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The mouthguard is a fundamental protective device if you practice contact sports.

The mouth guard protects your lips, teeth and gums and is used by all professional athletes who practice contact sports such as boxing, Muay Thai, ground fighting, martial arts, but also rugby, American football, etc.

It’s one of those things you should never forget at home, and absolutely never before a match.

Possibly you must also have more than one mouth guard and to find one comfortable for you you need to try several over time.

A smile is your calling card, but when it comes to combat sports, protecting that smile becomes a top priority.

Welcome to our blog dedicated to a fundamental component of athletic protection: mouth guards.

Whether you’re a boxer, martial artist, or MMA practitioner, the safety of your teeth and mouth is essential to your well-being during action.

In this post, we will explore the world of mouth guards, from the different types available to their unique characteristics and the importance of proper dental protection.

Join us as we discover how mouth guards can become your best ally in the battle for protection and safety in every combat sport.

Mouth guards are an important accessory for protection during combat sports. They protect the teeth, lips, gums and jaw from impacts and trauma.

Do you always have to use the mouthguard?

Yes, you can not give up using it because it prevents injuries to the gums, teeth, jaw jaw and various joints.

It is essential to wear a proper mouth guard when practicing sports such as boxing, martial arts, kickboxing and MMA, to reduce the risk of dental injury.

Be sure to consult a professional to get a mouthguard that fits properly in your mouth and offers the best possible protection.

The mouth guard is intended to cushion and distribute the impact of a blow over a larger surface, thus reducing the intensity of the impact, and stabilizing the teeth, preventing them from rubbing, mitigating the damage.

The first mouthguard was created in 1890 by London dentist Woolf Krauze to protect the lips of boxers.

The modern model was developed in the 1970s thanks to Canadian pediatric dentist A. W. S. Wood, whose purpose was to prevent damage to the teeth of hockey children.

Now any contact sport you practice but even just in the fight the mouthguard should be an element that you always wear.


Types of mouthguards

There are many types on the market that vary by:

  • Single arch,
  • Double arch,
  • Materials
  • Color
  • Dimension
  • Adaptability of the dental arch or Custom.


Single arched paraders

Among the types of single arched mouthguards on the market you can find products in various standard and unresidable sizes, to thermoplastic materials that are formed by applying them to your dental arch directly after heating them in boiling water, or even to models that are produced directly from the user’s dental cast (today this type has been banned because of materials no longer compliant with the regulations).

There are several types of mouthguards for sporting use:

The single-arch mouth guards as in the photo below, consist of a single piece, which is applied to the upper arch, while the double arch mouth guards cover both the upper and lower arch .

The mouthguards also vary for materials: There are mouthguards in:

  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate),
  • Gel
  • Rubber
  • combinations of different materials and density.

Depending on the material of which they are made varies the consistency and consequently the hardness in contact with the mouth and the type of protection for its ability to absorb the blows.

Better dodge them or parry them!

Mouth guards of different materials will be perceived differently in the mouth. A further distinction is that between custom-made and standard mouth guards.

Custom mouth guards, made by a dentist, offer greater protection and comfort than pre-packaged ones.

The first are created by dentists following a cast of the mouth but if on the one hand they respect the anatomy of the mouth to 100, on the other hand they are quite expensive but if you have the opportunity not to take care of the price, the dentist after is more expensive than the mouthguard!

Most standard mouthguards on the market are characterized by “boil and bite” technology (i.e. “bubbles and bites”), also called thermomodeling, once heated in hot water they can be molded (even several times) to customize them and adapt them to any dental arch.



The double arched mouthguards

Which one to choose, a single or double mouthguard?.

Some athletes use double arched mouthguards, as they appreciate their increased protection, while others do not use them as they feel too limited in breathing.

Try them both to find the right combination of comfort and protection.

Do not underestimate the appearance of breathing.


The “problem” of wearing a mouth guard

In contact sports and martial arts one of the important things is your breath, your aerobic ability that allows you to stay lucid and have the explosive strength to fight.

Breathless you can’t think and you can’t move which means you become a firm target for your opponent.

One of the things they notice (and those who have tried will agree with my statement) is that even people used to going for a run and having run miles or having done aerobics circuits in fitness gyms, etc .. but during a session at Pao Or to a fight that is training or competition and suddenly it seems that aerobic resistance is not enough, because it is a way of using the breath differently, for the dynamics that are triggered different, the way of using the body, the blows that are received and also because much of the breath used comes from the mouth.

But what’s in your mouth while you’re fighting or sparring?

The mouthguard!

The mouthguard takes up space and can decrease the passage of air and therefore with less oxygenation that decreases your performance.

Also for this reason the choice of mouth guard can not be random and you need to try several to find the optimal one.


Which “size” to choose?

No, I’m sorry but they are in a single size as self-moldable (you heat them in hot water and then press hard by putting them between your teeth) and therefore adapt perfectly to all teeth.

One of the things you can do if it’s really uncomfortable with the length and shorten the bottom of the mouthguard a little bit but be careful if you realize it’s not there and that comes out of your mouth but before you do it ask someone experienced if it’s something you’ve never done.

At first if you’re not used to it it’s normal that you feel uncomfortable or that it gives you a bit of a feeling like you put two fingers in your throat to spit it out.

The only models that are produced even in the smallest size are the junior versions for children.


Mouth guards for self-defense

Also for self-defense, mouth guards can play an important role in protecting your mouth and teeth.

If you are looking for a protection solution for your personal safety, there are some mouthguard options specifically designed for this purpose.

Self-defense mouth guards are usually thinner and lighter than those used in combat sports, but still offer a protective barrier for the teeth and mouth during self-defense situations.

You can find adaptable, thermoformed or custom mouth guards, depending on your preferences.

Be sure to consult the available options and choose a mouthguard that fits well in your mouth to ensure maximum protection during self-defense.



Mouth guards are an essential weapon for combat sports athletes.

Protection of the teeth, lips and jaw is crucial to reduce the risk of painful and costly injuries.

Whether you choose a preformed, thermoformed or custom mouth guard, make sure you always wear adequate protection during every training session or competition.

Investing in the care of your teeth means investing in your performance and your athletic future.

Remember, a healthy smile is a sign of strength and determination, do not compromise your safety: protect your smile and face every challenge with confidence.

The mouthguard is a fundamental element for safety if you play combat sports, it’s one of those things to spend on because it’s about your personal protection both from an impact point of view from shots and sanitary sanitation.

Do not save on price because there is a big difference between a quality mouthguard and a mouthguard of poor quality in terms of protection and also comfort that is still an aspect that you should not underestimate.

Choose a quality mouthguard!

Stay Tuned!

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