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Traditional Muay Thai herbs

Traditional Muay Thai herbs

Throughout Southeast Asia there are two powerful herbs with incredible benefits that are commonly used in Thailand.

These two herbs are used as natural herbal supplements and offer support to your workouts in preparation for the match.

They are completely natural and have been used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia.

Ps. Beware!!, nothing is better than a solid diet regimen, but these herbal supplements can help you take your discipline to the next level.

The two herbs I’m talking about are:

  • Butea Superba
  • Krachaidam, New

both grow in Thailand and are commonly used by many Muay Thai fighters.

Let’s see what contribution these two medicinal herbs can give to your arsenal.

Butea Superba

Traditional Muay Thai herbs

Thailand’s best-known medicinal herb has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, but this seemingly “simple” herb contains both phytoestrogens and phyto-androgens, along with anti estrogens as well.

This is interesting for a few reasons:

  • Phyto-androgens could explain its use to improve libido and erectile resistance
  • The antiestrogenic compounds found in the plant could help offset potential unwanted estrogenic effects from phytoestrogens.

However, there is much more and it seems that there is confusion about the study of this herb that needs more in-depth studies and those that exist today is above all what is handed down among the “herbs” so nothing scientific but direct experience of centuries of use .

In a study conducted on rodents, superb butea appears to have a dose-dependent effect on testosterone reduction. Help!!, I’m sure you’re worrying but don’t, stay quiet, there’s so much more.


As testosterone levels decrease but androgenic effects (DHT-based effects) have become much more pronounced.

This effect is extremely beneficial for muay thai fighters,since we all know (but if you don’t know now you’ll find out) that androgen effects are what determine aggression and strength,not to mention maintaining estrogen (the Estrogens are the main female sex hormones) at bay and promotes lean mass.

Although the exact way of this effect is not yet clear, but it could be due to the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone(DHT),or much more testosterone interacting with the androgen receptor (receptor regulation), which would reduce both levels of circulating testosterone and lead to a significant androgen response.

Many fighters say they get positive results with the Butea Superba but if you decide to try it out, be sure to monitor the sensations and effects you have.

As soon as you stop using the grass, after a week THE DHT values return to normal, so be quiet regarding your testosterone.


Krachai dam

Traditional Muay Thai herbs

Another native Thai herb, Krachai dam is also called by other names such as black ginger, Thai ginseng, Kaempferia parviflora and krachai dum to name a few.

Although still relatively inexperienced in the Western world, it has traditionally been used by Thai men to improve sexual performance as well as those involved in the art of Muay Thai.

Most krachai dam in Thailand is grown in Isaan where it is a remedy commonly used by the population.

What advantages does it have for a fighter:

  • Improve physical performance: A study of a team of well-performing footballers found that krachai dam reduced fatigue and increased endurance over the course of the 12-week study. This can also be useful if you do Muay Thai.
  • Reducing pain and inflammation: any athlete involved in rigorous training knows very well that in downtime the muscles are sore and the joints inflamed. The management of these symptoms related to hard training is often managed by prescribing medicines that do not help in the long term, as they inhibit important enzymes involved in active recovery. Fortunately, a study conducted in mice showed that Krachai dam contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, which allow for faster recovery from training sessions and injuries.
  • Increase energy costs: if you’re an agonist you know that weight classes are something important. Getting precise weight loss can be very difficult and can also result in extreme dehydration. One possibility is to do the preparation of the week before the match using the krachai dam, which as a study has shown increases the entire energy expenditure of the body 30 minutes after ingestion. Consuming this herb before training should help increase weight loss, and is also a great help for treating obesity.
  • Krachai dam tincture improves blood flow and libido: a tincture is specifically a product consisting of an active ingredient dissolved in alcohol and is what is needed to achieve this improvement in blood flow, according to results conducted in a study in mice. In particular, there is an improvement in blood flow in the testicles, perhaps indicating a pro-erectile function.
  • It can decrease oxidative damage: oxidation occurs every single second in our body, ultimately responsible for aging and rupture of bodily processes. Krachai dam had long been touted as powerful antioxidant properties, anti-fatigue and longevity, and a study conducted in the elderly confirmed this as true. This benefit may be beneficial for Muay Thai practitioners over 40, but it is also possible that it can help even the youngest.
  • Suppresses fat cell growth: Fatty tissue is known for its ability to massively increase size, making it easier to store excess calories. However, one study found that flavonoids in krachaidam demonstrated the ability to stop the excessive growth of these cells. This can be extremely useful for obese people who struggle with muay thai practice because of their weight.

Traditional Muay Thai herbs


Due to the highly energy-consuming nature, both physically and mentally, and the high competitiveness of Thai boxing, these two natural herbs can give you the extra boost you need to always train with energy and effectiveness.

However, make sure you have adequate nutrition first, as even the best supplements are useless if you don’t feed the body properly that used with effective herbs like these can give you the energy you need to deal with all your workouts at 100!

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