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Knockout Drill

Knockout Drill

The Knockout Drill is a drill that is done to ward off the worst-case scenarios, a knockout blow.

The hypothesis is thatfrom time to time during a match or a real fight you get caught with a “big punch” that stuns you, so it’s important to condition yourself to fight through that “stunning” if possible until you re-establish full functionality.

The Knockout Drill is a pretty good alternative to simulate a real blow to the head.

Knockout Drill

This drill only requires 2 people, but is performed more safely with 3.

The student picks up his arms on his chest, and bends forward so his upper torso is horizontal to the floor and stares at the ground and the coach begins to gently spin the student in a circle for a number oflaps.

Start with a few laps and gradually increase them.

Number of rotations:

  • Beginner: 6-9
  • Intermediate: 10-14
  • Advanced: 15-20
  • Expert: 21st

After the chosen number of rotations is completed:

Exercise 1 – the trainer or athird personexposes you to the focus pads that you will have to hit for 20 seconds. The jab cross shot in quick succession is the easiest to do, but can be replaced with any combination.

Exercise 2 – The trainer or a third person attacks you and you have to defend yourself by parrying, dodging, hitting, exploiting the footwork until you regain your balance.

Note: Drill with caution!. If the student does not have a good balance, it is important that a third person is there ready to prevent the fall because atsometime they can have a reaction that causes slowdowns while some people lose their balance completely.

Happy Knockout Drill!

Stay Tuned!

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