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Italian Masters – Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)


stefano-maurone Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)

Today friends of the blog with great honor and happiness you have the great opportunity to get to know up close one of the Italian masters who has been helping for many years to spread martial arts in our country with the spirit of spreading and building high-level enthusiasts and athletes.

I’m talking about Stefano Maurone, born in Reggio Emilia, born in 1969.

Instructor and trainer in the field of security for both the army and the state police as well as for civilian security personnel and author of three books in the martial arts industry for different publishing houses.

Stefano began the martial arts practice at the age of 6 at the sankaku gym in Reggio Emilia in the Judo area where he practiced assiduously and was very successful from the start by winning the youth games in two weight classes.

Having no more stimulation in Judo being always looking for new martial knowledge begins to practice Karate but after only 2 years at the age of 14 he opens the first school of kung fu, art that fascinates him and that will lead him to win 3 Italian championships both form and free fighting.

Hungry and always looking for him, he studied Jiu Jitsu first and after boxing, but the real great passion was born in 1991 when he joined the great family of Kali Filippino and the Jeet Kune Do of Bruce Lee passing through Shoot Boxing and Penjak Silat, never forgetting his past and his love for Sanda.

But now without dwelling too much on his presentation and in his long resume directly from his “voice” an interview with this great Italian master.


stefano-maurone-2 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)

stefano-maurone-3 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)stefano-maurone-9 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)


✔Heo Stefano, thanks for the opportunity and welcome to the Expert Fighting Blog, tell us who you are and what martial arts do you take care of in particular?.

Hello Andrea, I am and consider myself a simple enthusiast who decided to make his passion a profession and to try to leave a mark in the curiosity of all martial arts practitioners. Currently in my academy I teach:

Filipino kali, jun fan gung fu / jeet kune do, sanshou sanda, penjak silat, muay thai, mix martial art, personal defense and training x security and law enforcement all this through regular courses or seminars.


✔ Reallya very vast back ground, with what martial art did you begin, what was your beginning, a master or more masters you remember?.

There were many masters, but my favorite was the one who gave me the first judo formation the Mu Ghizzoni that I remember with a lot of affection and when I meet him even today he always gives me a lot of compliments and I tell him that it is all his thanks.


✔ Whatdo you think of today’s martial landscape on personal defense and competitions (UFC/MMA/Other/etc.?.

In 1991 I made my first trip to China where I was for almost a month at the time the Chinese masters would pick you up and train you if you were worth something and not if you could pay, this is what happens today as long as you pay and you have the world at your feet.

I love competitions and I always like to discuss it even if my academy wanted to forge it in the field of pure personal defense, so only street styles.

Going back to what I said before it disappoints me a lot the fact that on a weekend you can become instructors of a martial art, doing so you make fun of a lot of good guys.

stefano-maurone-10 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stephen in action

When did you decide to teach?.

In 1991, the M. jang stu yao died and his federation was dismembered and flattened by his children and his older pupils, another boy and I were the last to receive the black belt directly from the M. Yao.

After his death and seeing what was going on I decided to dedicate myself to Sanda with another great Maestro who is Antonello Casarella, he addressed me and suggested to me to open my first course, I had already started to fight with judo and kung fu, I carried my little experience that I had on the rings of sanda and free style at the time MMA is called so .


✔ Stefanohow many hours you spend on training (athletic preparation and more, how you divide your training) and if you think it’s an important thing.

I have always considered training important not only the martial training but also that of physical preparation I remember that at 14 I was doing the protein shake of Bruce Lee that I had covered from a magazine, I grew up and specialized as a personal trainer, I taught in the weight room and I still work in that area.

I feel responsible for what I say and teach, so I always work 2 to 4 hours a day alternating the physical part from the martial part.


✔ Whatmethod do you use to teach your students, how do you plan your lessons?.

Experience teaches and therefore my method has changed according to my evolution a denominator thread that has always been at the Maurone Academy where it is difficult and this scares so many people, I use it to keep away the hard work.

My lesson like that doesn’t exist, so I take a playful approach to going to sparring nights or where the students themselves decide which lesson to do.

stefano-maurone-8 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stephen during a lesson

✔ Whowere the masters or characters that inspired you?.

The characters have been many from Bruce Lee to Ali, from elvis to norris then all the succession of more or less famous characters, masters who say the list is long: Ghizzoni and Castagnetti in Judo, Spider in Karate, Lazzaretti and Casarella in Kung Fu, Maltese, Bonomelli, Fontana, Aquistapace in kali – jkd – silat , many other international : , Erik Paulson, Cass Magda, Salim Assli, Samuel Dulay Bambyt, Jim Wagner and many others I can tell you that everyone has given me so much and I will continue to work with them and others throughout my life, I want to remain a student forever.

stefano-maurone-2 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stephen with Ron Balicki
stefano-maurone-4 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stephen with Erik Paulson

✔ Whatequipment do you prefer to use to train and train

Personally I love free body training but it’s not always doable so I train and train muscle mass with the classic weight machines, although lately for 10 years I do and I make my students do very crossfit.

For martial arts the sack, the hitters and so much and a lot of hand-to-hand everything at 70/80 to be able to get closer and closer to the reality of the road.


Your negative experience in martial arts

My disappointment is to see too much profit around martial arts and too many easy diplomas, this is not good for the martial world.

People like me and my colleagues who are devoting their whole lives are seeing people open courses from pivelli who graduate in two days, this could annoy anyone.


What strengths in martial art do you practice that you want to communicate to our listeners.

I don’t think it’s art that makes the difference but it’s the athlete who does it so if you feel comfortable with continuous karate, if you like it and make sure you box foul, it’s really a stupid and media thing to say “I do this because it works, you do that but you’ll never get anywhere”, it’s useless and stupid.

stefano-maurone-14 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)

There’s something you wouldn’t repeat in your path.

I would go back again, in my head when I do not train a kind of guilt that leads me to train at 3 o’clock at night just because I missed a cycle, or because I felt not comfortable in a training something that I was always told that no one gives you anything and that the only secret in martial arts to become good is to train .


✔ Todaywhat martial art are you practicing most frequently?.

Teaching more disciplines I have to be well trained in everything I do, so I share workouts all week long, cardio never fails and I start getting older and I hate to have a breath.


✔ Whatother martial art if you had the time you would like to learn or want to learn?.

When I was in Brazil studying some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I was fascinated by Capoeira, I also tried it but not as I wanted. My passion for martial arts leads me to try and study all that is combat.

To get closer to Kali Filippino I started to study fencing .

stefano-maurone-15 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)

✔ Ifyou were to give advice to a person who wants to start what would you sayto them?.

A beginner must first understand what he needs and not be attracted by advertising.

You should always ask about the instructor and the gym, there are two types of way to go that competitive martial or traditional martial or if we want to personally defend.

In my academy, for example, you do not chase the world title but you pursue the desire to be safe and quiet in managing a situation of danger.

stefano-maurone-16 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)

✔ Ahabit you recommend to those who practice martial arts.

As mentioned above you have to be well trained in everything you do, so one important thing is to have a good training organization that you have to divide and organize throughout the week, especially if you practice multiple disciplines. Athletic preparation must never be lacking.


Is there any equipment you use and advice that is useful?.

Equipment I use? all those that can me are always in search of the perfect exercise and I’m glad I haven’t found it yet so it spurs me more and more to train. my advice is if you can always train with a mate right away, the sack and good even the wooden man is good but they do not move and do not react.

stefano-maurone-12 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)

✔ Thebest advice you have received?.

One thing I always tell my students is to respect your body and mind if you ask for rest give it rest, if it asks you to train more do it, if martial arts are your passion you make sure that no one prevents you from following that passion .

stefano-maurone-7 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stephen during a Street Knife Survival lesson
stefano-maurone-6 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stephen during a ground-fighting lesson
stefano-maurone-5 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
Stefano during an internship at Silat Indonesian

✔ IfI had to leave tomorrow morning starting from 0 what would you do?.

If I had to start again tomorrow from scratch as already said I would redo everything but just everything, something I would like to do but I think it will be impossible to rent a building 10, 15 floor high and on each floor insert a martial art create the largest academy in the world but this will remain a dream and that’s fine.


Thanks again Stefano for this opportunity and for all the friends of the Blog. Really a pleasant surprise. At the bottom of the page I will leave the references to contact you in order to sign up for your gym or participate in your internships. Thank you again for your kind availability.


Thank you for this opportunity that Andrea gave me to be able to talk to you about me and my martial experience I hope I can have given some tips to start your dream and if you pass by Reggio Emilia I wait for you at the Maurone Academy via Fattori 10 wish you a very martial future ….


✔ Friends passed by Reggio Emilia go to visit Maestro Stefano Maurone and if you are from Reggio Emilia and its surroundings this is your chance to learn the most effective martial arts in the world and rely on a true professional in the field..


Where to contact Stefano Maurone:

stefano-maurone Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
How to contact Stephen

Curriculum by Stefano Maurone – PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES FROM 1974 AD TODAY

Judo’s brown belt under the Ghizzoni and Castagnetti Masters

4-time Youth Games Champion Emilia Romagna

Karatè’s Orange Belt under Milan’s M. Fassi

Kung Fu Shaolin’s Black Belt Student of M. Ghang Dsu Yao

Tai Chi Chuan’s Black Belt student of M. Ghang Dsu Yao

3-year-old Italian champion undefeated Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing)

Italian champion for 3 years in a row of armed and bare-handed forms of Kung Fu

Instructor of personal defense under the Italian Army from 1988 to 1989 at the barracks of Presezzo ” Bergamo ”

Black Belt and Graduate Instructor for the styles of Kung Fu Tang Lang and Sanda Sanshou at the Chinese Federation S.T.O.I. based in Milan of M. Antonello Casarella

Instructor graduated for the teaching of Ju Jitsu issued by the Academy of Sports Sciences of Sixth Calende

Graduate Instructor for the Disclosure of the Filipino Kali and the Indonesian Silat and the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do at the A.K.E.A. “Arnis, Kali, Escrima Association” and from the I.S.A.M. ” Higher Institute of Martial Arts ”

Chosen to be part of the staff of the M. Maurizio Maltese the sole heir of the Grand M. Ketutu Gisir for the style Cidepok Silat

Founder of the Wu Tao Maurone Academy, the only school in Reggio Emilia that deals with the study of Indonesian Martial Arts, Philippines, Chinese and the real Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do the non-style style of Bruce Lee and lastly the Brazilian Jiu Jistu

One of the first founders of the A.R.A.M. the Association that brings together all or almost the Disciplines of Reggiane

Author of news outlets that have appeared in local newspapers or in magazines specializing in the various fields ” Martial Arts and Weapons ”

Instructor of the Municipal Police of Reggio Emilia

Instructor of the Provincial Municipal Police of Reggio Emilia

Instructor of the Police ” anti-crime department ” of Reggio Emilia

Contributor of several Italian Investigative Agencies

Professional Bodyguard in Italy and Abroad

Instructor D.I.A. “Anti Mafia Investigative Department” and G.I.S. of Milan

Studied with the world’s most famous masters such as Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen, Cass Magda, Salem Assli, Brothers Vacirca: to study with the aforementioned Masters he traveled to their academies around the world

In July 1999 Thanks to one of his trips to the Philippines, he became the first Italian student and only authorized popularizer of the M. Samuel Bambit Dulay for the style of Kali Filippino Mano Mano, Tapi Tapi

Organizer of courses for the training of valid and serious Instructors for the various disciplines throughout Europe for the sectors: Sanda / Sanshou, Kali Filippino, Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do, Pencak Silat, Personal Defense and last, but not for the importance, the Tactical Law Defence project ” open only to law enforcement ”

Scholar of traditional and modern fencing under the Instructors of club Koala of Reggio Emilia

In 1999 he became national technician of the European Association of Oriental Disciplines for the Kali, Sanda, Silat, Jeet Kune Do sector

Inventor and sole popularizer of the Tactical Law Defence Project, which brings together various techniques, Suitable exclusively for both private and public security operators, this project has been collaborated by representatives of world-class security that the M.Maurone has known in its many trips

October 1999 The Maurone opens the first branch of the Maurone Academy in Modena, where they teach the Instructors Supplied and Reggiani

In May 2000 he published his first book on martial arts Philippines entitled “Kali Lessons” Volume 1, aiming to publish 4 more volumes in the coming years

In December 2000, the M.Maurone graduated his first black belt of Sanda / Sanshou the Instructor Aquilini Cristian

December 2000 Instructors Aquilini and Buratti open the first branch of the Maurone Academy for the sanda/Sanshou sector in Reggio Emilia

In April 2001, the Martial Art Educational Method was created by the Martial Art Educational Method, which will be the first Academy of Martial Arts; jurisprudence, first intervention, study of the different martial disciplines, study of the most famous Masters of the World, communication science, combat psychology, anatomy and physiology. These are just some of the topics that will be studied during the 3 Years of University, to become educators in all respects, graduated directly from the Maurone Academy.

In October 2002 After yet another trip to America, he created and disseminated the Self Defence Project. Created specifically for self-defense, the lessons will be not only practical but also theoretical, touching very sensitive points on women and the society where we live.

April 2004 Publishes for the Helix Editions his 1st book on martial arts ” The most effective martial arts in comparison ”

December 2004 Opens the first training courses for aspiring Muay Thai instructors following the system of the Inosanto Academy.

April 2006 Certifies the first black belt in the sector Kali Arnis Escrima Daniele Davoli.

May 2005 Opens training courses for aspiring instructors of Penjak Silat Indonesian and Malaysian Martial Art.

June 2006 he was awarded the certificate of honorary member of the association French of Jun fan Jeet Kune Do and Kali Filippino of Sifu Salem Assli, European head of the Inosanto Academy.

In July 2006, the Maurone Academy joined the W.E.K.AF. Kali Arnis Escrima World Federation.

September 2006 Becomes the owner of Hunter Security and Investigation Agency that deals with security and unsoeed investigations.

October 2006 He is contacted by the questura of Reggio Emilia to hold courses in operational techniques.

March 2007 Create the Street Knife Survival project with its experience in cutting weapons, disseminating it with seminars and training courses.

March 2007 Publishes with the publishing house Elika his 2nd volume entitled Self Defence Project.

April 2008 He graduated from Reality Beasic level 1 under Sgt. Jim Wagner.

December 2008 Certifies its first instructor Luca La Rovere in the sector Penjak Silat thus becoming in charge of southern Italy.

February 2009 Certifies its first instructor Francesco Di Puorto in the Muay Thai Thai sector and also responsible for courses within the Maurone Academy

July 2010 Certifies her first woman with the rank of Black Belt in the sector Kali Arnis Escrima Athlete Sara Tondelli

March 2012 Certifies his first instructor Luigi “Simone”Maurone in the Mix Martial Art sector

To date in full activity is always on the lookout.

stefano-maurone-13 Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)
A pupil of Stefano, in his gym practice several girls, because martial art is for everyone.
stefano-maurone-scaled Italian Masters - Stefano Maurone (Reggio Emilia)


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