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Knife art is taught in Chinese women’s schools

china-student-girl-knife-training Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

In Chinese women’s schools, knife art is taught.

Now the reason that pushed the Chinese state to take this initiative is rather curious but in some (not all) Chinese girls’ schools the art of the knifeis taught !!

So be careful, do not mess with a Chinese woman: The high school diploma teaches their students not only traditional subjects but also through steps with knife drills with military training daggers (for safety).

  • The girls at theschool, aged between 16 and 18, undergo a five-day intensive combat knife course to learn self-defense.
  • The students are trained by a former special forces soldier called Inspector Tan who supervises the drills and corrects them.
  • The Huizhou Integrated High School 27 March purchased 250 knives with retractable plastic blades for the safety of the students. The 68 girls involved in the training are all aged between 16 and 18, but in a safety concession, theknives are not real. ‘The daggers are training. The school bought them en masse and present no danger to students’.
  • However, instructor Tan said that following her course the girls will also be able to defend themselves with chopsticks to eat rice .

These below are the incredible images of how high school girls in China were put to the test with military-style dagger drills.

Each of the girls must shout the words “kill, stab, slash jab” as they perform each of the movements (eight sets) involved in the high-intensity combat knife session.

Every student learns some form of self-defense training.

According to Instructor Tan:

“If faced with real danger our students can use any sharp object at hand to handle the attacker. Wands and fork for hair for example.”

knife-student-girl-china-1 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

Girls between the ages of 16 and 18 receive an intensive instruction on how to use a knife from a former special forces soldier.

knife-student-girl-china-2 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

Knives have retractable blades to avoid injury, but girls are taught techniques that could save their lives.

knife-student-girl-china-3 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

The first 68 of the girls did their five-day training session with instructor Tan at March 27 Huizhou Integrated High School. integrato.

knife-student-girl-china-4 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

Each student at the school learns some self-defense techniques with and without a knife to help them identify dangerous situations.

knife-student-girl-china-5 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

Instructor Tan, a former military of the Chinese special forces said that the girls, once trained, will be able to use any sharp elements to defend themselves in the future including simple chopsticks for eating.

knife-student-girl-china-6 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

The school bought 250 of the knives, which have a retractable plastic blade, and officials say they are completely safe.

knife-student-girl-china-7 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

The girls are all trained with a series of eight moves that will allow them to defend themselves against a determined attacker.

knife-student-girl-china-8 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

The girls are all encouraging during training sessions to shout ‘kill, stab, slash jab’ as they work through various self-defense movements under the guidance of the instructor.

knife-student-girl-china-9 Knife art is taught in Chinese women's schools

The five-day training is proving incredibly exciting, with girls learning the latest self-defense techniques.

A curious approach, but in Italy would all this be possible?.

In a school?.

Knife training may be something that is not common as we are used to in Europe, but it would certainly be useful to do women’s personal defence courses and behaviour/legislature courses in high schools against possible stalkers and over-intrusive children.

For more information and advice on this, please contact me.

Stay Tuned!

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