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Kettle Gryp, convert your weight into a kettlebell

Kettle Gryp, New

Turn your gym dumbbells into a Kettlebells with the Kettle Gryp.

Never miss a kettlebell workout again even when you’re on the go and don’t have your kettlebell with you.

Kettle Gryp is dumbell to kettlebell dumbbell converter and is the cheapest and most portable in the world.

Portable – It travels easily and weighs less than 0.5 kg.

You can safely carry in your bag for your next trip and it allows you to transform the normal dumbbells you find in the gym into fantastic kettlebell workouts.

Affordable price – It’s not too expensive for your wallet like other systems that can be adjusted with kettlebells and kettlebells themselves.

Durable – 100 made in USA. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Adaptable – The foam inserts form a solid grip on the handlebar handle. Suitable for the most common dumbbells available.

Kettle Gryp® moves quickly from one weight to another and is designed to fit most handle handles with dumbbells.

Cheap – Kettlebells are expensive. Kettle Gryp® it’s not.

Business travel and limited budgets should not jeopardize your fitness and will not empty your wallet.

Kettle Gryp®, a portable kettlebell system that is:

  • 100 made and assembled in the United States!
  • Made in shock-resistant ABS
  • High-quality shaped urethane foam inserts
  • Made with stainless steel hardware
  • It weighs less than. 0.5kg.

Gryp it. Swing it.

Business travel or tight budgets shouldn’t get in your way.

Portable. Adaptable. Economic.

Kettle Gryp® is a portable dumbbell adapter that turns normal dumbbells into dynamic kettlebell workouts.

Perfect for home gym, traveling fitness enthusiast or trainer/gym owner with limited space; Kettle Gryp® offers you a full kettlebell workout in a range of weights wherever you can find a dumbbell.

It also allows you to vary the weight of the kettlebell to fit the person using it or the type of workout.

The handlebar (handle width and diameter)

Kettle Gryp, New
The width of the handle handle must be at least 11.43 cm wide to allow Kettle Gryp to be mounted®.

Most handle handles with dumbbells are about 15.24 cm wide.

Some very light bars can be less than 11.43 cm wide.

The handle handle handle must be less than 3.81 cm at its thickest point.

The foam insert inside the Kettle Gryp® fits the handles with both straight and curved dumbbells as long as the thickest part of the handle handle handle is less than 3.81 cm.

The shape of the weight:

Kettle Gryp, NewSome dumbbells with large weights or strange shape can interfere with the handle of Kettle Gryp®.

Although the handle of Kettle Gryp® is snug, bowflex SelectTech 552 fits without any interference with the weight plates.

The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 does not fit the Kettle Gryp® when large internal weight plates are selected.


An interesting product especially if you travel often or the gym where you train does not have the kettlebell.

Personally I always prefer to use traditional kettlebells but traveling often I often happen not to be able to bring with me kettlebells and it can be a nice tool or even a tool for those who want to try to do workouts with kettlebells on a limited budget.


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