (includes hooks/struts)

4PVx09N Hykso Punch Trackers

It also removes movements that we do not consider punches as much as possible, such as:

Hardware information

Bluetooth 4.2

They fine-tuned the antenna to get the best performance near the skin, under bandages and gloves.

This technology easily connects to most smartphones.

RadioTuning_large Hykso Punch Trackers

Powerful processor

The processor runs an artificial intelligence system on chip. This is how we recognize movements.

  • Intelligence is trained with thousands of punches and movements of professional boxers, amateurs and beginners, kick boxers, mixed martial artists and Muay Thaifighters.
  • Rate 6 degrees of movement hundreds of times per second.
  • All calculations for each punch are performed in less than 100 ms.

Autonomous from your smartphone

Hykso Tracker is a fully integrated system, which means that:

  • All calculations on your movement are performed in the Trackers.
  • You just need a smartphone to get started and then trackers can record everything and sync with your smartphone later when you get back within range.

Efficient battery

Batteries are often the hardest part to solve when building wearable technology. Ours is as efficient as possible:

  • The battery lasts 10 hours of continuous use.
  • It only takes 1 hour to fully charge the Hykso Tracker.


We truly believe that Hykso Trackers will make you work harder than you’ve ever done.

That is why we built them so that they can withstand both moisture and sweat.

Here is a Hykso Tracker submitted to the final test.

water_large Hykso Punch Trackers

On this image you can see that the tracker is still connected to the app, although it is completely underwater


Where to buy Hykso Punch Trackers:


Price: about $200 — > 200 Euros



These are new technologies available to athletes and coaches to monitor progress on athletic training, tools that help to objectively measure performance in order to verify if everything you are doing is really effective over time to achieve the set goals.

Good workout with Hykso’s punch tracker

Stay Tuned!

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