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The Finger Jab in the Eyes

The Finger Jab in the Eyes
The finger Jab in the eyes.

One of the forbidden shots in the glove competition is to make your eyes both accidentally and deliberately.

Everyone accidentally received a finger in the eye and the feeling of panic that gives in addition to the feature of limiting visibility for a few seconds if you do not have a damage let alone if you created a scratch or a cut.

Biu Jie (Finger Jab)

The Finger Jab in the Eyes

It’s a blow with your fingers straight to your eyes.

It’s a spear shot, insidious, as if it were a knife-tip in the eye.

It should be performed mainly with the advanced hand to make the most of the stretch and keep the distance.

The starting position is from the guard with his hands open and the stocking is performed with the step forward and the rotation of the back foot to increase the range of the body.

Note. The shot can also take place from stops if the opponent is very close with the right or left hand depends on our position and that of our opponent but the correct movement of the shot is with the footwork.

It is a blow that can also be executed in combination because remember that it is a shock blow to the opponent and is independent of the physical strength of the opponent, it hurts everyone and blocks the central system.

It’s a technical gesture of precision you don’t need much force.

Remember that this is a blow that gains many centimeters that in the phase of combat and self-defense are very important.

Also this is a very insidious blow and that disturbs a lot because it is unusual and goes to disturb the view.


The finger positions of the finger jab can be different:

  • With the fingers of the hand together, they divide on their own when they meet the nose. Fingers go slightly curved straight to prevent them from bending in behind
  • With the fingers of the hand with index and middle fingers united and ring finger and little finger united leaving the space in the middle.
  • With the fingers of the hand to spear for a precise blow to the eyes
  • With the fingers of the hand open with claw
  • With a pointed object held in your hand (keys, pen, etc.)
    The finger Jab you can pull it in several ways:
  • Direct inside – Finger Jab inside along the center line the shortest way as a fencing stockpile, this is the traditional method
  • Direct outside – Finger Jab outside – is an external outgoing shot at a jab or cross shot by cutting on the opponent’s forearm and going to hit the eyes
  • Paro e colpio of Finger Jab inside, a split entry of finger jab in the eyes
  • Paro deviating internally and Finger Jab Outside to the eyes
  • Trapping Finger Jab


Important!!! You never have to upload so you don’t telegraph the shot. It must be a lightning strike and precise.

How you have to parry the finger Jab

One thing I don’t want to see you do is put your hand in the middle of your forehead as you see them doing in the movies.

The defense against the finger jab must be:

  • a dodge
  • a lowering parade
  • a parade in detour
  • try to grab your fingers on the fly and put in leverage (if you want evidence it’s used in Chin Na but I don’t think it’s anything simple and really works on lightning attacks of finger Jab)

Ps. As seen several times during UFC fights when an opponent is accidentally shot in the eye however big and strong and trained, the referee must stop and give time to recover and if it works with super champions it works on everyone.

The record in the UFC is Jon Bon Jones who apart from these penalties is a great champion.

The Finger Jab in the Eyes Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Pps. In training one important thing to train this shot is to keep your fingers back and play to give a light frontal “slap” on the forehead, possibly use protective glasses to protect you.

The Finger Jab in the Eyes Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The effectiveness of the finger in Jab’s or Cross’s pulled eye in self-defense. The finger swipe is an effective self-defense technique.

The shock alone gives you time to escape or prevent the attacker from carrying out his robbery or intimidation plan.

A finger jab followed by a kick in the groin will serve you well in desperate circumstances.

This is one of the first combinations you need to know and that are explained in the Jeet Kune Do.

With proper technical training is a good workout, your finger swipe becomes as lightning as a snake and very precise, but besides being a quick and precise, yours must become an instinctive response in a dangerous situation.

The Finger Jab in the Eyes

To my surprise, however, I found that some people who say they are “experts” who tell me and claim that the blow to the eyes would be ineffective as a self-defense technique.

I do not agree, look what happens in the UFC when not intentionally but as randomness a fighter receives a finger in the eye, the referee is forced to suspend and give time to the fighter to recover.

Attention!!! remember that by regulation athletes have short nails but in any case the damage in some cases causes scratches and deep wounds that limit the view.

Imagine if you have a sharp object and hit in the eye or throat by force.

It becomes very dangerous because you can make him blind or you can make him choke.

This gives you enough time to strike again or run away.

The Finger Jab in the Eyes
Either way, that occasion you created with the finger Jab will cause an instant reaction, which allows escape or follow-up attacks.

There’s a time to punch, kick, elbow, and Jab, you have to figure out when to place this shot.

The problem with punching in a street brawl is that your hand is not protected by the glove that has the dual function of protecting your hand and even your opponent.

Your hand contains small bones that can break if you hit your forehead by accident or a hard part of the body.

There is also the problem that your attacker expects that if you react you use your fists.

You are unlikely to expect to use a jab with your fingers pointed.

You surprise him and consider the centimeters that makes you gain especially if you use the correct biomechanics of the body unit to the movement of the feet.

The finger jab has the same mechanics as a Jab shot.

In other words, you have to recover as quickly as any shot.

The finger swipe can also be performed vertically, with the palm down and palm up positions, just like a fist.

Train this shot in the bag.

Perform exercises strengthen your fingers like push-ups on the phalanxes until you have them on two fingers, or hit the bag with your fingers.

The Finger Jab in the Eyes Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Many martial arts styles and self-defense systems use finger jab!

In Jun Fan Gung Fu is called the Bil Gee Gee or Biu, depending on the pronunciation.

In Kali, Silat and Panantukan, it is called the Sungab (soon-dress).

Call it what you want but the technique is effective.

Some argue that it is a complicated technique in reality, but That’s not true, it’s easier than a shot, because there are fewer targets to hit, you just have to look for the eyes, plus it’s a psychological issue because you associate the punch to score something more effective, it can be true if you have a fist with the power of Tyson,but it doesn’t apply to everyone as a result martial art has to be functional for everyone.

If you’re 150 kg of muscle you don’t need to move your body well to pull different devastating punches if you weigh 65, so if you want to pull hard you have to learn the technique correctly, which should also do the 150 kg but does not feel necessary because he already sees that with his punches to move 10 meters when he hits you.

Train to use the finger jab.

Don’t look me in the eye that I’m shy and I’m going to hit you.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!

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