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Know when to get away from danger

Getting away from danger

Knowing when to get away from danger is not something so obvious.

Socializing in the presence of others is inevitable, because we go to bars to have aperitifs, discos, we all go out to eat, we go to concerts, stadiums or sports centers to watch sports and meet friends in various parts of the city, etc.

All these situations put us around people we know nothing about.

There are many episodes where you go and where you are surrounded or surrounded by strangers you know nothing about.

This becomes extremely dangerous when a conflict occurs,
regardless of whether you are directly involved or not.

When someone becomes unruly, upset, aggressive and asked to calm down or leave a facility of any kind, be it a bar, a supermarket, a disco, a sports center, what follows can be extremely dangerous and often is.

As a general rule, if someone is asked to leave a facility you’re at, you should leave too.


You have to do something rather deviant to ask yourself to leave a local.

If someone has tilted the scales in this direction, it is safe to assume that they are unstable, unpredictable and a potential threat.

Know when to get away from danger

Knowing when to get away from danger, some things to understand when some stranger near you becomes disturbing and aggressive:

Unstable mental state: polite and stable people are not removed from the premises, they go there to have fun. Suppose someone close to you is mentally unstable or under the influence of alcohol and substances, with aggressive, provocative attitudes, is unpredictable. This type of people are not someone you want around you, your girlfriend, your friends or loved ones.

Denying the right: Denying someone’s right, such as asking them to leave a public place, is often a trigger for violent behavior. If a mentally unstable, drugged, or intoxicated individual feels that they are losing the right to have fun, violence can ensue.

Untrained employees or lack of security: Do not feel a false sense of security because an “employee” has dealt with the problem by escorting someone out of a premises. Suppose these employees are clueless about what’s going on, or they turn a blind eye and not trained for the safety that is normal. Their job is to serve customers, sell soft drinks,
not protect customers
. If someone is to be removed, the police should be called or there should be security personnel. This rarely happens in many contexts because security in a company is a cost. When employees turn customers away from local, they’re aggravating the situation, intentionally or not, but that’s what happens.

Consequences: Once someone has been asked to leave, you have to assume that they will soon become violent or return to do harm. Often an unruly customer is escorted out of a premises, goes to his vehicle, retrieves his weapons and then returns. This happens over and over again. Do not expose yourself to this by standing still.

It’s time to get away quickly: as soon as the problems start, it’s time to leave. Even if you’re not directly involved, leave. There are many other places you can go. Don’t worry about looking silly or overreacting.

The news is full of news stories in which a person has been removed from a club, only to return shortly after and do harm, often with friends or a firearm.

Today society is multicultural and some actions that may be rare among your fellow villagers, are not for other cultures, and everything can be even more complicated when you add the abuse of alcohol and drugs that makes the person more aggressive, less attentive to the consequences especially if you are under stimulants.

Nobody likes to end an outing to drink an aperitif, a dinner, a party prematurely but that’s what you have to do given the consequences of what could happen, it
is better to leave as soon as the problems begin.

Know when to get away from danger Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


I know it’s a nuisance, you went out to have fun and you have to leave earlier, but you don’t have to make discounts when it comes to safety, self-defense, you have to anticipate events and not suffer them.

It may seem exaggerated but it is essential to understand and analyze the context in which you are, as a local, as an environment, the neighborhood in which you are, the people who frequent it, the country where you are maybe you do not live there but you are on vacation, the legislature and the ease of having weapons, are not obvious and that is why you absolutely have to get away in some cases without thinking too much and doing it quickly.

Stay Tuned!

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