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Hyper realistic silicon mask

Silicon maskHyper realistic silicon mask !

It is not a James Bond film or a science fiction film so as not to be detected by cameras and drones but of real masks that can be purchased

The masks of Metamorphose Mask, a company specializing in high-quality silicone masks, creature designs and special effects for collectors, the film industry and Haunt.

Hyper realistic silicon mask

Hyper realistic silicone masks turn you into a Hollywood trick in seconds!

Welcome to the world of Metamorphose masks.

Criminals ‘go unnoticed’ using ‘hyperrealistic’ masks

These hyper-realistic masks are being used by criminals as identity fraud continues to rise, an expert has warned, as criminals with around 600 Euros secure their identities and are not noticed wearing a balaclava with sunglasses.

Criminals are not detected using ultra-realistic face masks, an expert has warned, go unnoticed by cameras and witnesses fail to identify the criminal.

Silicone masks have become so realistic, researchers say, that scammers use them to mask their appearance and in some cases impersonate other people.

Hyper Realistic Silicon Mask

List of some crimes made using hyper realistic masks:

Robberies in jewelry

There have been three recorded cases in the UK where criminals were caught trying to use realistic ultra-realistic masks, the first being the Graff Diamonds robbery in 2009.

The people involved in the robbery left the molds used to create their latex mask disguises, allowing the police to create a perfect 3D cast of their faces and were later captured.

But there are fears that many other criminals may escape the web, as advances in technologies such as 3D printing make it increasingly difficult to distinguish between a real face and a fake.

Hyper Realistic Silicon Mask

“At the moment we have about 41 reported cases where criminals have used hyperrealistic masks,” Dr Jet Sanders, of the London School of Economics, told Daily Star Online.

“It’s highly likely that there are more cases out there that haven’t been detected. We’re detecting it very soon, but what we can see is exponential use of these masks in recent years.”

Identity theft is said to be the fastest growing crime in the world and there have been numerous cases around the world where criminals have used masks to avoid being discovered.



Between 2015 and 2017, a French fraudster impersonated the country’s defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, defrauding around 80 million euros (£70 million) from unsuspecting wealthy victims including the Aga Khan and wine owner Château Margaux.

“Everything about history is exceptional,” Delphine Meillet, Le Drian’s attorney, said earlier this year.

Hyper realistic silicon mask Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
One or more French scammers scammed millions of wealthy people using an ultra-realistic mask (Picture: BBC)

“They dared to assume the identity of a minister French on duty. Then they called CEOs and heads of government from all over the world and demanded huge sums of money. Courage!”

Bank robberies

Meanwhile, in the United States, a bank robber labeled “Geezer Bandit” broke into 16 banks in Southern California using a prosthetic mask between 2009 and 2011.

It is thought that the bandit Geezer was actually a much younger man who used a mask to look older.
He remains at large.
Hyper realistic silicon mask Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Manufacturers of hyper realistic masks and prices

Companies in Japan, China, the Us and Canda are currently making ultra-realistic masks and the pieces are available online for free for as little as €1,000 but there are also €600 but beware of Fakes.

A recent study by the Universities of York and Kyoto revealed that realistic silicone masks have become almost indistinguishable from human faces.

The recognition test

Researchers asked 240 participants in the UK and Japan to look at pairs of photographs and try to decide which ones were humans and which showed a person wearing a mask.

Although the test conditions and participants were aware that they were looking for masks, a fifth failed to spot the difference.

A fifth of study participants failed to distinguish between an ultra-realistic mask and a real face
A fifth of study participants failed to distinguish between an ultra-realistic mask and a real face (Picture: Jet Sanders / London School of Economics and Political Studies)
“We made it clear to viewers that their job was to identify the mask in each pair of images. Sample masks were shown before the start of the test,’ explained Dr Saunders. Jenkins, one of the study’s authors.

“The real-world error rate is likely to be much higher because many people may not even be aware of the existence of hyperrealistic masks and are unlikely to be looking for them,” he added.

“The current generation of masks is really very realistic – with most people struggling to distinguish an artificial face from the real one.”



Hyper realistic silicone masks for not being recognized are not a joke and are not just for cinema or netflix.

These are real hyper realistic masks to quickly and temporarily change your identity and not be recognized.

As always, crime is very receptive to understanding the potential of the tools and using them to carry out criminal actions.

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