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Kubotan the pain amplifier


Kubotan the pain amplifier.

Today I want to talk about the Kubotan that in the industrially produced version is usually an aluminum cylinder with a length of about 15 cm and a diameter of 1.5 cm with a transversely perforated end with a key ring hooked.

A self-defense tool that is an amplifier of pain so as not to strike only with bare hands!

A particularly simple object made of different materials, from metal to plastic, sometimes made of wood and that you can take with you unlike telescopic poles or the Knuckle Duster which by law is forbidden to transport!

Widely used in Krav Maga the Kubotan if brought with the keys of the house is legal.Kubotan

On the surface the kubotan may seem like a harmless key ring but in reality it is a tool that can be very dangerous, as well as being a real pain amplifier.

The Kubotan in its modern version was invented by karate master Takayuki Kubota, although in the world of martial arts there were already similar tools:

  • Japanese Yawara and Koppo
  • the Tibetan Vajra (or Dorje) (a Buddhist votive object).
  • the “bastoncello” mentioned by the very Italian Fiore dei Liberi in his manual “Flos duellatorum” as far back as 1409.
  • the Palm Stick of the Philippine kali or eskrima

Kubota sensei then reinvented this tool while trying to codify a defense system for businessmen that used a normal pen pen now back in vogue with the famous tactical pens, but in its subsequent evolution he made this simple tool a key ring.


Lately the Kubotan (which must be recognized the merit of having gained some notoriety) has had a further reinterpretation giving life to the “tactical pens“.

Tactical pens are expensive writing instruments with forged titanium structures with sharp ends to be used for self-defense and with a high impact power.

Beware that the law allows you to carry tactical pens unlike other self-defense items!


There are also Kubotan on the market with integrated pepper spray to have a double function, this especially for a woman is an excellent solution.


With simplicity you can arm the kubotan to use it directly to the eyes as a pepper spray and block the aggressor and escape.

Kubotan Consider that with one cartridge you can make 6 or 7 jets of repellent so it gives you several possibilities.

My advice is to give it to your daughter, your girlfriend, a family member this kubotan with integrated pepper spray.

Supplied they give you an “empty” cartridge to try it out and understand how it works. Kubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportKubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport



Advantages of kubotan:

The main advantage and that should not be underestimated is that if you use it as a keychain you always have it with you in different daily operations such as when:

  • go to open the machine,
  • go to the garage,
  • you are opening the door,
  • you are entering the house,
  • Etc.

In a situation of aggression the attacker does not warn you and having pepper spray, stick, etc. in your bag is not necessary because you hardly have time to take it, so it is important to have an object that you easily have in your hand during everyday life.

Another advantage is the simplicity of this tool, because if it is true that many everyday objects can turn into a kubotan, it is also true that you can take it with you legally and that it will not give in the eye because it is often not interpreted as a defense tool, with the advantage of the surprise effect.

But as I told you earlier, the main value of a kubotan lies in not being a tool but a concept:

once you have learned the techniques of using the tool, it will be very simple to apply them to almost any similar surrogate if not to any object.

Finally, last but not least are the legal aspects, this is an important aspect in order not to incur complaints and if they stop you theoretically they can not tell you anything.

Kubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Original Kubotan?. TRUST imitations, kubotan is a CONCEPT.

Master Kubota insists that only “original” kubotans be used (only those that have a “K” engraved in one of the two ends) and the manufacturers of tactical pens strongly advise against any replacement of their titanium products from the cost of several tens of euros.

Personally I tell you and I am convinced that the beauty and advantage of the kubotan lies in its use that makes it easily transformable any object such as a stick, a pen to replace and improvise with other objects.

Below are some kubotans that I made for students, I still have for those interested in more unusual and personalized kubotans.

These had to look like a rifle sprint and had to be light.


In this way the kubotan ceases to be a product but they become a concept.

A technical use of an object to achieve a certain effect that is what a self-defense expert or a martial arts practitioner must learn and is what YOU must learn if you want to evolve in your martial path.

Improvising a kubotan

A kubotan can and must be replaced by any object that has even vaguely similar shape and size and that is robust enough to withstand the stresses to which it is subjected.

Try to use in addition to the kubotan the most varied objects that you usually have with you and around you.

The first candidate is definitely a biro pen, but the list could be very long:

  • wrenches,
  • cutlery
  • wooden sticks,
  • a mobile phone,
  • a flashlight,
  • a rolled up magazine,
  • a section of metal pipe,
  • our toothbrush,
  • the Cuban club,
  • Etc.

Kubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportConsider the famous bic pen for example you can modify it in different ways.

Kubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe materials to be preferred are still metals and hard plastic , so a rigid and non-deformable structure but in case of need any other tool can go, even if with some limitations.

But any object with a similar shape that you find in your pocket, on a counter, on the street, etc. can be fine.


Legal aspects

The figure of the kubotan is not yet clearly defined in the Italian legislative landscape.

Obviously all the restrictions for use remain, so you have to use it only in case of real need for danger and for defense, and be ready to answer for your actions before the law.

Surely the best thing is to carry it with the keys attached so it is more like a key ring.
Pepper spray key defender asp Kubotan


How to use the Kubotan:

I will dedicate some videos in the future to describe the use of kubotan and some techniques but in the meantime look at this scheme.

For now I’ll just tell you that you should NOT limit yourself to using it just to hit like a hammer or an icebreaker.

Consider that the Kubotan is true that it is an impact weapon that can and should be used to hammer, hook or jabbing tip as attack shots but you can use it with interesting techniques apply blocks, levers and pressures, to induce reason and keep under control through pain, an attacker.

Personally I think that the control is for the police, if you are attacked you make the aggressor harmless, or run away or hit hit hit .. Because he won’t give you any chance if you hesitate.

Kubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Consider that it is a short/ medium distance tool unless you decide to launch it (I’m joking but who knows.. !!!)

The most expendable way to use it is striking, often see videos of controls with leverage techniques or to bring to the ground but listen to advice Strike because even if the control technique has its importance I do not recommend you to do it with an aggressor, if you get blocked or grabbed, especially if you are a woman use the Kubotan on the hand that holds you to amplify the pain and let go and hit in sensitive areas (eyes – throat – genitals) and especially once freed and you hit Run away.

Kubotan the pain amplifier Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportSome elements of training

All the basic angles of attack employed in the stick and knife formation are applicable with the kubotan but you have to consider the aspect of the distance which is a short/medium distance and the peculiarity of a bare hand combat even if you are using the kubotan.

From this, you can progress by studying up to basic limb destruction spikes with a partner before proceeding to specific defense and combat techniques finally free.

A change in the attack distance obviously affects the way to close the gap with the aggressor to score effective shots.

A weapon with a lower range also means more danger to you using it.

Using a kubotan requires a footwork ability in the attack phase to close and get out of distance, it is something like a bare-handed fight.

You must be clear that a kubotan cannot compete with a regular combat stick or dagger in terms of stopping power.

It simply lacks the weight and mass of a hardwood stick or the sharp edge of a knife and from this you need to understand that to block an aggressor with a kubotan You need to generate more impact force and you need to hit precise primary targets to inflict disabling injuries that block the aggressor.


Kinesthetic sensitivity

Kubotan is used from close range and you have to develop the necessary attributes to fight in that kind of distance, they are specific workouts that you have to develop.

In addition to the speed of your hand, strength and positioning of your body, a fundamental attribute in using kubotan is kinesthetic sensitivity.

The latter is the ability to feel the energy of an opponent through contact.

It is important to study Higot Hubad, Tapi Tapi and other close contact drills, where you learn to feel the pressure or lack of pressure in your opponent’s limbs and exploit these pressures to your advantage are exercises and ways to develop kinesthetic sensitivity.

When combat is from a close distance or short distance it is necessary to develop a kinesthetic sensitivity because in this environment you cannot depend much on your sight to detect/feel attacks from your enemy.

When you are clinch or stuck, grab yourself, your defense and attack must be guided by your kinesthetic sense.

Have a good training with the Kubotan!

Street Fight Mentality!


Con una passione per la difesa personale e gli sport da combattimento, mi distinguo come praticante e fervente cultore e ricercatore sulle metodologie di allenamento e strategie di combattimento. La mia esperienza abbraccia un vasto panorama di discipline: dal dinamismo del Boxing alla precisione del Muay Thai, dalla tecnica del Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all'energia del Grappling, dal Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) all'intensità del Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Non solo insegno, ma vivo la filosofia di queste arti, affinando costantemente metodi e programmi di allenamento che trascendono il convenzionale. La mia essenza si riflette nell'autodifesa: Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), Dirty Boxing, Silat, l'efficacia del Jeet Kune Do & Kali, l'arte della scherma con coltelli e bastoni, e la tattica delle armi da fuoco. Incarno la filosofia "Street Fight Mentality", un approccio senza fronzoli, diretto e strategico, unito a un "State Of Love And Trust" che bilancia l'intensità con la serenità. Oltre al tatami, la mia curiosità e competenza si spingono verso orizzonti diversi: un blogger professionista con la penna sempre pronta, un bassista dal groove inconfondibile e un artigiano del coltello, dove ogni lama è un racconto di tradizione e innovazione. Questa sinfonia di abilità non solo definisce la mia identità professionale, ma dipinge il ritratto di un individuo che nella diversità trova la sua unica e inconfondibile voce e visione. Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport! Andrea


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