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The secret techniques that no one knows

The secret techniques that no one knows

The secret techniques no one knows.

In search of your lost martial art, the one everyone is looking for to find the secret technique that makes you defeat all opponents by doing only that.

There’s a question that we all first look for and want an answer to:


Often what happens is to ask yourself something worse where you are not looking for amartial art or sport that you are close to us for compatibility, for empathy, for feeling, for emotion, no!

What people often seek is the ultimate martial art, the search for the lost martial art, the one that reveals the secret technique, the one that existed or exists but no one knows, the one that solves all your problems, the martial art that just do that and all the others is as if they had never existed.

People are always looking for the shortcut, the pill, the secret technique, the advantage over others without making effort and that is why it is also full in the field of self-defense and martial arts in particular of cunning people who play with the psychology of certain people to extract money from them with ease.

In search of the lost martial art that reveals the secret technique

Here people do not try to build skills and competences, a technical baggage to solve their problems but actually look for the martial art that provides the magic wand.

The one-stop solution to all the problems you may encounter.

I’m sorry but this martial art does not exist!

As much as you can look for a martial art that contains all the variables that can be included in a fight, in reality there is none that meets this need.

“So what should I do?”

What you can do in the meantime is to understand what is the martial art or combat sport, system, that you like and start from there but with time you have to expand your martial knowledge by extending them in the various sectors.


What do I mean by “you need to expand your knowledge”?

Are you boxing or Muay Thai or Karate, what you need to do is going to know the sectors that are not contemplated in your martial art or that they have been forgotten in the sense that in the oldest versions of your martial art they existed but that today in reality they are no longer practiced and taught.

Now if you have worked a lot in the standing industry and you want to learn to understand and know what happens if you end up on the ground you have to learn the fight but to do this you have to go to people who are specialized in this and then you have to learn the fight from those who practice judgment or from those who practice submission Wrestling, Judo, etc.

Or you want to specialize in the use of the knife then you have to practice short fencing, so you have to start exploring other areas with people who are specialized.The secret techniques that no one knows Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Beware of those two

These two characters from the world of martial arts who are Erik Paulson (CSW Combat Submission Wrestling) and Dan Inosanto ( Inosanto Academy) are specialized (to simplify but we are talking about two greats), Erik in fighting systems and Dan in Jeet Kune Do and Kali.

Attention!! that I am greatly simplifying their curriculum of these two “characters”.

Yet, Erik studied Jeet Kune Do and Kali from Dan Inosanto despite being a great champion and established coach / instructor and Dan Inosanto also studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Machado in Brazil and I assure you that both were the TOP in their system.

Now if people of this caliber do so who are you?.

Head down and learn from those who are capable.

You must never find excuses saying that they do it for work, because for none of them it was immediately a job and then I did not tell you that you have to do this in one day, it is clear that if it is your job it is simpler but only in appearance because they also have many commitments because they have to keep their school, internship, etc. running..

Even for them it is a sacrifice not to believe only that they are willing to do it, are you?.

Lost martial art

Copy the training methods and the model not the art itself

Now I tell you that you just have to copy and understand the training methods that work more than art.

It’s the methods and principles that make the difference!

Start, don’t complain, find excuses, because I’m showing you how to do it, get out of your comfort zone, now you have to decide what you want to do.

If you really think that you have discovered a martial art that embodies everything that is combat and self-defense in general, or believe those who tell you this nonsense, the first time you will really face such a condition (and I hope for you never) then you will discover that everything you have done does not actually work because what you have learned is not how to use and express your body adapting it to the situation of the moment but you have studied pre-established patterns that in reality will never happen in the order that have always been proposed to you or if it will work it is only because you have been very lucky and you have found the condition that you have always studied.

Now you want to learn how to score goals with opponents who move and all different or do you want to learn to score goals only when the ball on the puck and brings it in front and with a goalkeeper who all in all does not have all this intention to parry?.

I already know the answer!

In reality, the conditions of an aggression and therefore also its dynamics (weight, position of the body with respect to yours, distances, the position of his hands, his feet, etc.) are different so all these variables together you have to decipher and you have to do the best thing at that time, so the techniques must be adapted to the situation and that is why it is not that you have to know the technique itself that is not enough but the biomechanics of the body to perform and adapt the technique and make it work in that particular condition.

What is essential is to know the principles behind the technique and work on the attributes!

You haveto “feel”how you move the weights and forces in dynamics to adapt your technique to that condition and instant, this is also a fundamental aspect, choose the correct moment.

But if you think that your aggressor you will be surprised because you have studied four drills, I’m sorry but it’s difficult, because one that you Threat or he attacks you, he is a fighter, a violent one, he has already done this, consequently he has accumulated experience and his own Strategy and he will hardly stand in front of you with his legs open waiting for a kick in the balls.

The secret techniques that no one knows Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Today there are many “systems” that promise to give you everything even to reveal to you the secret technique that no one knows and that will defeat all opponents, this but I am sorry to disappoint you but there is nothing like it.

There are specializations, like all things

There is a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, etc. and if you want you can learn all this but you have to work hard, you don’t need two or three hours a week.

I myself but I know many other people who have done like me have trained for years 3-4 hours a day, six days a week for many years, even better still without ever stopping.

Only in this way can you have specializations in multiple sectors while maintaining the high quality level and with competence.

If you don’t have this time I understand and it is not important but do not believe those who sell you magic solutions because in martial arts there is only one way to learn to train and do it with methods that develop useful skills.

Attention there is no with any system or martial art in particular but you simply have to understand that you do not just study one, none of the greats of martial arts did this.

Do you want to be the first?.

Okay, okay, but you’re going to end up in the ravine.

Now, if your time to devote is limited is not important but from today start to expand your martial art by expanding your boundaries, explore above all other martial arts that fill your gaps, we all have not make the fake tummy off because you are limiting yourself.

Do you want to improve in combat or sparring?

Ps. I’ll tell you something you may not know, current UFC champion Connor McGregor does 15 rounds of sparring per day 5 days a week which means 75 rounds per week and about 300 rounds per month.

Beware that sparring does not only mean helmet and shots at full power, there are also conditioned sparring, technical sparring, sparring light.

The secret techniques that no one knows Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportDo you want to fight with him?.

How many rounds of sparring do you do per month?.

Ok don’t cry!!!

Surely he does not spend his days on AM’s social networks in search of the lost martial art but training and studying training methods rather than secret techniques.

You understand why you can’t compete, but if you did, do you think it would change?

Surely yes even if it does not mean that it is enough to train to become a champion because to get to certain levels you also need physical and psychological qualities as well as attributes that represent the qualities of the athlete such as explosiveness, timing, reflexes, etc. But I guarantee you that you would be very, very strong compared to what you are today.

You are not in a hurry the martial art is the study of a lifetime.

Of course if you want to be a competitive player change because you have no time to lose, but also the reasoning is different because you have to be the best in a sport with certain rules and you have to specialize to the maximum in that.

Already some sports such as MMA have required a greater effort for the fighters because in addition to the standing part (Boxing, Muay Thai, Traditional Arts, etc.) it has required following a natural selection brought into the UFC by the Gracie to also become expert fighters.

Today if you want to do MMA you don’t just have to be strong on your feet and on the ground.

  • Studying 30 years the same martial art what real advantage does it bring you?.
  • How many can you learn in 5, 10, 20 and thirty years of martial arts and systems?

Of course it is normal that first love is never forgotten, but do not make it an obsession.

The world is full of beautiful and different “women” at the same time who can teach you a lot.

Attention!!! I appreciate the dedication and those who deepen with a precise focus certain martial arts, traditional and not, I love dedication, and when I want to learn I look for these types of people, I look for the best, but do you need to be like this?. But still it is better who deepens than those who change art every month in search of lost or definitive martial art.

Ask yourself this question

Are you like the famous XXXXX master who uses the stick like no one in the world, or the YYYYY guru who uses internal energy as no one knows?, then that you need this mono thematic dedication? What do you need this fixation for one thing?

I’m telling you, and you know it, you’ve been stationary for years, you’re not progressing anymore.

You are afraid to get out of your comfort zone and get back into the game, you have to overcome this fear of yours.

You do not need to repeat endlessly the same thing because even in that there is a limit, it would be like boiling water for hours, it is not that you boil it more, you evaporate it, and repeat some things or positions for thousands of times when you already know what effect it does? Wear and tear of your body and you know it well especially if you are already 35-40 years old, you need repetition and variety to get a body in efficiency, effective and balance.

lost martial art

You have to explore

Explore, do not set limits to knowledge especially today where the possibilities are compared to 20 years ago but also just 10 years ago incredibly greater (videos, books, courses, internships, etc.).

Do not look for the lost martial art, do not look for the secret technique, already with the best known ones there is to study for decades.

Choose from today where to start but do not look for “the lost ark like Indiana Jones” or the secret technique because it does not exist.

You already have a lot to do to fully explore the most interesting and deadly arts that man with his imagination has created and they are all available waiting for you without needing to look for them in mysterious places.

Have a good trip!!!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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