Juego Todo “WEAPONIZED Cage Fighting”

Juego Todo

Official, Juego Todo “WEAPONIZED Cage Fighting” rules for Championship event arrives in Italy and will have his Italian athlete Nicolò Ragalmuto (shortly the interview), an athlete of andrea rollo’s team who has a very active school in Rome and direct student of the Filipino masters, the Miranda brothers.

Nicolò Ragalmuto will participate in the international event accompanied by his master and manager Gianluca Senna, but we will talk about this in a new post, now the tournament and its rules.

Juego Todo is a three-round tournament focused on Kali Tudo’s fight,where each round expresses a specialty with precise rules with double stick, single stick and MMA.

The Filipino kali enters the octagon of MMA with weapons and rules to bring a new vision of combat in the cage even with weapons.

Years ago, the American Dog Brothers had accustomed us to fighting in the courtyards where brave fighters faced each other with sticks and few rules, leaving viewers amazed at the courage and hardness of the fights.

But what makes Juego Todo different is that to face each other in a cage there are professional athletes who fight in real sports tournaments, hard and bloody. This year for the first time an Italian will participate in this extreme event.

Great strength, great courage and preparation!

I want you all ready to cheer for this Italian athlete Nicolò Ragalmuto and for those like Andrea Rollo who are constantly working to bring FMA to a high level also in Italy.

Nicolò Ragalmuto
Nicolò Ragalmuto

Rating system for each 10-point round

  • All Disarms and points stolen at the end of the fight are calculated.
  • The disarmament or fall of the weapon (involuntary or not) is minus 1 point.
  • Only 3 disarms are allowed per fighter per round.
  • The fighter who drops the weapon 3 times in the round will automatically lose his 10 points and his only chance of winning the round is a knockout.

Ps. Fighters are therefore advised to have a good grip on their weapons, to respect it, to treat it as part of their body because losing the weapon means many penalty points.

This rule is a demonstration in the JuegoTodo FMA Fighting of how the weapon is an extension of your body not to be missed!



  • 1 and 2 Rounds: Eskrima Helmet, MMA Gloves, Genital Shell and Paraders
  • Round 3: MMA gloves, genital shell and mouthguards

Juego Todo

Round 1 – 2 sticks – duration 5 minutes

  • No punches, kicks, knees or elbows to the head/helmet.
  • Kicks and knees to the body are allowed.
  • No tip/stab shots
  • No blows to the groin
  • No double take down projection, or single leg takedown or surplex.
  • Sweeps, thrusts and imbalances are allowed.
  • No submission with the stick or fighting with and without stick
  • The disarmament or fall of the weapon is minus 1 point.

During disarmament:

  • the timer doesn’t stop,
  • referee announces “disarmament” for judges to deduct points and
  • the fighter goes to retrieve his weapon.

Juego Todo

Round 2 – 1 stick – duration 5 minutes

  • The same rules as the 1st round are allowed, except for submission rules with sticks.
  • However, in the second round, punches/hands/elbow/knee/knee to the body and face are allowed, although clearly being that there is a helmet they have more of a distraction/push/disorientation function, etc.
  • No regular submission of grappling/bjj/jiujitsu/ecc. is granted but only submission with the stick.

Fighters are given a lot of time to work to bring submission but if no progress is made, the referee splits the fighters and leaves.

Juego Todo "WEAPONIZED Cage Fighting" Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Round 3 – MMA Rules – 5 minutes

You do a 5-minute fight with the same rules used in official MMA tournaments in particular you use the UFCrules.


JuegoTodo “WEAPONIZED Cage Fighting” can bring a breath of fresh air both in terms of stick fighting and what we’ve become accustomed to seeing of stick fighting tournaments.

Surely it is an interesting discipline, especially for those who know filipino martial arts (FMA) and to correctly spread the discipline that is often associated only with the stick too superficially given its interdisciplinarity.

If you are from Rome and around you and are interested in Filipino martial arts write and contact Andrea Rollo (331 195 5676).

Mark the event that will take place on April 10, 2020 in S.ta Ana, Cayayan, Philippines!

Stay Tuned & Filipino Martial Arts


Juego Todo

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