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MMA Plank Rountine

MMA Plank Rountine

MMA Plank Rountine

At the end of your training session instead of doing five minutes of abs the usual way you replace this rountineevery now and then.

As I showed you a few articles does the crunch hurts!!!

Try to do a session of these then after you’ve tried if you don’t want to stop but listen to me.

MMA Plank Rountine
It does not mean to stop doing your usual exercises on the abs but surely you have to do this routine instead of the usual at least every day.

Come on!!! What I’m happy to tell you is to try this routine to feel the different way of working and the benefits to your core especially for stability.

MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
No don’t worry you don’t have to do this, you don’t need the weights rest assured that already without you will be enough!!!


  • Full plank — > 1:00 a.m.
  • Elbow plank — > 0:30 a.m.
  • Side plank Dx — > 0:30 a.m.
  • Elbow plank — > 0:30 a.m.
  • Side Plank Sx — > 0:30 a.m.
  • Elbow Plank — > 1:00 a.m.
  • Full Plank — > 1:00 a.m.

In martial arts you need the explosiveness that you do with the usual abdominal exercises that you definitely know and are the ones on the move and then work on stability and you do it with these exercises that I proposed.

MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

These three Plank exercises are the basic ones but if you want an advanced Plank routine with interesting variants that will “complicate” a little the training try to do this:


  • Full Plank Crocodile — > 1:00
  • Elbow Plank In Out — > 0:30
  • Side Plank with Torsion Dx — > 0:30
  • Elbow Plank In Out — > 0:30
  • Side Plank with twist — > Sx 0:30
  • Elbow Plank In Out — > 1:00
  • Full Plank Crocodile — > 1:00

Write to me how you find yourself because I’m interested in knowing what it has on you.

Start the timer and Plank Go Go Goooo !!!


Run Planks every day and you’ll get these 7 amazing benefits on your body (and more).

There is no doubt, plank exercises belong to the group of exercises most beneficial for the whole body.

To get them right, you need to train regularly and strengthen your entire muscle system.

These exercises allow you to acquire proper posture by strengthening the muscle system and supporting the spine.


The abdominal plank must become your basic exercise to train the static function of the core.

The correct execution of the exercise involves, with the elbows and forearms resting on the ground and the feet joined, to maintain a position in which the head, shoulders, trunk and pelvis are in line and parallel to the ground.

The lumbar tract of the column must not go into hyper lordosis, and the contraction of the abdominals and buttocks must really withstand gravity, keeping the pelvis in retroversion.

The ideal position of the shoulders instead is the hollow.

The hollow position (abdotte shoulder and anteposed shoulders) will teach your bachelor-omeral grop to lock in thrust, favoring the maintenance of the retroversion of the pelvis.

Given the static nature of exercise, keeping your shoulders ahead will not pose a potential risk to the shoulders in healthy subjects.

If you suffer from back pain the plank, being a static type exercise is much less traumatic on the spine than the Sit-ups.

But remember that stabilization of the trunk and pelvis requires a co-contraction between ventral (abdominal) and dorsal (paravertebral) muscles so if you are predisposed to suffer from lower back pain during exercise you may feel pain, especially if the deep abdominal muscles are not trained and does not adequately support the spine.

Side plank is key for fighters

MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Another interesting variant of the plank for abs is the side plank and if you’re a fighter you can’t help but

It’s a basic exercise that I put in the 5-minute routine and that you need to train the static function of the core,with a particular emphasis on the oblique muscles and the loins square.

It is also a great exercise for the medium buttock muscle.

A correct execution involves, with the elbow and forearm of one side leaning against the ground and feet united, to maintain a position in which the head, shoulders, trunk and pelvis are in line.

The pelvis will not have to tilt and the column should remain neutral.

The contraction of the obliques and the square of the loins must precisely oppose gravity, preventing inclinations of pelvis or column.

Also here there are many variants such as performing it not statically but skimming the floor and returning to the lateral plank position or raising the foot support position and holding the front of the body low.

I recommend this classic!


MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Here are the 7 most important benefits of these exercises:

Improve posture

Performing planking regularly will stabilize body posture as abs are important for the position of the neck, chest and shoulders.


They improve the definition and performance of muscles because plank exercises involve the most important muscles that once strengthened will bring numerous benefits to our body:

  • Oblique Muscles – This will produce a greater ability to twist and flex.
  • Glutei – Their strengthening will lead to toned and firm buttocks.
  • Cross abs – This will help you improve your ability to lift huge weights
  • Abdominal Rectum – It will improve the jump and you will be able to get a beautiful turtle.


Improve metabolism

Regularly practicing planking will improve metabolism and help you burn more energy, as well as keep your metabolic rate high during the day.


High flexibility

During planking, stretch and expand your shoulder blades, collarbone and shoulders, as well as toes and hamstrings. This will also help you support body weight more easily.

Improve overall balance

Side planks improve body balance and overall ability of all types of exercise.

Lower risk of spinal and back injuries

Planks significantly strengthen the muscles, without applying great pressure to the hips and spine. In this way, you will relieve the pain and support the entire back.

The mental benefit

Planks also affect your mood, as it tones and stretches muscles that contribute to tension and stress.

These exercises relax the brain and are beneficial especially in case of depression or anxiety.

Spend 5-10 minutes a day doing these exercises and you’ll immediately notice the incredible beneficial effects! In fact, everyone will notice your body’s improvements!


The muscles involved in the Plank

plank muscles

The Plank is a very complete exercise involving the 90 of the muscles of our body. In particular we can say that he trains:

  • rectum abdominal
  • external oblique
  • internal oblique
  • ileopsoas property
  • large buttock

This exercise is truly complete throughout the core muscles, and simultaneously trains all the retroverting muscles of the pelvis(abdomen and buttock).

Top 5 Plank

The plank exercise is a typical exercise being based on static positions that lends itself to being trained in many ways but especially with timed programs.

You can train it with methods of:

  • Tabata: 20″ exercise, 10″ recovery
  • Circuit Plank: 30″ no stop for each position: classic, side, reverse, side, classic (lasts 2nd)
  • 5th: in 5th of time you have to stay as few seconds as possible in Plank(which is what I proposed to you!)

The goal to evaluate your improvement is to reach the Top 5 Plank as it is to stay 5th no stop in this position (at that point you will have the steel abs and if you followed a diet you will also have the belly flat and sculpted).

Do they look like a lot to you? The world record is currently over 10 hours!

The variant to try: the reverse plank

MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportOne variant you can try is the reverse Plank, which trains the antagonistic muscles of basic exercise.

The paravertebbrali muscles of the back, the buttock (in extending the hip), the square of the loins and the hamstrings of the thighs are involved.

You have to get your belly up, with your arms behind your back, and your legs outstretched.

It is a variant that is clearly less complete than the basic execution and requires good shoulder mobility so beware!

If you feel little fatigue with your feet then put your feet on top of a chair or a lift.


Ps. Other variants can be the plank with the medical ball or the planck on the edge of a box leaning with your elbows also called super plank!



When you don’t have to plank?

It is an exercise that should be discouraged for those who have various issues behind them that may be affected by the sustained body weight. In the case of lower back pain or excessive difficulty in performing the exercise as proposed the variant with the knee (and not the foot) resting on the ground is a valid alternative as a propedeutics in a rational programming of loads. In any case, it will be important to adapt the execution depending on the subjects and depending on the training contexts.

Ps. Beware of the alignment of your body.

MMA Plank Rountine Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Have a good workout!



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