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Focus Mitt for MMA

Focus Mitt for MMA Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

I Focus Mitt for MMA, the search for new equipment continues!.

One of the things that is immediately highlighted during a training at MMA focus pads is that it is not easy to go from striking phases to clinch or ground fighting phases and in performing these transitions, due to the fact that you need to get rid of the focus you waste time during the focus extraction operation that takes a few moments.

This time during training to get rid of mitt focus leaves a time gap that is not good to give the right continuity and emphasis to the action.

Ps. With experience you can solve some of this problem but surely this equipment can help you build training sessions with multiple variables to make your athlete or training partner work even more effectively.

But now there’s a solution: focus mitts for MMA.

If you have trained in general in combat sports you know well that there are different focus pads and pao for different training situations, in MMA it gets even worse because there are many trans ions of standing fighting and fighting on the ground, of clinches and projections that require an even more varied use of focus mitt and pao.

I recently found a company that produces focus mitts specifically for MMA training.

These “gloves” have a very interesting design and have proven to have been designed for effective training for MMA training.

These gloves are designed to compensate for the transition from the hit phase to the grip and fight phase.

I find it very interesting and stimulating to find innovative products on the market that bring new perspectives to training.

It is an excellent training tool for all those who train to hit and take on clinch and fight.

This type of focus is marketed in two versions one simpler standard and one with protection in the upper area of the focus, with slightly different prices.

Focus Mitt for MMA Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportFocus Mitt for MMA Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The big difference is that it is not “worn” but the grip is on a rigid edge of the mitt focus that is tied to the wrist with a thick lace that allows you when you need to “drop” the focus and recover it quickly both in the phases of striking standing and striking on the ground.

The wrist strap is what makes these gloves so special. The wristband allows you to exclude the gloves for a moment and snap back to your hands to continue striking.

This means that while you train you can perform an amazing combo, then let yourself go down so that you can work for a projection defense or ground fight phase.

There are many variations of phase mix where you hit and switch to grips to striking, transition that can be easily performed with these MMA gloves.

This is an interesting innovation in the world of MMA (mixed martial arts) for the formation of transitions that are created in combat.

Focus recovery is very easy to do and you learn it right away.

The wrist strap is adjustable so you can find the appropriate length for the glove to swing according to your hand.

This makes recovery options almost impossible to fail if you adjust correctly.

Instead of slipping your hands inside a glove and then staring at it with a wrist strap, Rosky’s glove relies on taking your hand to hold the handles on the back.

It is a very comfortable design and allows you to conveniently “receive” combinations you call of punches, elbows, knees and kicks from the person you are training.

The richest version also has protection in the upper area that protects the hand.

It is a hybrid training system that allows an athlete to practice with a different dynamic and defend against being grabbed and taken by typical MMA attacks.

Incorporate such a product into your training equipment with a great advantage in the preparation of most MMA fighters.

Focus Mitt for MMA Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Now if you want you can also build yourself with the focus mitts that you have something similar but the important thing is not only the lace that keeps you focused but the ability to recover them quickly without having to put them on.

There is one disadvantage though that can not replace traditional focus, the grip does not allow you to receive shots at maximum power because the hand is in the grip and if a fighter pulls very strong risk of getting some damage to receive in that position hundreds of blows.

This is my opinion especially if you have to keep them for a long time and train more athletes!!

These gloves have a great ability to absorb blows but I tried these gloves with very hard shots, elbows, kicks, and even knees.

These gloves are very hard and can absorb even more important blows but it depends a lot on who pulls and his weight.

But let’s say that on average they can be used despite the hands being in the grip to keep the focus.

Focus Mitt for MMA Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The cost of these focus mitts is about 70 euros

If you want to know more about the company and products, check

Have a good workout!!

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