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Karambit training

Karambit Training

Karambit training or Karambit Training.

Karambit or kerambit (phonetic: karambìt) is a knife native to Southeast Asia(Indonesia and the Philippines).

The karambit is characterized by the perfect crescent blade for cutting deep and the ring at the end of the handle.

One of the important things in training is having equipment to carry out techniques safely.

The karambit knife needs a lot of training and because of its peculiarity it is important that the training playback is done correctly to train correctly and avoid injury risks for you and your training partner.

There are many models of training karambit, both in size and type, full tang and folder, and made with different materials.

The training ones I recommend are the ones that reproduce your royal karambit knife.

Don’t train with something that doesn’t look like size and weight to your real knife.

This is a general rule!.

Plastic and wood variants if you want can be fine to make sparring, because they are light and without edges, but I always recommend for sparring to use aluminum knives and fencing-like protections to protect the head and hands.

As for the technical aspect your training knife should be your real knife parade and without the tip, so you have to buy two, this is the rule in ExpertFightingTips!!.

Usually as I told you the materials are essentially 4:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Karambit training

These are some examples of training knives and as you see some are very simple, wanting with a minimum of skill and equipment you can build yourself some of these tools but I recommend safety.

Ps. If you need training Karambit or tips on how to get them write to me!!

What I recommend and study the techniques with a training knife made from a real karambit to have the same size, weight and dynamics in motion.Karambit training

There are two main types of Karambit, depending on the size:

Female Karambit

The female karambit is a small version, the size of a palm tree and the tip protrudes very little from the fist that holds it and is almost invisible.

In the past the tip of the female karambit was immersed in poison and with a simple scratch the blade could kill.

The female karambit remains very hidden and keeps the ring that can also be used to hit, it is one of my favorite versions of karembit!

Karambit, New1

Male Karambit

The male karambit is large, the tip protrudes a lot from the fist holding it, so that the fighter can use the efficient mechanics of the gun grip.

Today there are also foldable versions, karambit folders with quick extraction systems and opening from the pocket.

Modern design Karambit tends to be smaller than traditional ones and often have a serrated blade.

The most popular modern versions of karambit are of the male type.


The advantages in karambit combat:

  • It is an ideal weapon for cutting, hooking and tearing shots
  • The ring can be used to hit like a Knuckle Duster or Knuckle Puller
  • Thanks to the gun grip there is a greater transfer of kinetic energy (Force Multiplier)
  • Its disarmament is almost impossible
  • Even if you open your fingers it doesn’t fall
  • With rotary movement it causes severe whiplashes
  • The handling of the attacker’s shots is very well exploited (Trapping with karambit)

The disadvantages in karambit combat:

  • It penetrates easily by opening tendons, ligaments and bones but tends to get stuck
  • Can only be used from a very close distance
  • It’s hard to pull out of a scabbard and that’s why there are quick-draw folders
  • It has poor concealment due to the curvature of the blade and for this there are several variants or use female karambit.

Karambit training Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Training karambit as for the butterfly knife having dynamic movements requires it to have a well-defined weight and balance that you need to learn to know and manage.

There are plenty of exercises you can do with training karambit!

Stay Tuned!

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Karambit, New1

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