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Muscle recovery supplements

Muscle recovery supplements

Muscle recovery supplements.

Muscle recovery with supplements in combat sports.

Intense workouts?

Recover with these 3 supplements.

As you know I am not a trainer who likes to spread the use and abuse of supplements to do combat sports and even less in the fight because I find that often there is a real marketing that leads to an excessive use of these supplements even by those who do not practice at certain levels or support intense training sessions to require support with dietary supplements with supplements.

So the supplements I’m talking about today have a focus, all about RECUPERing.

Anyone who trains knows that recovery is one of the keys to success.

Having a proper recovery between training “complete” is equivalent to a greater training ability and this is valid for any type of sports training.

An efficient and “hard” workout can only be faced if between sessions you have managed to recover the right energy and functional levels.

Recovery will help you have the strength, conditioning,speed and all the other attributes you need to increase performance in training that result in better performance in the race or during sparring with your training partners.

Muscle recovery supplements, these are the 3 supplements you need to use to help your recovery:

1. Whey protein with BCAA.

Muscle recovery supplements

It helps you in recovery.

Unless you’ve lived in a bunker in recent years you’ve definitely heard and seen protein cans on sports store shelves and maybe even heard about the benefits of whey protein.

It is such a fast and easily digestible protein that it is a perfect supplement to use at different points during the day, especially after training.

Your body is a sponge after training and needs vital proteins and carbohydrates to replenish and rebuild.

The whey protein is your answer for the muscle reconstruction and recovery phase.

Ps. I personally advise you to try soy protein with BCAA.


2. Omega 3

Muscle recovery supplements

Hemp seeds are my favorite source for omega 3 fatty acids.

Although they are not supplements provided in the form of supplements (I prefer that you use on real food, they are also better than supps), salmon, olive oil, avocado, almonds are all sources of fatty acids.

They protect against inflammation, something that the bodies of athletes who fight every day between sessions on the mat are important.

Hemp seeds are easy to put in your dishes, yogurts,salads to add omega and are a surprisingly good and complete protein in your diet.

It’s about recovery!


3. ZMA – Zinc Magnesium Aspartate

Muscle recovery supplements
This supplement is in capsule form and is a supplement that I recommend more to increase natural testosterone.

Tests show that they help you get better and faster recovery;

This is why many professional athletes use this supplement a lot even in synthetic versions, they need to recover between a hard workout so that they can carry out proper training the next day.

ZMA is a cure-all and also completely natural, and has been shown to increase the REM sleep phase, or paradoxical sleep, a deep, dreamy and restful sleep.

You will wake up to the top!!

ZMA is the patented combination of Zinc, Aspartate Mangesio and Vitamin B6, the benefits of which are supported by robust clinical trials.

ZMA increases levels of Anabolic Hormones and it is useful to take Supplements.

Testosterone and IGF-1, which are sometimes found to be lower in athletes undergoing particularly intense training regimens and potency, are regulated through ZMA Supplements.

Testosterone is the anabolic hormone par excellence and has a circannual rhythm, with a peak during the spring and a circadian cycle that sees two moments: 6.00 in the morning and 17.30, a time that seems the most suitable for performance levels and also for the workout.

Testosterone peaked between the ages of 20 and 30, then gradually began to decline, recording a greater decline after the age of 45.

The Zinc

Zinc is essential to carry out numerous chemical reactions in the body, including Protein Synthesis and cell energy synthesis.

Does ZMA hurt? Works? ZMA supplements contraindications or side effects?

The ZMA really works but but answer to the other questions is No

Within the Immune System, Zinc regulates the production of T cells and also helps to offer a fundamental protection for the liver, supports prostate health, and is essential for maintaining the health of reproductive organs.


About 60 of the magnesium present in the body is in the muscles, 26 in the muscles and the rest in soft tissues, mainly in intracellular fluids.

Toxicological research confirms that Magnesium does not present a particular toxicity and has considerable safety of use.

Usually excess magnesium not deposited in the bones or not held in the tissues is expelled with urine.

Magnesium is essential for heart functioning, cyclical ATP formation, Amino acid activation and nucleic acid synthesis.

It is also essential for the critical balance of Sodium and Potassium within our cells.


ZMA and competitive competitions.

ZMA supplements are not banned by sports associations precisely because they naturally stimulate Testosterone,thus not being performance-enhancing substances.

ZMA supplements have a whole range of benefits throughout the body.Muscle recovery supplements Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


A tip, use these three supplements for muscle recovery with supplements only if you feel that you do not recover correctly between workouts and without abusing them, do not become a slave to supplements.

Use them in times when you felt more unloaded, but always in moderation.

Stay Tuned and do muscle recovery with these 3 supplements!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!


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