Inosanto Kali Empty Hand Numbering System

Inosanto Kali Empty Hand Numbering System Inosanto Kali Empty Hand numbering system (Escala), the number system of bare-handed shots called Escala.

These are the 30 shots you have to learn whatever martial art you do but especially if you want to expand your knowledge of Philippine martial arts.

You will find the shots of sports boxing but also what are called illegal boxing and it is important that you know these “boxing” shots well.

No, there are no kicks in this sequence, the focus is on shots with the upper limbs.

Inosanto Kali Empty Hand Numbering System

This list of 30 shots you have to perform and memorize, and it is a very important sequence because it contains the basics of Panantukan or Filipino Boxing.

Use this sequence to warm up and follow it in motion not from a standstill.

Stepping is really very important on the go because if you stand still you will always be a target.

The sequence of the 30 shots of the Inosanto Kali Empty Hand Numbering System:

1. Jab

2. Cross

3. Leftbody Hook

4. Rightbody Hook

5. LeftUppercut

6. RightUppercut

7. LeftTight Hook

8. Righttight Hook

9. LowJab

10. Lowcross

11. Wide left hook

12. Wide right hook

13. Left overhand

14.Right uppercut

15.Right overhand

16. Left uppercut

17. Left backhand bottom fist (#1 angle

18. Right forehand bottom fist (#1 angle)

19.Right backhand bottom fist (#2 angle)

20.Right forehand bottom fist (#2 angle)

21. Left backhand bottom fist (overhead)

22.Right backhand bottom fist (overhead)

23.Right backhand bottom fist (overhead)

24. Left forearm bottom fist (overhead

25. Highleft backhand

26. Lowleft backhand

27. Highleft backhand (spin)

28. Highright backhand

29. Loright backhand

30. Highright backhand

Now that you’ve learned the sequence shuffle the shots and combine them into a fluid and continuous movement the aim is to create continuity of shots and movement.

Inosanto Kali Empty Hand Numbering System!

Important!! The sequence of your shots and actions must flow, you should never feel that a shot limits the next shot or your movement.


Stay Tuned!

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  1. Thanks for this information, can you give an example of corresponding footwork for the sequence?
    Also assume this can be practiced as double knife attack sequence.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks for the info, can you give an example of kali footwork to complement sequence?
    Assume suitable for double knife as well

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